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  1. Selling my corsa sport muffler off my 2014 sierra 6.2. Muffler is around 2.5 years old and has around 15k on it. Nothing wrong with it, needed something quieter after installing headers. $275 plus shipping. Will ship in the US.
  2. Oh i completely understand, mine sounded better in person then others did on video. I understand if you don't want to trade, just let me know so I can figure out what I am going to do with my muffler. If i can't find someone to trade with i will just end up selling it and having an exhaust shop weld in a magnaflow most likely. Just a bigger fan of the corsa then magnaflow. Just hate to have my $1200 cat back sitting on my shelf instead of on my truck.
  3. only if its the gm performance cat back, which would be the corsa touring I believe. I have my stock cat back on it right now.
  4. tons of videos on youtube and facebook of the corsa sport with startup, idle, and wot. I loved it when i had my stock manifolds. Sounded like a beast at wot, fairly quite idle, and very quite just cruising, along with no drone. I'd imagine its the same as the touring besides a little more rumble at idle and more at wot. I can look into what would work best for trading. I've sold a few things on here and on facebook with no problems. Message me some pics of your muffler if your wanting to trade. I just want to make sure the dimensions are the same. Which they should be if you have the 6.2 14 and up.
  5. just some quick pics, i will clean it up some more when i get ready to ship it.
  6. I have a corsa sport muffler off my 2014 gmc sierra 6.2 and am looking to trade for a corsa touring muffler that is for the same. I believe the gm performance after market exhaust was a corsa touring as well. Muffler is about 2.5 years old, with around 15k on it.
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