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  1. Just got mine changed yesterday and it was $87 for a change and tire rotation somehow. I can get Mobil1 at Costco for much much cheaper, or move to a better quality oil and save a decent amount of $$ it seems. There are a lot of places that will take oil so not really that much of an issue. Seems like my dealer is quite a bit more expensive than others.
  2. I don't have pics of the inside because it is pretty straightforward. I did not use any spacers with the stock rims. I just put on the 2" level in the front, left the back as is and threw the tires on there. There is rubbing on full lock, but nothing damaging. I have been running this setup for ~45k miles now and am still very pleased with it. I should say that after having a lot more miles on this setup, at full lock I am rubbing the control arm a bit with the tire, not just the liner as I said in my previous post. The liner I cut a tad off the bottom and stopped the rub there completely.
  3. I lost around 4mpg with my front 2" level and bigger (heavier) tires.
  4. Tapatalk is just a phone application. If you are posting on the website (gm-trucks.com) then you should see a paper clip below where you type (not a quick reply but advanced if that shows as an option). I am not sure what this forum's limits are but you may not have access to certain features like posting links or uploading pics until you hit a certain post count.
  5. MY '16 Sierra with 45k on the clock has never left me stranded or anything close. No rattles, everything is holding together well so far.
  6. This is how Apple CarPlay works. I can say yes, yup, yessir, yuppers, yah... and it will send. Bless is not close enough to send the message though based on my testing.
  7. I bought my truck in april of 2014, drove it off the lot to the Uhaul and then moved to a city 2.5 hours away while towing the Uhaul. My truck is now 2.5 years old and doing wonderfully. I don't think you should worry about breaking in on the highway.
  8. I am thinking so since they said they couldn't afford it without dealership financing. Personally, I would buy something more within your budget. You should never be spending that much of your budget on a vehicle - especially a used one with visible rust. If you really need financing - check with a local credit union as they generally have good rates and similar rates for vehicles even a few years old.
  9. Now just get my wife to remember this and we will make some progress. Every time it is pull once, look for unlock button. Every time I say, you just have to pull it twice.
  10. I had an early version of the sleep number and it sucked. I have heard they are much better now though so take that with a grain of salt. I personally sleep on a Tempur-Cloud Supreme and love it. Don't get hot and it seems to conform very well.
  11. Yeah, I have read that is how they work. It still makes me feel better though and it still is effective in my other vehicles that do have different output for high beams.
  12. The HIDs in my 2007 Z4 are still going strong and it acts similarly every time I pull into the garage. I wouldn't worry myself.
  13. If in a no fault area - even if the kid admitted fault, you will have a hard time getting money recouped. As if you need another one, but IMO, it was both of your faults. If someone is next to my truck I don't move until they are gone regardless if what they are or what they should be doing.
  14. I actually do not get flashed often. Only situations as you described, when I am cresting a hill or for some reason I am on an incline that puts my headlight cutoff higher than normal. I generally flash back though, just to show them what high beams actually look like.
  15. Yes the Premium Plus package included LED front and rears along with most every other option. Only thing I would change is get a 6.2 probably... and hate filling the tank even more. Love the LEDs and heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel, etc. Wish I could get rid of the charging spot in the center console.
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