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  1. I am running 295/60/20s. 2" level. Slight rub in reverse on the front drivers side while turning.
  2. First I would get it fixed under warranty. That way it is done and free to you. Then, if you want to upgrade to aftetmarket speakers. You can do so knowing you can always go back to the functioning factory setup if needed.
  3. Received the B&W 5" drop hitch today. This thing is a little more stout and heavy that what I was expecting. Appears to be quality built. The 2" receiver fits pretty good with just a little play. Overall appears to be worth what I paid. Hopefully the last one I ever need to buy.
  4. I cancelled my Amazon order on Thursday. It showed no movement at all. I then order the same one from Real Trucks at a cheaper price. Shipping info shows I should have it today.
  5. From who? I am cancelling my Amazon order. No reason to pay for Prime now.
  6. I ordered the B&W 5" drop tri ball from Amazon. Who knows if I will ever receive it. Prime shipping now lists items at a 1 month ship time. Thanks for the info everyone.
  7. It is available now directly from B&W and Amazon. TS10048B https://www.bwtrailerhitches.com/product/tow-stow-adjustable-ball-mount
  8. Which drop did you go with? I am torn between the 5" drop or the 7" drop with the tri ball.
  9. Which model are you referring to? From what I see on Amazon, the 2" receiver versions are available now.
  10. Looking for a drop hitch for my 19. I have the 2" front level kit and I am running 295/60/20s for tires. I measured my trucks hitch and I got 18 & 9/16" on the upper inside corner for height. I am starting with only a 5x8' trailer for hauling crap. I did not get a good measurement on a level surface yet for the trailers height. What is a good affordable drop hitch setup? I do not think I will ever need more than a 6" or 8" drop since I do not plan on going any higher lift on this truck.
  11. That is a Factory 2" lift kit. Not a level kit. The Trail Boss comes with the 2" lift kit which is different than a simple level kit. It adds 2 "s to the front suspension and 2" to the rear suspension of the truck. The trucks with the factory lift kits are still lower in the front. They need to be raised approximately 2" for the truck to be level front to back. Hence a "level kit".
  12. GM has a factory 2" level kit for our trucks? That is the first I have come across this info. Was it a top mount or lower level kit?
  13. I have Fuel 20x9 with 0 offset wheels. I am running a 295x60x20 with no rub except for full lock right turn. I could probably do the mud flap mod and be fine. Just have not gotten around to it yet. It sounds like your issue is in the -12 offset.
  14. The Dealership can recalibrate it if you run a package size that is offered from the factory. If it is not a factory option size you can run the Hypertech or the Rough Country speed calibration system. The RC one is around $200.
  15. I have a 19 RST without the Z71 package. My truck had 18" wheels from the factory. I added a 2" front level kit from Readylift. Them went up to a 20x9 Fuel wheel. I am now running a 295x60x20 and like the way it looks. On the tire calculator they are only .2" shorter in height from a 275x65x20. But mine are wider.
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