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    '17 Super Duty

    New truck
  2. From the album: '17 Super Duty

    6" FTS Lift w/ dual steering stabilizer kit, 12x22 -44 MotoMetal Razor, 37/13.5R22 Cooper SST PRO
  3. From the album: '17 Super Duty

    6" FTS Lift w/ dual steering stabilizer kit, 12x22 -44 MotoMetal Razor, 37/13.5R22 Cooper SST PRO
  4. Thank you. Yes I agree in the upgrade department. Funny thing is I have never before even thought about something other than a GM until now and can't say I regret it in any way. I enjoy taking my trucks off road and playing in the mud and needed (wanted) a truck that had solid axles and the ability to lock them. The nanny controls on the Sierra would cause me to not have confidence in the truck when in deep mud so needed a better platform.
  5. Thanks. Yeah if they made them in a 37" I would put them on the Super Duty.
  6. ]I have sold the truck and crossed over to the dark side with a '17 F-250, but am happy to answer your question about the tires. With out a doubt I recommend anyone to buy the Destination MT!! I have took the truck into some pretty nasty areas and not even once was I let down. Traction both on and off road is to be praised, while tread wear is great as well. To be completely honest the tires have very little road noise compared to other MT tires out there, and with the quietness of the Cab you hear nothing with the windows up. Best part about the tire is the price, I paid only 280.00 a tire for mine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Yes I only have ever used the 1.5" spacers on the rear.
  8. I didn't need to trim anything. The stock wheels (including the ones you have) have pockets that will allow for them to fit without modifications. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Doesn't matter which one that you use e.g. 4 or 6" BDS kit, both will fit in your garage. I have the 6" with 35" tires and I fit in mine, it is very close though. What doesn't fit is the radio antenna, the stock one is to stiff and drags the garage door to a point where it seems to want to break. What I did is just remove the antenna since I do not ever listen to the FM radio, but if that's a problem for you then you'll want to use a short antenna.
  10. Thank God for weekends!

  11. I went with 1.5" spacers and paired with the BDS kit my rear wheels match the fronts almost perfectly.
  12. I went with a spacer from TrailSport. They are hub centric and made from billet aluminum. Have had them on my truck for almost 2 years with zero issues, and the best part is the set only cost 69.00.
  13. +1 on liking the look!!! Also just to ease your mind, Mine stick out the same distance and have for over a year with lots of playing in the mud and zero damage to fenders.
  14. As we move into the Christmas Season, I hope every person can find the true joy which is the reason for the season.

  15. No I don't notice any unusual sounds at all.
  16. I don't have any such clips, but I listened to maybe a hundred on youtube before buying mine and I will say it don't sound as good on any clips as it does in person. The truck has a loud growl with a cold start but quickly calms down. During normal driving it has a deep rumble that with windows up can barely be heard. Highway little louder but still (to me) mild. Now decide to floor the gas and the truck wakes up in such a way that is very obnoxious; making me smile every time.
  17. The price I paid was for the standard kit. To be completely honest I have had my truck lifted now for a little over a year and would do it again on a new truck if that were my situation. The only thing I didn't do which I wish I would have is buy the add a leaf kit because my truck sits just a bit lower in the rear than the front now that everything has settled.
  18. Well after a couple of moths with the tune and exhaust i must say I'm totally pleased.
  19. Saw those headlights yesterday and boy they look sharp!! Really liked how your blinker looked as you approached Washington at the square.
  20. Here's to wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  21. They are not the same. BDS kits use new struts to achieve the front lift and Zone kits use a spacer that sits on top of the stock strut. Which is why the zone kits cost less. All other parts are the same though.
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