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  1. How hard was it to fish the switch into the cab of the truck? Any pointers for the installation?
  2. Thanks for the help. Now we are getting on topic. I would rather not do any trim work to the truck. That was one reason I wanted to now if a 9" or a 10" wheel would fit.
  3. I want to get either the factory 2" lift or a front level kit on my truck. Again I am aware that the brakes are larger on our trucks over previous years. I created this thread to find out what works best, a 20 X 9 or a 20 X 10? Also what offset or any other info needed to avoid wheel spacers. I do not want spacers. I am not interested in getting them to make a wheel fit that was not meant for this model year. I am looking at black wheels with a offroad appearance. I would like to go to a 31" or 33" tire.
  4. That is the reason I made this thread. I am trying to figure out what aftermarket wheels fit my truck? I wanted to see what was better. The 20 x 9 or the 20 x 10? I also want to run a wheel and tire setup that does NOT require wheel spacers.
  5. It does not have to be a factory wheel. I am just trying to see what works and looks the best with these trucks. I will more than likely be purchasing after market wheels, unless I could find a good deal here on a set of black factory 20 take offs.
  6. I have a 19 RST non-Z71 4x4 with the factory 18" wheels. I want to go up to a 20" wheel but I am not sure which is the better option on these trucks? Do I look at the 20 x 9s or the 20 x 10s? Also I really do not want to run a wheel spacer. I have never been a fan of them. So what are my options?
  7. I wanted to go dual exhaust on my single exhaust truck. Are all the mounting points for the duals on my truck with the factory single exhaust?
  8. What wheels are those? I am having a hard time figuring out which wheels fit on our trucks.
  9. So just to verify. Can this lift be used on the RST 5.3 non Z71 trucks?
  10. Think what you want. I do not have the Z71 package on my RST. The truck has already been back to the Dealership for service. The passenger side rear shock broke in half. When I say half, it was completely folded in two. It was replaced under warranty. That will be for another thread. Apparently local road conditions play a large factor in these complaints. I do not drive off road or on dirt roads. My experience has only been on paved roadways. Approximately 3,000 miles to date. You are more than welcome to go for a ride in the truck and see if a 2019 truck should react like it does in my driving conditions. The rear end kick out on stutter bumps is no joke. This is not my 1st full Silverdao. My 03 Silverado Z71 rode and handled great. It did not react the same as this truck does on the same roads. I do not hate the truck. I just do not like the way it handles and reacts.
  11. You have a different suspension from the RST. Here is your system break down as listed from GM Authority. The defining feature of the 2019 Silverado Trail Boss equipment group is the Z7X Suspension Package. Standard on the two Trail Boss models – the Trail Boss Custom and Trail Boss LT – the Z7X package is assigned RPO Code Z7X, and includes the following features: Off-road suspension 2-inch suspension lift and monotube shocks Hill Descent Control (JHD) Z82 Trailering Package Eaton rear locking differential (G80) Autotrac 2-speed electronic transfer case Skid plates (NZZ) High-capacity air filter (K47) Z71 hard badge High gloss black painted aluminum wheels sized 18″ x 8.5″ Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires The RST does not get that package even with the Z71 option selected.
  12. I can say that unfortunately I did not test drive mine long enough. I did not realize that I needed to put more miles on it then I did at the Dealership. Plus can any brand of new vehicle of any type give a true representation of it characteristics in 5 miles or less?
  13. Changing shocks on a vehicle will not void a warranty. Unless that is the part that caused the warranty claim. I hope GM continues to read posts on this forum. They need to know how bad the ride quality is in these vehicles. I am in no way happy with how my 19 RST non Z71 rides and handles the road. It is sometimes dangerous the way the vehicle reacts to imperfections in the road surface. I have been monitoring my tire pressure, dropping it to 35 psi did make for a better, little less rough ride. It is not the solution. The Dealerships do need to stop sending trucks out with over 40 psi. That is stupid on their part.
  14. Did you install the Boost system or just a diode? I have the boost jumper still it the package. Was waiting for others to confirm if it worked correctly on the 19s or not.
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