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  1. True. I settled for the SLT 6.2 NHT. It has enough options for me not to be upset about not getting the Denali. I was more interested in power and capability in the end. Also many thousands cheaper.
  2. Average is 16.8 over the life of the truck. Using costco 93 octane. Easily achieves over 20MPG on the highway. Factory intake and exhaust. NHT with 3.42 gears
  3. My thoughts too. Would be a nice topper to the factory intake and exhaust on my 6.2. but not for $1200!!! 5-600 might sway me if I knew it worked without a CEL.I dont see any meaningful performance mods coming for the T1 anytime soon.
  4. Just wondering if anyone in the t1 platform has tried this Y pipe yet. Wondering if there is any power top be made. Not sure if the catted y pipe would cause a CEL or not. Seems a bit expensive too https://afepower.com/afe-power-48-34136-rc-twisted-steel-y-pipe-3-to-3-1-2-stainless-steel-exhaust-system-street-series#overview
  5. I had that issue on my 14' after fox coilovers and Cognito Upper control arms. It was easy to see with the coilover removed that the tie rods would actually reach their limit for range of motion. I dropped the lift down .5" and that helped out. I am looking to do a similar setup to my 19' SLT 6.2 NHT. overall how happy are you with the CST setup?
  6. My sierra 6.2 NHT has 4lo. It was confusing on the website when I started researching the truck and made it sound like it only came with a single speed transfer case. Finding one with a 6.2 and max tow 4x4 was also very difficult. Dark sky metallic in that configuration was 1 of 8 in the country.
  7. Wonder if this indicates a future center section for an IRS setup.
  8. I would say that is odd but not crazy. I have had the trans to 225 being very hard on it in the sand on a 100 degree day with the AC blasting, bigger tires, 5 passengers and a bed full of gear. look for the obvious such as coolant level, atf level and condition. also make sure the cooling fans are running.
  9. Your truck will be fine. set the cruise if you please. I highly doubt 60 miles each way is going to have any ill effects on your truck.....certainly none more than the 16 year old porter driving it around the lot. I literally peeled out of the dealership lot with my truck brand new and did not let off the throttle much until its first oil change (around 7k miles). Truck runs great with no strange noises, oil consumption or mystery sludge accumulating in the intake at 34k miles. I think it is far more important to use quality fuels and oils throughout the life of the vehicle.
  10. 1. Rear seating hvac controls and vents....common my 2005 police package tahoe had it. 2. A painted frame. I really dont care for the candle wax dip that lasted all of 1 winter 3. Panoramic roof and slide down rear window. 4. Stabilitrak/traction off button that stays off at any speed. 5. Selectable rear locker.....although I have no complaints from the G80 6. No v4 mode under 45 mph......I swear if it does this in a parking lot again I might just lose it!
  11. amsoil has a pretty good listing. Also, It appears to be cheaper when buying larger volume containers. I used about 11 quarts to do the trans pan drop install the PML trans pan plus drain/fill the transfer case. PML has about 2 quarts extra from factory. Trans pan gasket is reusable if anyone wants to know.
  12. Hello all I have been following this forum for a while now and figured I would join and participate.
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