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  1. like this noise, the dealer told me it was the HPFP and it was normal, makes me wander because they already replaced the left side lifters because of the noise and now that the noise is back they're blaming the fuel pump. I cant even find the dam pump to listen to it. tic.MOV
  2. Tick

    yeah I know the DI sound. this noise is much louder. and it started around 25K miles.
  3. Tick

    before they "Replaced" the left side lifters the noise would start just after cold start after idles down. it would go away after warmed up. after the did the work it was fine for a couple days and then the same noise started. Now the noise is just after the engine turns over and almost goes away after warm up. to me it sounds like its coming from the front left side of engine. Gonna borrow a Stethoscope from work and **** with it.
  4. Tick

    no, mine sounds like a sewing machine
  5. Tick

    2015 42K 5.3
  6. Help me out, already been in for bad lifters replace left side well that's what they said. noise is still there. Now they're saying its the high pressure fuel pump and its normal?? not buying it. tic.MOV
  7. yeah, body lifts are just spacers between the cab/bed and the frame. does nothing to the suspension. I would rather just get a 3" lift and upgrade upper CA's
  8. Go with a 3.5 - 4" rough country lift. It comes with upper control arms so the angle will be about factor on your CV's, its less expensive and fairly inexpensive install at a shop. you can run full 33's - 34's. easier install than a body lift. Unless you are entering your truck into the baja 500, RC will be fine.
  9. After installing the B1500 on the front at top setting, not sure what the rake will be on a 2x. my b's are at top setting and gave me 1.75" lift with 1.5 rake. Great shocks!! put at top setting and throw 2" blocks on the rear to gain an extra 1" of rake.
  10. Airlift Suspension

    I have the Ride Control so min is 5psi max is 100. AD-938.pdf
  11. Airlift Suspension

    While under load, it compresses and gets fatter. If that's what you mean. I haven't had any problems yet. other than the noise. Now I'm hearing that gm has issues with the leaf spring knocking over bumps.
  12. Airlift Suspension

    yes, that is with recommended 10 psi inflation while not in use.
  13. my 15 5.3 40Kmiles ticks at cold start then goes away after warm up. Just had the left bank lifters replaced and the noise is satill there, there saying its the high pressure fuel pump and its normal. WTF IMG_7095.MOV
  14. Bad Lifter

    They said it’s the high pressure fuel pump and he noise is normal! Wtf, never made that noise before ?? It’s documented so if the noise increases or I break down it’s there ass!
  15. Other than the noise issue, are these unsafe

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