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  1. If your dealerships service department cant cant change gears in the diff, I would think twice about getting it serviced there.
  2. Do regret leaving Toyota Tundra's reliability BUT I have no regrets on 2016 silverado even thou the tranny needed replaced with only 3800 miles. I hope that was just a fluke.
  3. Im also interested, kind of off topic but I was told at the dealership that if I wanted the oem LED tails it would not be plug and play and that it would need ECU flashed ...gotta love new tech.
  4. If you keep your bed covered most of the time Id say Bed Rug if not covered Spray In for sure. I have mine covered and a bed rug works out great for me.
  5. Got the Truck back today, it was the clutch assembly that broke and loss of 4,5 and 6th .They did a great job of finding the issue and fixing the transmission so quickly.
  6. I will find out what exactly broke, but my trans definitely had something brake from the message I got letting me know that they had to order the parts to replace the damaged parts. I should have the truck back by Friday.
  7. My gear indicator was in D the whole time I had the issue that is the first thing I checked. The update I got today is that it is an internal transmission issue and they will be going into it . At least they acknowledge the problem.
  8. Update... Got a call from the dealership service dept. "So what is it doing exactly?" I said are you kidding me the truck came out of gear at least 8 times on the way there and I only live 3 miles away and the engine light came on in route not letting the truck out of first gear with about a half mile to go ,its not going to magically go away . They then say they will have to look into it further on Monday.
  9. Most of the service guys think they know way way more about cars than we do and feel insulted at the hint of" let me show you" so I will just not take it back until they figure it out. But if they ask I will take them for a ride to prove it.
  10. Well Mongo405 your not alone on this issue , my 16 silverado while in drive just seemed to come out of gear as if I had a manual transmission with the clutch engaged so I pulled over put it in park then back into drive . I got home checked the trans fluid (warm and running on level ground) it was good so I took it around the block and it happened 2 more times so to the dealer it goes today.
  11. Well I guess I'm not the only one, my driver side window drops all the way down on auto up so I have to inch it up. I have had the in channel's from day one and now that its getting warm it has happened at least a few times a week.
  12. 20x9 moto metal +18 with 275/60/20 toyo open country at2.
  13. This is a 2 inch level with about a half inch of rake ,I meant that you can clearly see 2 inches but it would be hard to see another half imo.
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