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  1. Is it just me or is there not a way to navigate the infotainment system from the steering wheel? It would be nice to navigate between apps and control all of the infotainment from the steering wheel controls. But I'm specifically looking for change radio sources between Carplay, Bluetooth or FM radio. My 2013 had a button on the steering wheel specifically for changing sources. Besides that there was a physical "button" to change sources which made it easy to do without taking your eyes off the road instead of hunting for the are to touch the screen. I'm hoping that this is just something I'm missing. It's a minor issue, but being a major inconvenience. Any advice?
  2. Any chance you can get a close up of the mud flaps.
  3. How did you get rid of the mudflaps on the front fender liner?
  4. None of the badges on the body panels are drilled. They are all 3M taped on. Hair dryer and fishing line takes them off easily.
  5. What wheel do you have there and offset please? I like the stance..
  6. Stock tire size is 33''. The offset and width could case a bit of rubbing but I don't think it'll be extreme. If you need to level, I went with a motofab 2.5'' top spacer on mine. It was painless enough to install and inexpensive (70$). But you could easily get a set struts for about 300$ that should level the truck out a little up front to give you more clearance. Take pictures and update when it's done. The wheel and tire combo will be nice.
  7. There's a thread on this forum about doing an antenna relocation. It takes about 10 minutes and is absolutely free. I relocated mine to the vent area under the hood and zip tied it there. Reception is about the same as normal. Just gets a little fuzzy around tall buildings.
  8. I put a 2.5'' level on the front of mine and could not run 35's on the factory wheels without a little rubbing and some trimming. Wasn't a lot and I certainly wouldn't beat yourself up over trimming the mudflaps or pinning back the fender liners... My Yokohama Geolandar M/Ts measured out at about 34.5'' at 45psi. So I'd say absolutely max would be 34'' without trimming or pinning back the liners.
  9. I was able to fit 35x12.5's on my truck with a 2.5'' level. I did have to pull the bracket out from behind the wheel liner and pin it back, but zero rubbing at full turn. Even wit a little articulation. The problem for the rubbing is actually part way through turning and it catches on the mud flap up front (for a split second). The only way I can see to stop this issue is to norcal mod the fender. Which I do not want to do. Stock UCA's are not an issue. But the 12.5 wide tire is VERY close to the top of the spindle.
  10. They are trying to sell them. To keep the income going. But they aren’t going to give them away. On a regular day talking a dealer down to low 40k on a low 50k brand new truck is next to impossible. And I’m sure most of this “help the economy” business is just to get people going in to look. It worked on me and the 7 other people that had bought brand new trucks that week when I went in. You will have zero wiggle room when you go in. Trust me I tried. All I could get out of them was a little more on my trade and a full tank of gas. Haha
  11. Exactly. I wasn't even in the market for a new one. But the deals they had going on right now were sounding too good for me to turn down at least look and kick some tires. Looking turned into buying..
  12. Would make sense. I don't keep up with the latest information on redesigns. I'll start looking back into it when a few more generations pass and I'm ready to get a new truck. Haha
  13. They should fit. But you will more than likely have to remove the bracket behind the fender lining and trim the mud flap on the front. May still rub just a little bit too. Especially if you go with an aggressive MT tread.
  14. I paid right at 43k for mine after tax, tag, and title fees. And that was with a double cab. So I'd say that's a pretty darn good deal. But I've heard they are redoing the interior on the 2021 models, so maybe they are just trying to push the 2020's out to make room.
  15. I went with the NFAB nerf bars. They are minimal but provide rocker panel protection and sit high up on the cab.
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