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  1. I just installed the Borla Touring single. At idle seems to quiet down to stock level. Touch the gas you know it’s there. Need to get some more miles to give it a better review. There are bolt on systems that will convert single to dual from Flowmaster and Magnaflow. Our go to a custom shop and they will give you what every you want. I didn’t got that route cause they can’t guarantee no drone, but it would have been cheaper.
  2. Well that makes me feel better about ordering the Borla touring side exit. Felt it was the safe option for some sound without drone. I really like the look of the double side exit. Wish Borla would have had more options like they did with the 2014-2018 trucks.
  3. Did you end up doing either of these exhaust? Looking at the same ones.
  4. With discounts you can get the Embark LS through GM accessories for 20% off. Had one installed last week. Same cover as the Retrax RS. These covers have a better mounting system then their original covers. I had a gator trax on my 16 really liked the functionality but the rail didn’t stay tight to the bed and the passenger side would retract back about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. The RS has a latch point to help with that. They have the poly one now which is about $400 cheaper then the aluminum if you are not going to put anything directly on the cover.
  5. How is the sound in the cab. Have you towed anything with it on?
  6. I just had the GM CAI installed Saturday, damn dealer didn't do the flash so I have to take it back. I ordered a dual rear exit Borla exhaust that the GM accessoies site said would work with my truck but the dealer said it didn't work. Looking at the Stainless works Legend double side exit but don't see many reviews on their exhaust so still up in the air between that Corsa 21030 or the Borla single touring.
  7. Has anyone done this? If so what is your set up? Seems like most have the dual that are upgrading, haven’t found much on upgrading the single. 2020 LTZ 5.3
  8. Thanks, just got mine Friday and I prefer the look of the truck without the steps but don't think the wife is going to like it. Currently the truck has the factory chrome steps installed by the dealer. Part of my deal is for them to take the steps and the crappy plastic bed liner off and have line-x done.
  9. Do they sit tight to the frame, I want something that doesn't hang to far down or out more then they need to.
  10. There is a post in here about adding washers to center shock bolt. I did this when mine was popping and it fixed the issue.
  11. I have the coverking ballistic canvas. They look similar to those and are about half the price. They fit snug and are holding up well after a year and a half.
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