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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    There is a post in here about adding washers to center shock bolt. I did this when mine was popping and it fixed the issue.
  2. GM Rear Seat Cover Set

    I have the coverking ballistic canvas. They look similar to those and are about half the price. They fit snug and are holding up well after a year and a half.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    Between the rain showers this weekend I put 5100s on all 4 corners, 37.5" up front using the top setting and 39" in the rear. Didn't expect to still have that much rake and I forgot to measure beforehand. Adding firestone ride rite air bags this weekend. Ride does seem better, real test will be on the ride to work tomorrow.
  4. Grade braking

    Thanks all. Yes the trailer has breaks
  5. I have a 16 Silverado with the 5.3, 6 speed and 3.08 gears. I just purchased a travel trailer with a max weight of 3500 pounds. My first long trip will be to Michigan through Tennessee. I have never towed a trailer through mountains and I am not sure how the grade braking works. Monteagle is a little intimidating, so any advice and wisdom from experience is appreciated.
  6. 2016 about turn 25000 miles. Truck is smooth most of the time but recently at idle it drops RPMs and feels like it might stall. Dealer acknowledged but said there is no fix as the computer program is the most current.
  7. Crew cab or Double, the safest place is in the middle of the seat. It sucks to have to reach over but if your ever in a side impact crash you will be glad you did.
  8. I like them but if I had to buy I would go with Husky liners. My only grips would be along the driver's side door sill the door molding caught it and creased it. Took two weeks to get it to flatten back out, but its not totally gone. That and the cut out under the gas pedal takes away from the ability to protect against spills. I have the Husky liners for the center hump and the rear. Really like them so far.
  9. This is one of mine. Center of Picture.
  10. My upgrade from an '06 Tahoe.
  11. I have them on my Silverado, on both sides of the truck. Noticed them after the first time I washed it, they stand out when the sun hits it. It was a bright day when I bought the truck and I had time so I looked at the paint very closely and didn't see them before signing the papers, was dark when I left. So I agree that it appears to be from a buffer. My thought was that when they took it to detail it they buffed to hard or to long in those spots. I mentioned to my sales guy and he told me that he had never seen them use a power buffer before on any vehicles on the lot. Did the survey from chevy they want me to call them to discuss the issues i have with my truck. This is one issue I plan to bring up along with the drivers door not being lined up the way it should be.

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