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  1. Thanks for the info. I already got the specifics for the wheel. Who knew lug nuts were not pretty much all the same. On a side note. I was also told we have a 14mm x 1.50 thread and needed the 1.9" long nuts. Hopefully that is helpful to others.
  2. Just got a set of wheels. Now I need a set of black lug nuts. What is everyone with aftermarket wheels running? My lug nuts will be exposed so I suppose I need to get a set of closed acorn style. Also what thread do we need?
  3. Where are you seeing them for sale? The ones are Ebay are either way overpriced or knock off's.
  4. I am looking for a set of TrailBoss black wheels for my RST. If anyone is trying to sale a set in the Pennsylvania area let me know. Shipping is probably not a option as the price would most likely be too high. I already tried the Facebook group and no one responded.
  5. Would you be interested in selling the TrailBoss wheels before you sell the truck? I am looking for a set of those wheels for my truck.
  6. What is the offset on the wheel? That is not really that big of a tire. Members with 0 offset wheels are having no problem running 295x60x20s without a spacer. It almost sounds like the wheel was for the legacy body style.
  7. What size wheel and offset are you running? That looks like it was the cause of the rub more than anything. Also a 2" level kit may have been a option vs cutting off the mud guards.
  8. Ready Lift has a install video of their 2" level kit for the front. At the end of the video they installed 20x9s with 0 offset and they have 295x60x20s on that wheel. So I would think a true lift kit would be good to go.
  9. That is the same tire and tire size I want to run. Getting the 2" Ready lift level kit installed. Just waiting to see if any tire and wheel deals come up for black Friday. Did you need to trim anything and does it rub on full lock?
  10. Or you could just order them from the manufacturer. Info is posted in this thread. But here you go. https://www.bdtrims.com
  11. Download the Waze app on your phone. To me it is better than google maps. To use the Apple Car Play or Android Auto all you have to do is plug the phone into your USB-C port. Or any USB port. You will probably have to purchase a new cable to utilize the USB-C port, but it is worth it. That port allows for faster charging and faster data transfer between the devices. Then select the Car Play on you vehicles radio. It will pull everything up from your phone. I can run Waze and I heart radio through my Android Auto app in the truck. Plus make and receive phone calls and text. All from the radio, not the phone. The only downside is the data use. If you have unlimited data then there are no downsides.
  12. The ESC light is the Electronic Stability Control Light. Did you do the front level kit yourself or have a shop do it?
  13. I have the EGRs and they made it through a car wash without any problems. I have the front and backs in the dark tint. I would buy them again. Good product at a good price compared to the Weathertechs which are over priced at this point.
  14. Go get a wrap. They can color match it. Down the road if you don't like it or it gets damaged, peel it off and start again.
  15. I tried that and it did not work for me. Since I already had the Boost auto part on hand, I used it. I am not worried about the connectors staying behind on the wires if I decide to take the jumper off. You really have to look for them to see them.
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