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  1. This sounds like an open and shut thing. They had the wrong fuel in their tanks? So you aren't the only one who got the wrong fuel that day before it was noticed right? To me, it sounds like they should be taking care of you and everyone else that might have gotten screwed from this. Mistakes happen, time to own up is what I think should happen.
  2. Interesting. I guess you're down to changing the oil. If that doesn't work then take it back to the dealer and make use of that new car warranty. Hopefully they give you a loner.
  3. You're catch can is causing the issue I think. Sounds like a vacuum leak at idle when warm. I would check all connections with your catch can.
  4. I would wait. Just started seeing information about the 2018 Yukon Denali with the 6.2 and they are now pairing those with a 10 speed transmission. For whatever reason the 2018 trucks haven't gotten the 10 speed. They will probably gain it in 2019.
  5. I would basically replace everything on my 06 Avalanche and make it new again to get another easy 160k out of it.
  6. I have a 2006 Avalanche and I thought that's what transmission these trucks used? There are some variations in the transmission between the years so I would stick with a 05 4l60e.
  7. On my 2006 Avalanche I've been noticing the plastic wire loom has been breaking off exposing the trucks wiring. Found most of this in the engine bay but a few other places underneath the truck as well and in the cab. This actually caused me to lose my gas pedal position sensor. Might want to start taking a look at the wiring in your truck too. My truck is garage kept in the south but age gets everything.
  8. Had the exact same thing happen with my 2012. Heater went out causing the slow limitations of death. Part was covered under the extended warranty but was on national back order. Traded the Duramax in for a GMC 1500. Would love to get back into a Duramax but don't really want to deal with the emission systems again.
  9. Also gets my vote for the throttle body. Had this issue on a 2003 suburban. Cleaned the throttle body and there was some update for the ECU at the time and problem solved. Didn't have anymore issues with low idle after that. Every spring I check and clean my throttle body now.
  10. Just did this in my Avalanche. Filled both until fluid started to slowly leak out. Also did this for the transfer case. I'm sure there some more precise way to do it but I did this about 6000 miles ago and no issues thus far.
  11. I know you are looking for some other solution besides replacing the sensors but it sure sounds like that's what needs to happen. This tool you have, if it's like oem, you should be able to to hold in near the sensor and it will try to communicate with it. If it doesn't then that sensor has an issue.
  12. Ram 1500

    Individual experiences may vary. I had a 2013 and a 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie both loaded up. Loved those trucks and only had normal small issues with them. Would still be driving them today if I didn't feel the need to lose the payments.
  13. Dealer trade offer lol

    I know I own a GMC but I just traded off my 2015 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab with the standard bed 2wd for $36,000. I had 21k miles when I traded it in.
  14. Not tempted

    I can change camps at will because I will go after what I think is the best at the time. I came from a Ram only because the 2015 I had was extremely cheap new. If I had the choice I would go to Ram again while giving the other two a good look as well. I aim towards Ram because of their storage compartments including the Rambox system. Check out this high mileage Eco Boost. They are out there.
  15. Front End Vibration

    Am I the only one who stopped at "I changed the front hubs and noticed a slight vibration"? Sounds like you caused this with the hub install possibly? You didn't state if you had a vibration before or just bearing noise.

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