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  1. Probably, human nature is usually to scream from the rooftops when done wrong by and to say nothing when things are ok.
  2. I know.....I know....wife liked the Shadow Gray Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ya, I was nervous choosing it. Some guys at work were breaking my balls but I have a feeling it will be easy on the eyes in the right light. I'll post up a good selection of photos. I would have killed to get some quality shots of all the colors in real light but not many to be had. I'm goin out on a limb here...
  4. Hmmm...the Nissan dealer was only going to give me 28 k towards a 2018 Titan Pro 4 X. I thought 30 was ok from a GM dealer. The Nissan was heavily discounted in 15 to make room for the next gen at the time so that's why I figure 30 is ok, paid 40 k for it. I don't think I getting anything to special a deal overall, maybe just fair. To my fault I'm not a good negotiator and buy it if I want it.
  5. 2015 Nissan Titan Pro 4 X..they gave me 30k, it only had 25 000 km on it, super clean, oil guarded every year...babied...really good vehicle...
  6. I had a Red Hot they lent me for the weekend and I would be happy with that and even more so, the Cajun. The next bit of research is rubber. They will take the stock tire off and put on what I want. Personally I like the look of a smaller rim/bigger tire than low profile. I'd like something an inch or so taller, not necessarily wide though.
  7. I love it, can't wait for mine to arrive. You're lucky, we have 5 ft snow banks right now.
  8. Man, it was tough deciding. It's so hard to tell from photos or youtube. I put a deposit and ordered it yesterday. Six to 8 weeks out which is perfect as the weather here is brutal now. They're giving me a good trade and some good discounts. Here are a few packages I went with. -trifold soft tonneau cover -sunroof -leather -advanced trailer pkg. -convenience with buckets -convenience II -safety package -LPO assists 4" black tubular steps -bed protection pkg
  9. The Trail Boss interior is light years advanced compared to my 15 Titan but that being said I don’t make mind simple and didn’t mind the Nissan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Trailboss oversize tires

    Me too!
  11. What is the biggest you can go on the stock 18" rim. I have the option of changing them at the dealer before I pick it up and want to explore something slightly larger.
  12. The main use for my truck is trailering my boat. My previous truck was a short box and it wasn't an issue. I won't disagree but hauling is not a primary concern where appearance is important to me. If looks didn't matter I might have included Ford or Dodge in my selection. Thanks to all for your comments. I'm still not sure though, see it wasn't an option on my last full sized Titan.
  13. I keep flip flopping on what I prefer for my Trail Boss I am ordering. At first I picked the standard length but when I saw the truck in person I flipped to short length. I depends on the viewing angle. From directly from the side the standard box looks too long to me. I have to decide by tomorrow and am leaning towards the short box.
  14. I can't justify it and I don't try to justify it. If I want it I buy it, end of story. If anyone gives me guff about it I tell them to piss off. I don't know about you guys but my experience is most of my "friends" are more "concerned" than I am about what I do.
  15. The LT Trail Boss I am test driving for the weekend is rock solid. I have taken it down bombed out, pot hole riddle frost f&%$#d roads with not a rattle. Yes, may not be 22's but the truck is tight! Previous ride is a babied Titan Pro4 X with 25000 kms on it and it was never as solid.

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