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  1. Wow that looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! And the wheel combo is great!!! That what i read on ICON only offer 3.5 lift.. sucks though. but you gave me a nice picture.
  2. Sorry to hear about this, I have the same leveling kit and rides really smooth. Although I do have the stock tires right now. My truck has those stupid ContiEcoPlus sh*t tires. The sidewall has zero flex but on the hwy/IS they are really smooth. SF/Bay area, CA has some of the sh*tty a$$ streets. Every time i drive over a crack, it feels like a drove over a gorge.
  3. Very nice setup you have there, I have just about the same truck. Mines just a double cab. I've heard a lot of good things about ICON. I did see the price was a bit higher than most but i would like the best bag for my buck. We all do.
  4. I noticed not very many of you suggested or are using ICON lifts for your trucks. Is there a reason? I'm only wanting to lift mine no more that 4 inches. A couple of buddies of mine with Tacos recommend ICON. It seems to me, they're to many lift to choose from. I want the best ride since I do daily the truck too. I still want the functionality of a truck with a 2 car trailer. I also go camping and looking at a new Tepui tent setup. If anyone can point me in the right directions it would be grateful. I won't be changing rims just tires but stock dimensions or close to it.
  5. Amazon send my parts in on Labor day weekend. Installed them on Sat.
  6. How much little changes make a bold statement. Its called Dupli-Color Customwrap CWRC798 I used Arctic White
  7. I got my AVS's in today and installed them before work. "Auto Ventshade 194528". These are for the Double Cab and in channel kind. Instruction are nice and simple install. Come to find out, the driver window has the stupid finger sensor. Rolled the glass all the way down. I hate that. Other than that, nice touch. Oh, a little bit more wind noise. Not very much where the radio can wash out.
  8. I was looking on the GM Giant and was looking for the none powered tow mirrors. Which one are they!! Some of the descriptions are vague.
  9. This is epic!!! I'm still in CA and can't wait to move back to Texas.
  10. I bought 1 gallon of Duplicolor Bed Liner "Clear". Yes, I said clean. I will be doing that this weekend. I can't wait. I wanted the clean look and be different than everyone else. On a side note, My Rough Country 2in level blocks will be here on Friday and me door sun visors will be here tomorrow.
  11. Well, when i bought the truck I did paint the front GMC logo which is can go see here. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/190891-front-gmc-logo/?do=findComment&comment=1853360 But, I still wasn't happy with all the chrome soooo, I started to paint the chrome with white pisti-dip paint. I took the entire front bumper off and grill ASM.
  12. I just ordered my Rough Country leveling kit and side window vent shade. I got the in-channel kind. Should be here in the next couple of days. I also have been working a couple of other things too. I haven't yet posted.
  13. Couple of more pictures. This would be the last day it would have the chrome lettering on the truck. I'm not a big fan of chrome and washing behind the stupid letters at that. I didn't even know the truck came with HID headlights. I'm glad too, just one less thing to convert and buy. The LED fog lights are sweet too.
  14. When I went to purchase my GMC. I had to drive my 04 GTO "Gabrielle" . I had sold my '99 Silverado a few weeks ago since I was planning to buy a new truck. I had to rent a trailer from U Haul that day. So, at 14 miles Scarlett had a trailer on her. lol It pulled a whole better than my '99. although my '99 had 220k miles on her, she squatted a lot. GTO only has 83k miles, but she is a heavy girl.
  15. I have posted a couple of times on here and would like to share my build on mods and tweaks I plan on doing. With that being said. Meet Scarlett, 2016 GMS Sierra 1500 4x4 Double Cab SLE L83 5.3 EcoTec3 6Spd Auto Summit White w/ Jet black interior. Extra Options SLE Convenience Package SLE value Package Production date 11/23/2015 Roanoke. IN Bought in Dublin, CA It had 9 miles when I test drove it and 14 miles when I bought it.
  16. Here is my take on this. After never being to afford a new car or truck of any sort till now. All my cars have been used and luckily i have had good ones where the previous person took good care of it before i got it. with that being said. my GTO, i am the 5th owner of the car. My GTO is a slut!!!, but it has been well kept. My when it came to my xterra, no matter what i did, i couldn't get the cig smell out of it. after just owning for 1 year i sold it. I couldn't stand it. Now my brothers truck wasn't taken care of and has been problem one after another. We had to rebuild the engine 5 months later. Come to fine out it had ran on low oil for some good while and burnt hot spots on the cam. I thought i would only see that in DOHC engines. Its all about its history when it comes to buy used. I wont say buy new will solve all the problems because it wont. but buy new YOU, as the owner will know ever little thing you do or didn't do. You will feel bad when you forget the change your oil on time or never changed the diff oil because your lazy. When i bought the GTO, i changes all the fluids just for peace in mind. I changed the pads rotors even though they looks good. you never know. Its all about what you truly want. IMHO
  17. WOW!!!! who the hell though of this is a F***ing genius... going to home depot and buying dry ducting. lol "trolling"
  18. I bought it from O'Reillys and yes I cleared over it. Bu since then i have changed it. I will post picture in a Scarlett build I will be making soon.
  19. I just bought the truck and had to trailer my car back home. The truck only had 14 miles HAHAHA
  20. Man that looks like where my parents live. In League City TX. Damn i miss home.
  21. The tailgate GMC logo is huge though.. I have never used the wheel and yes, the wheel is expensive. Cleaning the letter are awful to clean.
  22. My display said I was getting 16.7 MPG. Just got done putting fuel in her and did the math, 15.7 is what I really got. I read somewhere earlier to subtract 1MPG from the display. True statement there.
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