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  1. Doesn't sound right. I mean hell, it's not even 2019 yet. Try a few other Dealers and see what they say.
  2. So then you have a very early built truck that requires a replacement?
  3. Mine says I gotta take delivery by 1/2. I know, only 2 day difference, but that could make or break a deal for some.
  4. No need to go to Dealer for the Update, just download it in your truck.
  5. Got mine last night from Chevy, with Loyalty Cash and a Discount Code. Gonna see if the Code will work for GMC, or does it have to be Chevy, gotta talk to my guy at the Dealer.
  6. Those kinds of lines / breaks in the driveway freak out my '18 Yukon Denali as well.
  7. If they wanted to do a Turbo Motor, they shoulda used the 3.0TT V6 from the Caddy CT6. Woulda been fun to see that go against the 3.5L Ecoboost. Or even the 3.6TT V6 from the ATS-V.
  8. That a full custom built frame and all. That's a lil more than lowering shackles, springs, or an air ride setup.
  9. This is one of my favorites: #09-06-04-026O - Identifying Non-GM (Aftermarket) Engine Calibrations for Gasoline Engines Using Tech 2 or GDS 2 They also have the same thing for the Diesel Engines.
  10. https://www.repairprocedures.com/bulletins/2019/make/model/84_100314062.html Adjust Filter on the left for the time frame, change it to all. There certainly are a good amount of TSB's & Bulletins out for these Trucks! Without a subscription, you can't fully see what they're about, but you can read the title, get an idea and search the Number to get more info on your own.
  11. Settle it once and for all, and do a Drag Race like this (skip to 6:20):
  12. Lift Blocks aren't vehicle specific. Just get ones in the height you need, same width as the Leaf Spring, and with the Locating Pins in the proper size, and you're good to go.
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