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  1. I think something must be wrong if it’s that tight with a stock ride. Or they snuck a 6” lift and 35s on your truck and didn’t tell you! I also have a 7ft garage door and am parked snug as a bug in there tonight, hiding from the hail in Dallas.
  2. If you don’t want to go too high with a lift, maybe try a leveling kit first. You can still throw bigger tires on there. I ran a 2.5” Rough Country leveling kit without the back spacer on my ‘14 Z71 and was actually able to run BFG KO2s on there in 285/65/20. Those measured to about 34.5”, and were mounted on the stock 20s. I had rub in full lock, but it wasn’t much. I didnt bother to zip tie or cut, just kind of lived with it. Was very happy with the stance and ride. Not sure if you’d have that same clearance on the ‘19s, as I also have a 6” lift running 35s and like BillyDee posted above, clearance is pretty tight. I actually have a tiny bit of rub at full lock with this truck, too.
  3. I have it almost daily. I’ve narrowed it down to the spoiler on the rear of the cab. Generally speaking, and I can’t back this up with a scientific explanation lol, I think it has to do with expansion. I notice it a LOT more when going from somewhat controlled climate like the garage, to warmth outside and hitting that first bump or two. For me, that is pulling out of the driveway at home, and hitting speedbumps in the garage and surrounding areas at work. Once it’s warmed up in the sun, I don’t hear it anymore.
  4. I’ve always tried to brake in a way that when I finally stop, you can’t tell that I stopped. My wife for example, will drive and brake all the way to the stop, and it lurches forward a bit. Whereas I will brake, and let up quite a bit right before it stops completely to soften it, almost as if I was still rolling. I don’t know that I explained that well in writing, so I hope that makes sense. This behavior comes from driving 1982 Thomas buses in college and not wanting to throw people into the seat in front of them lol Well, I think that method of braking causes me to experience that lurch you are talking about. Where I think I’m stopped, but the truck thinks I still had another 1-2 mph to clear off the speedometer. It does not seem as if it’s as drastic as what you are describing, but it happens frequently on some trips and never on most trips. Cold or hot, doesn’t matter. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it happens. It’s not enough frequency to bring it to the shop, but I’ll monitor. I’m about to roll 3700 and it’s definitely gotten better since I bought, so I’l do believe the tranny is always learning my driving habits. I’m 80/20 highway/city if that helps. Hope you get it figured out, keep us posted!
  5. The Rydonair 13” 2 days in and very happy. Crystal clear reception for AM/FM/HD. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07L57LR7X?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  6. And my GM side piece got a taste of the blacked out action this weekend, too!
  7. BDTrims insert for the tailgate. Blacked out all the badges the old school way with plastidip lol Rydonair 13” antenna replacement.
  8. I think we have the same one FD! Pic tonight from a different angle.
  9. Got to run the full test this morning from the antenna posted right above your post, which includes an AM station I listen to 95% of the time I’m driving. Picked it up better than the factory antenna!
  10. I went against the grain a bit, because I saw the KEY01 on a Silverado in a parking lot last week and it was just a bit too short for me. No doubt it’s a great antenna as it seems like 80%+ on here run it, but was too much of a difference for me. So, I went with this 13” one and like the looks. Just installed last night and was in the truck for about 2 minutes afterwards. Didn’t have a chance to cycle through all my stations, but was happy with what I heard. Will report back if that is different over the next couple days. And if you move now, 50% off with next day on Prime! Rydonair 13” https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07L57LR7X?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  11. I’m clearing a 7’ garage with no problems other than the antenna, with a 6” lift and 35s. I’ve got about 1-2” clearance as I’m pretty sure the truck sits right at about 6’10”. I’m knocking the crap out of the antenna on every storm water pipe, clearance sign and exit sign, but that’s it. The concrete sits higher at close to 8’, so I admit, not quite as brutal hitting the pipes. But the reception is still good. With that being said, now that I’m comfortable having been in multiple 7’ garages with the same outcome, I’m going to replace with a stubby and know not to enter anything under 7’. The stock trail bosses and AT4s should have no problem at 6’8” and above I would think, with the exception of the 15’ antenna Chevy still runs with
  12. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with them. They are not terribly aggressive looking, but they perform well. I haven’t been able to get out and have some fun with the truck yet to see how they hold up under those kinds of conditions. I do a lot of highway miles, bought 4/11 and already have almost 4000 on the odo, and they are very quiet in my opinion. I had a little bit of a shimmy between 67-70 mph, so I had the dealer retorque all the suspension parts a few weeks ago and they chose to road force the tires, because of my shimmy complaint. They ended up replacing two of the tires since they had excessive runout. Now I’m running in the mid to high 70s with absolutely no vibration. So be on the lookout for that if you move forward with them. Other than that, I think they are great so far!
  13. Thanks! My 2014 was a 2.5” level and I ran 34s on there. I liked it...but I love this with 6” added and 35s. It’s all preference and like others have said in here, these trucks look like they were born to be lifted. It would look great with 3” or 6”. My thought is if you are even thinking you’ll go to 6”, then skip the 3”!
  14. Someone also asked how high it sits with a 6” lift and 35s. I had to know this too for my work garage, so I made my sales guy drive it up there the day before I bought it lol. Here’s some picks in a garage with 7’ clearance. I was safe by about 1 - 1 1/2 inches (his pic angles were off, but you still get a feel for it). So about 6’10”. I can also just barely fit it in my garage at the house, so win win for all the hail storms we get in Dallas.
  15. Posted on the T1 pics thread, but hadn’t seen this one until now. RST 6” BDS lift dealer installed before purchase 20x9 Fuel Schisms with -1 offset 325/60/20 Fuel Gripper ATs (didn’t know Fuel made tires until I saw this set up lol) Rides great and I’ll hold onto the Fuel tires for a year or so before throwing BFGs or Nittos on there.
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