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  1. I just bought a new GMC about 2 months ago and the auto stop is nuts. Is it anyway to turn it off completely? I was pulling into a parking space and it shut off and when I let off the break it lunges and I almost hit the pole. I know it has the button to stop it but I would just rather not have it all. Thanks in advance.
  2. Nothing like that going on. I don’t have a scan tool. No warning lights have showed up and the gas mileage is around 15 to 17. city. A friend was tell me he has a 2015 and he had it turned and it really helped his run better. He also said he turned off where it cuts back to 4 cylinders. I was thinking about that but didn’t want to do anything to void the warranty. He also said it really helped in MPG. Right now I just hate the smell. It doesn’t smoke when I start it or reve the motor but you can smell the rich smell. Thanks to all for the replies.
  3. I’ve tried different places with the gas. I’ve had it 3 years this month. I got it New in 2016. No mods at all. The dealer has done everything to it since I’ve had it.
  4. Sorry. I have not changed anything on it. I bought it New in 2016. The dealer had said something about the gas but I have used a different place to get gas quite often and it doesn’t change anything. I was going to take it by the dealer Monday. My warranty runs out this month. I put some injector cleaner in it today to see if it helps. Nothing yet on that. I was only able to go a few miles after that.
  5. Mine is the SLT with the 6.2 motor.
  6. I have a 2014 gmc 6.2 motor and over the past couple of months I have noticed a rich smell at an idol. It’s there all the time even after I drive it a ways. It has 35K miles in it. I’ve talked with the dealer and they say they have not had any issues with it and no recalls. A friend said the pvc valve will caus it but I think it’s under the valve cover. Anyone else have an issue with this?
  7. Can you post a link for the kit you got? I just want to make sure I get the right ones. I am looking to buy as soon as I can. Thanks in advance for all the info.
  8. I did an upgrade on my Hayabusa a few years ago and loved it. I went with the 5500 but it was a bit to much in traffic. I bought a new left over 2014 GMC in January of this year. They did the so called upgrade to the lights but they are still crap. I see better with the lights on low beam with the fog lamps on then on high beam. I did notice the lens gets hot now. Do you have that issue? I want to do this upgrade just have't got around to it. I still think GMC should do something about it. I really don't feel safe driving at night. Are the thumbnail pics on low beam? Thanks for the info.
  9. I had mine in for the hitch recall today. While there I ask about the high beam issue and they run a check and found that mine had to be replaced. I have not drove it at night yet and will let you know as soon as I can. Thanks again for all the info on this site.
  10. Took mine in today and had it replaced. I also ask about the high beam issue and they checked and bingo. Mine was fixed. I have not tried it yet so not sure how much it will help. This is my 2nd truck I bought from Pinkerton Chevy in Lynchburg VA and have to say they have stood behind every issue I have had with both truck. Well worth the visit if you are looking for a vehicle. Ask for Matt Brink.
  11. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Here are a few of my new 2014. I just got it a few weeks ago
  12. My Truck

  13. New member

    Hello all. I am Doug and just got my new Green 2014 SLT Sierra. 6.2 motor 20 inch wheels and leather interior. Has right around 1000 miles on it now and it interesting to see all of the things people are having trouble with. I just got a recall on the hitch thing and have an app this week to get it fixed. I would love to post pics of it but can not figure out how to resize it on the Macbook. Any ideas on how to do it please let me know. So far no issues with it. Hope it stays that way.
  14. I am on a Mac book and can can not get the link to work. Do you have another link? Just got my new 2014 and have noticed this issue as well. Mine has the 20 inch wheels on it. Thanks

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