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  1. FOR SALE Elite catch can for 2014+ 5.3/6.2 GM Truck $85.00 shipped, Pay Pal Check or Money Order. Bracket, Brass fittings, Check Valve and extra O-Ring included Fuel/Oil grade Hose can be found at Auto parts stores and installation instructions available on Elite Web site - Thanks Jeff
  2. Had my K2 serviced and recalls fixed seatbelt, airbag reprogramed . Everybody will hear the sweet sound of the Corsa when I cruise up to Iowa this weekend.
  3. Hi all been gone for awhile, my collection has been added onto and reduced a little past few months. I sold 469 to a collector and bought and sold a couple of Revolvers I cleaned and re Blued. Still have my Shield 9mm and 5906 along with a S&W Mod 65-3 and Ruger 10/22. The Ruger I installed Trueshot Target sights Kidd Charging Handle , Mag Release Lever and BX Trigger all bought on sale and EBay. Saving up now for a Ruger Single Six or Ten.
  4. Corsa installed on my Truck last year with no problems and received lots of complements. It sounds loud and proud along with the CAI
  5. Looks like a good design but I returned the Versa Carry Holster bought to use for S&W Shield
  6. They lose value after being fired like driving a new car off the lot. I really like my 2nd and 3rd gens and want a couple of S&W revolvers to go with them. I have been practicing and having fun with a M&P .22 Compact and have plans for a 9MM M&P, also on my list is a Ruger Carbine or M&P 15-22 . I recently rebuilt my dad JC Higgins with help from videos
  7. Wanted to upload pic but says files to big so uploaded some of images. Mine are the same great shape 469 I touched up with blue and repainted sights and 3906 just need to be cleaned a little
  8. Been away for awhile have develop an interest in firearms and shooting in fact this forum got me started. First was Taurus .38 Spl Snub bought for home defense and then signed in on Guns Ammo forum and took off from there. Have learned a lot past couple months and have acquired three more pistols and rebuilt my Dads Shot gun. Second pistol was S&W Model 469 bought at Gun Shop and after researching and finding out 2nd and 3rd Generation series bought a Model 3906 . Newest is M&P Compact.22 and would like a couple of Revolvers and Rifle. Also completed NRA Basic and have my CC Permit.
  9. I wanted to know myself, back in my wilder days didn't care about work the next day. Would party till late and feel like crap all day Monday.(1) Friday and Saturday nights people have better things to do(2) league and Teams can party Friday and Saturday (3) Businesses like Bars, Restaurants and Hotels will make more money on a long weekend (4) I Googled why Super Bowl always on Sunday
  10. A huge round dull rusty muffler with plain exhaust pipe is OEM. If previous owner had Borla exhaust installed it could be bolt on or welded. Muffler may have Borla stamped on the side and be polished shinny along with the pipes.
  11. done with my truck for awhile, building my Self Defense Arsenal

  12. Range caused Stabitrac/Brake Assist Service lights to come on ,Range recommended a Hot Plug reset and Module quit working., Sent it back to be recalibrated and GM Tech was confused with no fault codes and disconnected battery for a couple hours. Service lights cleared and Module came back before Christmas with no problems since, just as mentioned unplug module if parked for awhile.
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