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  1. AWESOME, thanks! I'm gonna give em a shot. Huge help!
  2. Where did you get that one??? That’s exactly the nice sleek look I was going for! I think that’s as close to original looking as you can probably get lol!
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I think you're right, they've definitely been growing on me. Plus I'm really not too into the idea of sticking another mirror on there unless it was really sleek and "original" looking lol!
  4. So I searched every term I could think of and couldn't come up with anything...probably because this is an odd request lol. I recently picked up a 2020 Trail Boss LT and absolutely love it! My issue is I had REALLY gotten used to the added visibility of tow mirrors. I had a 2015 Sierra and I swapped the mirrors over to tow mirrors when I had it. Than I gave Ford a try and had an F-250 for a couple years and loved the visibility of those mirrors. But I no longer tow as much as I used to and I wanted to get back into a 1500 GM because the Super Duty ride was really getting rough day in, day out lol. So my trail boss has the blind spot monitoring so I don't have any convex mirror. I obviously don't need a convex for the blind spot because I have the monitoring, but I did use it a lot when backing into tight spaces, etc. With the tow mirrors on my past trucks I was able to put my truck half an inch away from a curb because I could see exactly where my tire was and SO much more visibility when backing up. Does anybody know of an add on "blind spot mirror" that doesn't look so tacky as the big fisheyes or the ones with the big black frame? I'm just looking for something to give me a little more visibility while not interfering with the blind spot monitoring, and not sticking out like a sore thumb either. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks for the input Jeff5347; appreciate it! Anyone else have any experience/input on this? I know there's definitely gotta be more people running lift blocks on their trucks lol!
  6. So like a lot of people I thought I wanted a level truck, but not so much anymore lol. I have a 2" RC level up front and 34" Coopers on it. I would like to get some rake back now though. I occasionally have a decent amount of weight in the bed and it does suffer from that nose high problem now with just the level. I also tow a ~4800lb travel trailer. When hitched up and weight distribution properly set up I still have a bit of squat in the back. I really wanted to find a 2.5" block to replace the stock one, but I see my options are basically 2 or 3". I'm leaning towards the 3" and getting shock extensions for peace of mind. My biggest question is with the whole taper/non-tapered debate. I've read threads and threads ranging from current gen to previous gen trucks and the opinions are all over the place. So what has everyone's experience been with tapered vs non tapered blocks on the current gen trucks? I'd really hate to get them in and than end up with the vibration issues. Also, there are SO many companies making blocks and all in very different price ranges. I've been looking at RC and Zone as I see a few guys running them on here. Any suggestions as far as brand goes? Truck is a 2015 Sierra Crew 5.3 Z71 w/ a 2" RC level currently. Thanks for any input you can give!
  7. I'll definitely get some tomorrow. My wife's Terrain was blocking that shot lol!
  8. I've had A/T3's on 2 previous trucks and we run them on our work van and I've always loved them. Had Coopers on my wife's old car and was again very impressed. Of course I am paying the price on the "growl" factor down the road with these, but I expected that with this tread. They definitely make some noise when you're barreling down the road lol. But I wanted more aggressive so I knew what I was in for. Obviously I'll have to see when the miles start racking up how they hold up and keep up with my tire rotations.
  9. I wanted to help people out who are looking for tire options. I searched forums, asked questions, the whole 9. But not many people are running 295/70R18 on these new trucks(at least not on the forums). So I really was only able to go by a couple guys and my own measurements. Well I took the gamble today it worked out great! I researched for a while what the smallest diameter tire in a 295/70 would be but while still keeping the aggressiveness I wanted. I went with the Cooper S/T Maxx. The sidewall actually says 34x11.5. My truck only has a 2" RC level. The guys in the tire shop mounted one up for me first and we checked for rubbing. I'm not rubbing any components at full lock (sway bar, UCA). I get very very slight rub on the inner carpeted liner. It's so little I will probably not even tie back. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little more rubbing with an M/T tread like a Trail Grappler or STT Pro since the overall diameter is a little larger. So to sum up: 2015 Sierra Z71 with a 2" RC on stock z71 18" wheels - 295/70 DO fit nicely with very MINIMAL rubbing on carpeted liner (seems to be full lock in reverse). Pictures to follow shortly!
  10. Ok, so I've literally been contemplating this for months since I bought and leveled my 15 Sierra. I've googled, searched forums, etc on this topic and it seems like us guys running 18" rims are the minority. There are tons of answers when it comes to tire sizes on 20" wheels, but not so much on the 18s. I have a 15 Sierra Crew Cab z71. I prefer 18" because I've always liked less wheel, more rubber and I like the z71 rims and would prefer to keep them. The truck has a RC 2" level. Now I have read plenty of places that 275/70 is common practice, BUT it's mentally killing me that on my old Ram 1500 I went from 20" wheels to 18" and ran 275/70 with not one bit of rub on a stock suspension. Don't get me wrong, I love my GMC, but I'd like to go a little bigger if I can. I've only been able to come across a few posts of people attempting to run 295/70R18 on a level. I'm looking at Coopers and the specs are showing it as a true 12" section width. This is my main concern. I see guys are running tires slightly over 34" with little trouble (zip tie back fender is worst case). But I'm worried about the width and the control arms. Also why it seems to me that 305/65 would be out of the question. One of the guys running 295/70 on a level was actually the old body style and only required minimal trimming. Another post I saw was someone running them on new body style. So...can anyone else shed some light on this? It's tax return season and I'm itching to really compliment the level with some new rubber. Thanks!!
  11. 2015 Sierra Z71. RC 2" Level and Dominator D2 steps. Will be going with some larger rubber when the stock ones wear a little more lol. Came from a 2014 2500 Cummins. As much as I miss my diesel I must say I'm very happy with this truck so far! My wife and I were Mopar people cause our salesman was AMAZING! I had 2 Rams and she drove a Dodge. But than our salesman moved to a GM dealership. Long story short I needed to get rid of my hefty Cummins payment in order to get our mortgage. After all the dust settled after buying our house we followed our favorite salesman and bought the Sierra and a Terrain for my wife. So far...we're quite happy with our switch
  12. So it turned into a successful weekend! Got the level kit on and threw on my bars. I'm beyond happy with how the truck looks and sits now! I can't justify dropping the money on tires right now, but will be going to a bigger tire when the stockers are more worn. That should complete the look nicely
  13. Loosening top strut bolts did it for me. Passenger side SOOO much quicker. Thanks!! Will post pics soon. Now to get my nerfs on
  14. Been lurking a while but finally needed to post as I'm losing my mind. Came over from the Ram side and now own a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew. So after all these videos and posts and informative stuff I ordered a 2" RC leveling kit for it. Said this is gonna be a piece of cake based on everything I've seen. (I'm no mechanic, but I can hold my own when I need to) Well now I'm here at this ridiculous hour and not even one side done. Tore into driver side first and I cannot get the strut bolts to line up for the life of me. It's a 4WD with aluminum control arms and the Ranchos that come with the Z71. I can fit the spacer in fine. My issue is getting the damn holes to all line up. Videos make it seem like a pry bar will get them in place. I've tried prying, I've put all my weight against that strut and still cannot get the damn holes to line up. I'm about 1/8" away, but it feels like the strut just doesn't have any more give to it. What am I doing wrong here?!?! Any help is REALLY appreciated!! I know...what a way to make a newb intro lol!
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