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  1. I know there are variables but ball park how much does that cost to do the delete cam swap?
  2. I have the Diablo Tuner had AFM disabled and took out 4 of my lifters. Dealer replaced under warranty. I’m in the same boat as you considering selling prior to it happening again. To anyone who has done the delete kit would it throw a CEL for any reason?
  3. I have a 2015 Silverado 5.3 that had a misfire on 7th cylinder. Ended up taking it to the dealer and they said I had four bad lifters. Truck has 88k they ended up warranting the work. Has anyone else have this issue in here seems like a known issue now that’s I’m researching..
  4. Iv got the Borla Atak, K&N filter with Airaid MIT kit no drone.
  5. I have the diablo tune with speed limiter off. Iv gone to 130 MPH no problem
  6. How about the steering wheel? What is the process for replacement?
  7. Hopefully someone has a fix for this it drives me nuts....
  8. Looks like it’s smaller spacers, it’s subjective if you want the back a little higher
  9. The diablo tuner helped me with shift points I would recommend it
  10. Iv had the revolver X2 since 2015 it’s held up pretty well and is ultimately flush with bed sides
  11. It’s is a little difficult pulling the stock exhaust out, but manageable. Iv ran the ATAK for a couple years of course the cold start but I don’t really notice the exhaust being loud anymore.
  12. Iv been running the CST 4.5 lift with another 2” Bilsteins in the front, 2” block in the rear with 35” BFG KO2 for the past 3.5 years no issues couldn’t be happier. I would say ride quality is similar to stock but you can see two to three cars ahead over the top of cars and trucks ?
  13. My father in-law experienced same thing turned out his battery was going dead. You may want to check the voltage and replace soon.
  14. So I own a 2015 LT and just started noticing that on the top of the steering wheel the smooth finish is wearing out. I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue? Is there a product to recoat? I don’t want a steering wheel cover do I just buy a new one?
  15. Get the tune shifting will be much better
  16. I could have incorrect information but I believe the plug and play is I06
  17. Added Baja design light bar behind the grille and new bilstien 5100
  18. Go with cst spindle lift it exactly what you are asking for. https://cstsuspension.com/207-lift-kit-2014-2018-1500-2wd.html
  19. So I too have that noise however I don’t believe it’s the flapper valve because I don’t have one with the Borla cat back. I notice it got louder so I changed back to the stock tune and it seemed to go away, but eventually came back. I’ve only noticed the noise when the truck is under a load. The videos in the previous post sounds like noisy lifters which is a known issue with Chevy/ GM
  20. Sorry for the sideways pic I posted on my phone and cant rotate.
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