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  1. Installing different sheet metal is pretty straight forward (door, front clip ect.) I would be more concerned with the frame and making sure suspension and steering are back in spec. Check for marks on the frame where it might have had damage or pull marks from straightening. The factory black "paint"/undercoating" is dam near impossible to replicate so you should be able to see if there has been any alteration to it. Look at the weld points on cross members to frame rails for any cracks in the factory paint/undercoating. If it has gone through all the proper processes, and all the right work was done to it, it might be worth buying. Do they have a copy of any frame work? any receipts from the parts that were used? I would have had to go through some sort of inspection to be put back on the road, do they have a copy of that?
  2. Its pretty easy to install a deck in your truck if you have any experience with wiring. I highly suggest getting a wiring harness adapter/interface (walmart, best buy, etc.) and you will also need an antenna adapter (sometimes included in the kit). The interface will enable will have a retained power on so you don't need to run a accessory on wire. Does your truck have the bose system? If so you may need an interface as well (also available at walmart or best buy). Other than a dash kit, some butt connectors and a multi crimper/wire striper, your good to go! If your still uncertain what you all need, you can go online to Crutchfield and fill in the blanks about your truck then go shopping for a deck, once it is added to the shopping cart, they will show you what harnesses/install kits are required.
  3. The only thing that will not look correct is the drivers door switches as they never made the switch panel for only 2 windows. It will be nice to have the cooled seats for the summer.
  4. Yes, it just pushes through a hole on the passenger side. Another way of doing this is by removing the floor vent divider (one 7mm screw) and then use a mirror and some kind of long reach tool to help position the door/flap back in place while using your other hand on the actuator side to slide it back in. I've done this before but have also taken lots of these dashes apart and it did take me a few attempts to make it work. You can see on Grampadirts first pic how the flap should be.
  5. The last pic is circling a white wire with a connector. That is a aux tach wire that is not used
  6. From what I remember you need to change the mounts on your frame to V8 ones.
  7. Salvage yard. The frame had damage at the rear so I was able to use the front clip and cab for another project.
  8. So I guess its time to add to the group. I have a GMC reg cab SWB 4X4 that is now sporting the guts and drivetrain from a 2013 Silverado L9H, NHT truck. This is the truck that GM should have built. Its been a bit of a project and not quite done as I'm having a few CEL/Airbag lights but I have good friends with the right equipment to address those issues. Just waiting for the weather to get better. Was able to utilize all of the factory exhaust from the L9H minus the muffler, was a bit too long so I had a local shop put in a Dynomax bullet. Sounds pretty good and not too much louder than stock.
  9. I saw a black crew with the rally 2 package in PDI form. (still had 20" black steelies on) Should've taken a few pics I guess
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