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  1. I've had zero mechanical or electronic issues with my 2019 Trail Boss.
  2. I can confirm, its wax and it is peeling of my brand new truck frame. I had as I always have my truck oil sprayed. To my delight you can now take your figure and simply wipe the wax to the bare metal. I am not happy and will likely get rid of it and never go back. I feel so stupid for trading my Titan for this right now.
  3. Assembly Some new footage and some repeated but still good.
  4. I got the survey and I gave a glowing response based on my experience. The only aspect I complained about was fuel economy basically.
  5. I would think the bracket supports the mud flap like when driving through water /mud/snow.
  6. Your not alone, my trail boss is getting 11 mpg around town driving within the first 100 miles so far.
  7. That's a good one. I didn't know there was a course to follow. Some such as myself prefer an understated look and don't want a gaudy look. In the motorcycle community their is a saying, " if it don't go, chrome it." As you say, to each his own and just my opinion.
  8. No green grass or nice clean truck here unfortunately. I hate having to get acquainted with a brand new vehicle that looks like crap as soon as you pull onto the road after washing it. The amount of sand and associated dust is amazing. Yes, the truck is Havana metallic brown but it looks black most of the time.
  9. Mine arrived a couple of days ago and I pick it up Monday. I can't wait. I ordered Havana Metallic Brown and is it ever dark. Under cloudy skies its difficult to tell if it is black or not. The one in the pic isn't mine but much the same. I have running boards and bed cover.
  10. I grew up driving our family owned 72 Blazer. I loved that truck! Flippin the breather and listening to the 4 barrel honk!
  11. I love the look and held off buying a Chevy because of the square fender wells.
  12. I'm so happy I opted to get the advanced trailering package at the last minute. My butt is puckering just thinking about going back to the dealer and getting jacked around with false fixes and excuses. I look forward to performing the walk around issue, wiping sensors off and blowing out connectors every day before driving to work. Isn't technology wonderful? To think where the media/industry is pointing in terms of self driving automobiles.....lol....what a joke.
  13. Drama alert! Please don’t feed this troll. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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