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  1. I need to replace my key fob and was wondering if there were any alternatives? Maybe something where the key is integrated with the fob?
  2. I think those are the best looking generation of trucks from Chevy.
  3. Yep. Sometimes vehicles look better in person than they do in pictures. But for me, this one wasn't any better.
  4. I really want to like the look of the new truck. For some reason I fixate on the swoopy fender line on the side and just can't convince myself to like it. I think it's because swoopy lines are the latest fad on cars.
  5. FWIW, everyone in the forums hated the front end of the 16 1500 models when they came out. Now the trucks are everywhere and look normal to us.
  6. I like this one. I'm glad they didn't follow the fad of swoopy diagonal lines like the 1500 has!
  7. What are the symptoms? I have a vibration at 75-80mph and I've had the wheels balanced a few times.
  8. I had the Michelin tires installed and they are night and day better than the stock Goodyear that were on the truck. In both dry and wet condtions the Michelin tire has been far better.
  9. Polished Aluminum is probably clear coated. So you'll just want to wax them. Maybe use 3m glaze first. <img>
  10. Based on my experience using Dyna beads to balance motorcycle tires, I thought there could be a way to install a balancing device on the driveshaft based on the same principle. I googled for 30 seconds and found that someone has actually made what I envisioned. Might be worth a try. http://www.balancemasters.com/driveshafts.html
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! I didnt realize tiredirect had a rating system for their tires. Looks like it is going to be the Michelin Defender LTX. Now I just need to go get that Cosco membership.
  12. Almost time for new tires. I never go offroad and want something that will transport precious cargo (family) as safe as I can. My current tires are the the Stock 18" goodyear and they slide all over the place in the rain. I'm not concerned about looks or price. I've tried to find some tire test comparisons, but cannot seem to locate any data. Recommendations are appreciated! Thinking about swapping out wheels as well for one of the GM 22" versions.
  13. I really like my '15, but if I had to look back at all the styles, I like the late 70's/80's style. I think that was the last one to have an identity until now.
  14. Because why not? I've searched, but can't find anyone who makes a decal for the front of our trucks. Has anyone come across anything like this? Preferably just a decal that can be removed at a later point in time.
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