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  1. I would guess if it’s not enough demand to issue a downshift, the shudder you’re feeling is the torque converter. Lots to read on GMs torque converters.
  2. Check the wiring harness that plugs into the PS rack itself. I bet it’s not fully seated.
  3. Take a video of it next time it won’t start. Call the dealer and request a tow. Show the dealer the video. Tell them you will pick it up when it is fixed. Contact GM and open up a case on the issue.
  4. I’m not sure about the 6.0, but when I did my 5.3 it had a screen under the oil pressure sending unit. Make sure you check to see if it has one or not because if it’s plugged up, that could be causing your low readings. Most sensors completely fail when they go bad with either high readings, or no readings...which kind of makes me think it’s either a plugged up screen, or an actual mechanical issue happening.
  5. I’ve had both 1/2 and 3/4 ton Chevys and I will say I prefer the C channel frame of the Tundra in terms of ride quality. It absorbs poor road conditions much better in my opinion. I agree about the outdated tech also, but on the other hand, it’s tried and true proven tech that has been incrementally improved upon over and over instead of changing the entire design every 3 years like most other manufacturers are doing and sacrificing long term reliability in the process.
  6. Can’t argue with you on that, lol....runs like a champ tho.
  7. As I said in my original post, they do well in snow. I don’t know what tire does well on ice besides a studded or a dedicated snow tire. I live in the Midwest and have run these tires on several of my trucks for years now.
  8. I doubt GM changes the frame thickness for the max tow. Max tow gets some stiffer/beefier suspension components to handle the extra payload.
  9. I run Michelin LTX A/T2. They are quiet, handle well in the snow, and mileage doesn’t suffer compared to other all terrain tires. Have no issue getting 50-60k miles out of them before they hit the wear bars. Worth the extra money.
  10. My squeak from the front engine area ended up being a bad water pump. If you have a mechanics stethescope, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the noise.
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