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  1. Deep transmission pan

    has anyone put an aftermarket drain plug on a transmission pan? I think instead of the larger pan i might just do that instead. Any aftrermarket drain plugs any one recommends? Or is that a bad idea?
  2. Deep transmission pan

    i have thought about doing the external trans cooler. I wonder how much that setup would run?
  3. I'm looking into putting a B&M deep transmission pan(70392) on my 2014 sierra 6.2. It seems to run a little hot when just riding around town and more so when I'm towing so I figured it wouldnt be a bad idea, especially since it has a drain plug. Any one put one of these on their trucks? Any cons about doing this? Thanks!
  4. mit tube sold. emblems still for sale
  5. tired of these taking up space, $90 shipped for the MIT. Same for the pair of emblems.
  6. Pretty loud on during a cold start? I have about the same setup, just waiting on headers until i dont have neighbors or its not my daily driver, just because of how loud it will be on cold starts.
  7. BG GDI intake valve service

    Did they explain what all they do and what all the cleaning will do? I asked my service guy about it at my dealership and he didn't really have a clue so i have been hesitant on doing it. I just want to make sure it actually cleans the intake valves and what not.
  8. I'm looking for the same on my truck, maybe even a better throttle response and more low end power if thats possible. I've been emailing back and forth with justin so hopefully we can get something figured out.
  9. I bought my 2014 6.2 brand new. My buddy bought his 14 5.3 just before I did and i was getting as good or better mileage then him, with a lot more power. But if you wanting a toy, some of those guys are getting a lot of power out of those 5.3s, just depends on what you want to do with it and such, but in my opinion, if your getting a 4 door, go with the 6.2. Even if you don't tow with it, i tow maybe 3 times a year, but wouldnt go to a 5.3.
  10. When you did the in person tune, do you remember what all he did for your truck? I'm just trying to get a better understanding of the tuning process. That way I'm not asking him to do something he has already done to it and such, save everyone some time. The more I drive my truck after the first tune the more I like it, but once you get a little taste, you always want more haha.
  11. I got an email back from him earlier after he got to looking at my after tune log, and he said that with past experience the tune should of added 25-30 extra hp. So you would think i would be able to notice it. So i guess its possible that most of it is in my head, so hopefully i just need him to firm up the shifts a bit, and i know people have talked about having them removing most of the torque management and such, so I would like to know more about that. I emailed him back asking what all he changed and improved with the tune he sent me, so i am curious to see everything he did to it. They are definitely busy, but thats not a big deal for me, i dont mind waiting now that i have my initial tune done, now just need to tweak it I suppose. Its all a learning experience for me.
  12. Recently just had black bear performance tune my truck via autocal through emails. Had the tune for a few days now, wasnt really sure what to ask for when i sent the email, ended up telling him i wanted a little more power, firmer shifts and possibly better mpg. But now that i have the tune I'm thinking i should of had him bump it up a bit. I hear a lot of people on here talking about it being a night and day difference on there trucks after the tune. I have 2014 6.2 with a cai and catback exhaust, but i honestly don't know if the tune helped too much. I can slightly tell at light to medium throttle at low rpm, and a slightly firmer shift. Any recomendations to what I should have him adjust if I'm still not completely satisfied with it after a few more days of driving? Also to add I didn't have him disable the afm, but i really don't mind it, had the truck for over 2 years so i am use to it.
  13. ya i could probably do that if i don't get any offers anytime soon.
  14. Hello I have an airaid MIT tube off my 2014 6.2 sierra for sale. Part number is 200-911. Used for a year, all the original fittings and hoses, everything that came in the original box, just dont have the box anymore. Asking $100 for it, and possibly extra depending on how much the shipping is. Also have the original GMC emblems from the front and back for sale off of the truck. In great shape, were only on the truck for a couple of months. Asking $100 for the pair OBO plus shipping. Pictures of everything if anyone is interested.

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