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  1. I’m sure those deals are still available. The Chevy dealerships that I drive by regularly are still loaded with 2018 trucks on the lot.
  2. 2016 No start

    Maybe check for some stored codes? That may at least help point you in a direction.
  3. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the fuel evap system. Normal stuff.
  4. ground cable to the battery...most likely your problem. The whole cable needs to be replaced.
  5. The 2014 Silverado is not equipped with autonomous emergency braking...only a haptic seat buzz and a red flashing light /and or beeper.
  6. The Auto function engages part of the 4WD system and when the system detects wheel slip, it engages the rest. The noise you are hearing is normal. You will hear some differences of opinion here, but if you don’t need 4WD, leave it in 2hi.
  7. You can hear it only when turning the wheel? There is a post somewhere on here talking about the steering wheel shaft rubber boot in the engine bay not making a good seal around the shaft causing noise to enter the cab.
  8. Sounds like either a wheel bearing issue or a CV joint. Probably the CV if it comes and goes with 4WD.
  9. Pumping gas in my '18 SLT

    It’s a venting issue. Some K2s were also having the issue. The fix was a new fuel tank.
  10. Issues after 70k miles

    Seems like they just threw a bunch of parts at it with hopes it fixed it. I have a hard time believing all the O2 sensors went bad at once.
  11. My 2003 Silverado auto climate control system was way more intelligent than my 2014 Silverado auto climate control ever was. The 2003 could MAINTAIN a temp without an issue as with the 2014 I was turning the temp control up and down constantly.
  12. Brake system

    Do you have any paperwork/records from the original time you brought it in? If not, your probably SOL. As a last ditch effort, call GM customer service and tell them your story. If they won’t warranty it, GM customer care may be able to knock something off the repair bill.
  13. Are you sure it’s related to the quality of the DEF? You need to get a code reader and plug into your truck and see if there are any other codes present. It may take calling a GM dealership and ordering some DEF directly from them and shipped to your location. If you can, siphon or drain out the DEF that is currently in the truck so you are not diluting down bad DEF with good DEF, if that’s indeed the problem.
  14. Soo, umm...have you seen a K2XX driveshaft “grenade apart” at 105mph? Most vehicle are governed at a speed that is the maximum safe speed of the tires.

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