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  1. If anyone is interested in performing the Power Fold Tow mirror upgrade i have a pair of OEM takeoffs that I’m selling. i have additional pictures upon request, i can’t upload more on here. asking for $500 shipped from Dallas, or local pickup.
  2. For sale i have OEM Tow Mirrors DQS takeoffs from a 2014 GMC Sierra. I have additional pictures upon request, doesn’t let me upload on here. I’m asking for $500 shipped or local pickup in Dallas, Tx
  3. Clark, definately appreciate you posting this!! so just for others researching wanting to do the same thing. I called the number you referenced above and when they asked for a part number i just provided them the cluster part number telling them I only needed the "Cluster Lens" which was 30 bucks. Ground shipping was $6 to TX and overnight was $10 so for $36 bucks I'll replace the lens of my cluster at a way cheaper price than the quoted 400 from the dealer!! Thanks again man!!
  4. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but do you remember what the part number it is that you use? I have a cracked 2016 Denali Cluster and the dealership is telling me they don't sell the clear lens alone and can't give me a part number for it. That'll I'll have to trade in my old one and they'll send me a whole new cluster for ONLY $400 bucks!!
  5. Do the dome lights need to be on in order for the footwell lights to function? I'm looking into doing the footwell lights but I'd like for them to turn on when the doors open not dependent on the dome lights being on. Is that how yours are set up?
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