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  1. I have owned both in the past, this time if I placed a order tomorrow, it would be a Chevy Trail Boss.
  2. 1. As a rule of thumb, I order my vehicles from my local dealer as close to my 'ideal' as the factory offers. After I place the build order with GM, I begin research on the accessories I want to add to finish the vehicle off to exactly the way I want it. So YES, I am interested in accessorizing my vehicles and I usually have the desired accessories waiting in my shop before the vehicle is built and delivered to the dealer. My top priority is quality of the part, since I do all my own wrenching, I off-set the price by doing my own install. 2. NO, I would not purchase something cheaper if it had negative reviews regardless of how good it looks or how cheap the price is. 3. NO, I would not purchase something based purely on how good it looks, I am looking for long term reliability of any upgrade I do.
  3. I bought a '69 when they were new and only sold it after I got married and my new bride begged me to get a car with air conditioning and automatic transmission. I put 120,000 miles on that car and I loved it more than any car I have ever owned. My current Camaro is a 2013 1LE and it makes me smile like a kid every time I drive it. If you drive the Camaro and the Mustang side by side, which I have done, the handling is far better is the modern Gen5 than the Mustang. Also, the quality of the materials on the interior of my Camaro make the Mustang seem cheap. My son is a dedicated Ford fan and I bought him a Mustang for his first car, so I am not just a Ford hater, I simply like my Camaro & Sierra better than his Mustang and F150. I like the pics and videos of the Gen6, but I will be in no rush to trade my 1LE with less than 9K miles. I might change my mind after I see one in person, I know than the interior is an improvement for sure.
  4. I also think that it is cool that they used a photo of your car, congrats.
  5. http://www.gen5diy.com/Chevrolet/Silverado/Silverado-Foglamp-Harness/ Here is a link to their item webpage.
  6. This is a install of the Plug & Play Fog Light harness from gen5diy.com on my 2015 GMC Sierra. Hopefully this will help give some the confidence they need to dive into this type of project. Here is the harness I received from gen5diy.com. After removing the lid to the airbox and the filter, grab the base here and with a quick pull upward the 2 grommets will release the base from the truck. Carefully remove the push retainers to free up the headlight cover and wiring attached. Remove the plastic pop rivets to free up the headlight cover. Fold back the cover and disconnect the wiring harness. Connect the supplied harness and route the long end down by the radiator and connect to the fog light harness under the center of the bumper. Replace the cover with plastic pop rivets and replace the wiring holders. Here is where I chose to mount my bracket for the harness relay and a relay for the 32" LED Curved Light Bar. 2" X 1/8" aluminum bent to 90 degrees fits perfectly. Bracket was drilled and tapped and screws were anchored with Locktite. Bracket attached to airbox. Air box replaced and relays mounted to bracket. Attached relays to battery junction box. Final appearance of truck with headlights on Bright, LED Fog lights ON, 32" Curved LED light bar ON. Night turns into day when all three are illuminating the way! Light bar was purchased from: Infinite Off Road Harness was purchased from: gen5diy.com which carries 5th gen Camaro upgrades as well as the following for trucks: Under-rail bed lights Frameless mirrors Navigation Upgrades for non-Nav trucks LED fog light bulbs LED headlight bulbs DRL harness, etc.
  7. Post a Pic of Yourself

    You have to respect the Rangers, and all military personnel that keep our country strong! Thanks for posting Ben.
  8. Post a Pic of Yourself

    Well said Luster!
  9. Post a Pic of Yourself

    The 'baggie test' allows you to make sure that your paint is glass smooth and free of contaminants. See 'Junkman' videos on car detailing on youtube.
  10. Check out the 32" curved bar, it contours perfectly to the GMC grill and fits nicely behind the grill. The curve really helps with the sides of the trail. http://www.infiniteoffroad.com/#!dual-row-curved/c13zs
  11. Post a Pic of Yourself

    I am afraid I don't have many pics of myself, here is what I found. Me with my buck this November. Last years buck. My Big Dog Chopper. 5 days on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  12. Glock 22 when clothing allows total concealment, Smith & Wesson Shield .40 when wearing only T-shirt and jeans.
  13. I had my new bulbs and BCM update today and like some have stated, the passenger side bulb was improperly installed. Obviously the tech did not check the aim of the headlights or he would have immediately caught it. I pulled the airbox and properly installed the bulb. The improvement is obvious and I am thankful for the valuable information this forum has given me to address the headlight issue and immediately know what was wrong with the passenger side bulb.
  14. To those of you that have a sucking sound on your ADD can. 1. Add O-ring to the dip-stick 2. Wrap the fittings on the can with Oil-resistant Teflon tape 3. Add HVAC grease to the threads of the can to improve the seal I have absolutely no noise from the cans on my vehicles or on my son's F150

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