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  1. Mine will do the same thing if I jump in it and start it up, dump it in reverse and start backing out of the garage or out of a parking space quickly. I am pretty high speed, so ain't nobody got time for waiting for the camera computer to boot up.
  2. I already looked into this, the answer is no, they just use their 0w-20 that is dexos1 spec.
  3. It has nearly 100k on it with zero issues... whereas my Sierra is knocking on the big 5,000 and has yet to prove itself that it won’t blow an oil line as has been mentioned in this thread. That is why I think that...
  4. Cup holder trim paint

    What is that trim made out of... just plastic with a shiny coating on it, or is it aluminum or something?
  5. You can click on the correct one for your truck (in my case at the far bottom right)... but having watched all of the videos, I believe that the unit that they will send are all exactly the same for each model.
  6. https://boostautoparts.com/products/6hi There is a video on the product page. Do exactly what it says, exactly where is says to do it. The only tip that I can give you is that the horn relay (at least on mine) is also a brown wire with a white stripe, so make sure that you get the correct location, not only the correct wire color.
  7. Boost Auto Module arrived and installed. Works exactly as advertised in a 2019 Sierra 1500. Wires are exactly the same color and place as the install video instructs, zero changes, zero problems. It even works with a Speed Turtle 3.0 Flash Module in case anyone looks at this later.
  8. T1 Sierra grill removal

    Wait... there are no bottom bolts on the grille on the 19 Sierra? No lower tabs that have to be released first? You don't have no remove that whole front trim piece that goes under the grille, headlights and over by the wheels? I am pulling mine on Saturday to install siren speakers and lights in front of the vents.
  9. Oh... duh. I see that now. ETA: I called, they have not even looked at the 2019s yet. I checked the Body Builder manual, and the wire colors are the same for the two light control wires, and the positions in the wire harness are the same. I guess that I will be a beta tester for them and go ahead and order one. We shall see. Ordered. Should be here Monday.
  10. It is out for the 19s... same as the previous version, as is it is nothing more than a jumper with a diode. They make a note that some models will have a different wire color, but that the position is what is most important. I also see the need for lots of light way out there, but also up close in the corners. Driving around the ranch at night with the truck pitching and bucking on the rough roads, I need a bunch of light everywhere that I can get it, and the dang grille shutters are preventing me from having a very clean install on any sort of covert grille mounted off road light... grr!
  11. This is CRAP!!! We are driving to the Grand Canyon and Zion NP this summer, and I have been kinda fighting with the wife to take my new truck instead of her Highlander... Can you imagine being out in the 115* heat dead on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Arizona with 3 kids age 7 and under because Pedro can't crimp a hose worth a damn? Not a safety issue? They can go straight to hell with that BS. Guess I will go start putting new belts and hoses on the Highlander... it will have close to 100K on it by July. Dammit!
  12. I am glad that mine are power folding... they are at least 2" wider than my old 2008 Sierra, and I was nicking the 2008 about 2-3 times per year...
  13. tailgate drop interior button

    I have not run into this issue, but if you are hitting the auto stop button every time, I saw somewhere on here that there is a delete wiring harness that you can get and install. You might look at that.
  14. Dual Batteries

    Same here. My 2008 had a second Optima yellow top to run the radio and some other accessories and not run down the cranking battery. I had the two tied together with a solenoid that was normally off, and just flipped a switch in the cab and they tied together and the alternator would charge the deep cycle. I was interested in doing the same on my 19 Sierra, but no joy. I saved my own rear a few times when the main battery went dead, and the deep cycle would keep me going long enough to finish the day and get home without being stranded on the side of the road, or having to have a jump box and worry about keeping it charged. I am also looking at an Optima Red Top for my Sierra, so it won't be so much of an issue... maybe.
  15. YES! Sitting in my garage, when I drop it into reverse with my foot on the brake pedal, the thing feels like when you go from forward to reverse without fully stopping, it jerks into reverse. I have also had a few hard shifts from first to second at very low speeds and low throttle input... basically there is no real reason for it to jerk and lurch like it does. Mine is not bad enough for me to address it, but I do wonder what that reverse jerking will do to my differential and drive shaft over time.

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