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  1. Probably a great question for the dealer when you take it to them to get the alignment done. I would think they could pull the codes of it real quick.
  2. I agree with Doug, you are seeing a side effect of a different issue.
  3. Does the sound go away when the light bar is either on or off?
  4. When my 2014 had this issue, it would yank the steering wheel right out of your hands while driving down the road. Did it to me a couple times, and the wife. I sold it soon after that when the dealer claimed they couldn’t find anything wrong. That was the last straw for that truck.
  5. I traded in my problem child, junk 2014 Silverado 2.5 years ago for a new 2016 Tundra. Tundra has 30k miles on it now and has been flawless. No trips to the dealer, trans shifts beautifully, 5.7 is a beast. I agree, they are behind the curve on looks, but I’ll take that any day over sitting in the Chevy service dept again, and again, and again.
  6. I know this is not a permanent fix, but disconnect your battery cables for 10-15 min, then try again.
  7. Try switching fuels from whatever your running currently. If it’s e10, then run ethanol free for a few tanks and vise-versa. It also may be the station you are getting your fuel from...try a different station for a while.
  8. Have you checked the battery cables themselves? Some were known to have bad terminations, as in the cable terminal wasn’t installed correctly or was pinching down on the cable insulation instead of the actual copper wire. Other well known issue is the distribution block for the positive. Do a search on here, lots of people with very similar issues had their problems resolved by replacing these.
  9. Try putting your regular bulbs back in and retest. It may be the LEDs causing the issue.
  10. Ok, just throwing out some possibilities...you never mentioned your exhaust was aftermarket. Use the search function on this forum, you’ll find plenty of info for your problems.
  11. The chirp when you let off the gas is the exhaust flapper valve, very common problems and the fix is to replace the exhaust system since the flapper is an integrated component. Why wouldn’t warranty cover a starter?...that doesn’t seem right. The driveline clunk is caused from the poor shifting transmission...lots to read on here about that. I don’t think there is really a fix besides a tune.
  12. Engine Surge

    Try replacing the fuel pressure regulator. Very quick and cheap fix.
  13. Interesting Coolant Filter Find

    I agree with Justin. Looks like remnants of the paper filter media you installed. That filter may be causing more harm than good.
  14. L5p to Lml hood swap

    Do you think the massive front grill is not bringing in enough air and the L5P small hood scoop will fix it?
  15. Exactly...higher voltage = lower lamp life regardless if its a halogen. I would guess truckguy82 didn’t get the ecm update, just new bulbs. So much for that $20.

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