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  1. Issues after 70k miles

    Seems like they just threw a bunch of parts at it with hopes it fixed it. I have a hard time believing all the O2 sensors went bad at once.
  2. My 2003 Silverado auto climate control system was way more intelligent than my 2014 Silverado auto climate control ever was. The 2003 could MAINTAIN a temp without an issue as with the 2014 I was turning the temp control up and down constantly.
  3. Brake system

    Do you have any paperwork/records from the original time you brought it in? If not, your probably SOL. As a last ditch effort, call GM customer service and tell them your story. If they won’t warranty it, GM customer care may be able to knock something off the repair bill.
  4. Are you sure it’s related to the quality of the DEF? You need to get a code reader and plug into your truck and see if there are any other codes present. It may take calling a GM dealership and ordering some DEF directly from them and shipped to your location. If you can, siphon or drain out the DEF that is currently in the truck so you are not diluting down bad DEF with good DEF, if that’s indeed the problem.
  5. Soo, umm...have you seen a K2XX driveshaft “grenade apart” at 105mph? Most vehicle are governed at a speed that is the maximum safe speed of the tires.
  6. Might want to read some threads about the torque converter shudders. There are multiple TSBs on this issue and remedies that range from reprogramming the trans, to a full trans fluid flush, to replacing the torque converter, to full trans replacement.
  7. Shake or Vibration Issues

    The dealer is not going to know if an independent shop RFB’d your tires or not. If you take it elsewhere and it doesn’t work out, take it back to the dealer and have them throw some more parts at it.
  8. Was the 2015 trucks included in the transfer case software update/recall? The 2014s were for sure, the transfer case would shift into neutral on its own.
  9. It may be a PWM pulse width modulated control and not a solid 12V. I would use an actual multimeter and not a test lamp to check the voltage.
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Now reading you are referring to a diesel, I assume you have a 2500? I was talking about the half tons.
  11. So you are removing the connector at the seat heater and checking for voltage there? Like others have said on here, the seat heater elements are junk. My 2014 LTZ went in multiple times for multiple failures with the heating elements.
  12. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Having the dealer compare your K2XX vibration to a T1XX makes no sense. They do not have the same frame. They are the next generation truck.
  13. It looks like you have your high beams on from the picture.
  14. Sometimes...and usually half a**ed. That aluminum wheel usually needs some work to remove ALL the corrosion.
  15. Pull your wheels back off, and wire brush the faces of where the hat of the brake rotor, and the actual wheel meet up. This is sooo overlooked when people pull their wheels off. A buildup of rust/corrosion happens and creates an uneven surface and can actually distort the rotor when the lugnuts are tightened. Also, torque your wheels in a two step method, half the torque the first time around, then final torque.

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