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  1. Ohhhh lol I didnt even think of that! Could be, the tires are at about 50% or so Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Ok so I unrotated my tires, put then back in their original location prior to all of this. The noise and feeling is 75% reduced or gone. I can still kind of hear it/feel it. Logic leads me to now believe that it is completely tire related as my symptoms have changed drastically after switching the tire, and that if it was the hub/wheel bearing it would have remained the same audibly regardless of tire. I have to take the truck in for the brake booster recall anyway so I'll have them rotate and balance the tires at the same time. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. Yea I was asking if anyone had any other thoughts as I worked through the process of elimination chain Thanks. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Update: Jacked up the front end, grabbed both front tires at 12 and 6 o'clock positions to rock them, no movement outside of the tire flexing. Grabbed the spring on each side and spun the tire, as kickass audio suggested, couldn't feel anything. I also re-torqued the lugs. I couldn't hear anything when spinning the tires except on the drivers side a slight sound of brake pad on rotor, however the rotor didnt show any signs of gouging or excessive wear. I havent returned the wheels to their positions before I rotated them yet so jury is out on that. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. Lugs should be even, in theory, although the factory could have screwed that up. I was also thinking tire noise. My other ride has M/Ts so i know pretty well what those sound like, however this set, the factory bridgestone duellers don't look like they have been wearing unevenly to the naked eye and as a miild A/T i would think the tread pattern isn't aggressive enough to be that loud. I have also rotated them every 5k miles, needed or not and don't recall hearing anything in the past.
  6. Thanks guys, i will try all of that. I had heard of the method where you grab the tire at 12 and 6 to see if it wobbles to check the bearing, hadn't hear of the spring method, so i will check both. If it does go away when the tires are put back in their original location, would that indicate a tire balance issue that i may not have heard as that tire was in the rear before?
  7. All, I have a 2015 silverado extended cab 4wd with 45xxx miles on it. This past weekend I changed all 4 rotors and respective pads with the powerstop z17 kit. My rotors were warped and would cause the truck to shake when braking at high speeds. At the same time I rotated the tires since i had them all off anyway and it was due for it. I am now getting what sounds like a humming noise/whine from the drivers front of the vehicle, kicks in around 30 mph and stays relatively consistent in noise and feel at higher speeds, has a slight increase to it as you're working your way up to 70-75 mph, but at those speeds its hard to hear it, too much other road noise. You can also kinda keep it in the drivers floorboard as well. My questions is, did i screw something up during the install or tire rotation that would cause this noise? I torqued the lugs to 140 Ft-lbs (I believe that's the correct spec) The only other difference is that the set screw that holds the rotor on the hub is present on the drivers but not the passenger side, i had to drill that one out as it was stripped. ( i don't think that really makes a difference anyway) I want to lean towards it being a wheel bearing, i tried the swerve test method and it seems the noise is present in both turning directions. It does remind me of a pinion bearing going bad noise, however i doubt its that as i have maybe used the 4wd system for a grand total of 100 miles over the years. Any thoughts or insights are much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Has anyone installed a set of the Go Rhino RB20s? was looking at these as a more minimalist approach and tossing the drop step onto the passenger side for the GF. Thanks.
  9. Heavy bump, but i definitely have this feeling, especially when i first put it into drive or reverse and am starting to turn out of a parking spot. Anyone else have any experience with this feeling? Feels kinda like something is grabbing when the steering wheel is first turned, then it goes away. yes ill be taking it to the dealer to addresss the issue, just wanted to see what others thought.
  10. Yea i think one of the biggest advancement in cars is refinement, even in more "basic" things like our trucks.
  11. What do your front suspension angles look like?
  12. Like someone else said,the forums are going to be full of people complaining or posting about issues and repairs. There are thousands upon thousands of these trucks out on the road and they aren't all members online, so the vast majority are probably cruising around just fine. If you're worried, get something with a warranty, that way you're covered for a little while. Contrary to others, i consider these vehicles reliable, been in GM's my whole life, only got rid of my last suburban because the work that had to be done to it (rear diff rebuild) cost almost as much as i was getting on trade in, so i moved on. That car was 16 years old, had plenty of life left in her.
  13. nvm, someone has explained it to me.
  14. So you pull the rotor off the hub....rotate it some degrees without spinning the hub and then put it back on? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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