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  1. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    265 75 18 Wildpeak AT3/W Stock wheels. 2" bilsteins
  2. Got me some new tires!  Wildpeak AT3/W  like um so far.




  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    IMO, I don't think lowering your B's back down and adding spacers will make much difference since there not designed for that. how long have you had them on the truck? may need to break them in a bit. When I leveled my truck the first time with the Ranchos they were stiff as a board, the B15's were much better at top setting than spacer.
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    I have a 2015 Z71 with the 1500's at top setting and is about 1.75" lift, I test fitted 285 65 18 (32.6 x 11.2) which is just about the same as a 295 55 20 (32.8 x 11.6) and the fit just right. IMO, anything bigger (305 55 20, 33.2 x 12) will look like you are trying to stuff the tire in and looks funny without at least a 2.5 or 3". I will say that the B1500's are night and day compared the Z71 Ranchos that I replaced.
  5. Lifter Rattle

    my !5 did the same thing with the 91/92 tune, pretty sur its a bit of knocking. I let Diablew know about it. He adjusted my tune and it was fine. make sure you use the higher of the octane and good gas. if you can.
  6. 6 speed 2-3 clunk

    My 15 6speed clunks mostly on the down from 3-2, really bad going down hill in traffic. 25K miles now.
  7. I have a knock off Magnaflo without resonator, sounds clean. could be a bit louder IMO. but im happy with it. Be prepared, you may hear the v4 kick in, I can def hear it with the Res gone. Deleted the afm and happy now.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    Local shop here is CA quoted me $50 / strut. Big O tires will do it, if you have that shop around.
  9. Pcm tuning

    I have a Diablew 87/89 custom tune. AFM off TM off. I don't do enough highway driving to tell any difference in mpgees. FYI, if you plan on ever getting exhaust, you will defiantly want do delete your AFM because you can hear it kick in to V4 and it is super annoying!
  10. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    No, just the fronts. Thought it would give you some idea of what it would look l like. My wranglers have 23K and about 10K left. cant wait to upgrade tires.
  11. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    This is a 2" front w/ factory tires. I don't think another .5" would look that bad. when time for tires just go up to a 33
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    I did, but I'm glad I went with the airlift, feels a bit more stable when towing. I also am not a huge fan of the rake.
  13. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    Hey bud, we've chatted before. How high do you think the 6112's will raise the front. I have the 1500's now and not as level as I had planed. Great ride but I think I will swap with the 6112's when they come out
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    Not at all, you can squeeze then when that low. Do you have the same exact kit? Are you installing a compressor? If not, take the bolts out of your rear license plate and run your valves through the holes then nut back on the plate. looks clean and easy to get to.

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