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  1. Hey guys, I'm sure this has been asked several times already, but wanted to upgrade the front and rear brakes on the Silverado. Found that Powerstop makes a full setup kit, which has front and rear rotors and pads, for around $425.00 Also thought about piecing the kit together EBC rotors and pads, Hawk pads etc.? Wanted to know what you guys are running, and open to suggestions... Not towing, or running heavy loads, just want a good stopping power with NO brake rotor warping. Its a daily.
  2. Hey guys, wanted to upgrade the brakes on my 2016 Silverado. Obviously the Powerstop K6560-36 Front & Rear Z36 Brake kit came up, and seemed to have overall decent reviews, but I wanted to hear from the guys running them currently... Ups ,downs, and how hard is it to do the rear brakes? My Silverado unfortunately, suffered from the front inside pads binding / rusting up in the slide cradle and caused my rotors to warp. I blame North Jersey road salt and the crap winter we had... I drove it around this spring and now its to the point that it needs to be done. My truck only has 12k miles on her and I don't really want to do brakes every year due to the dam road salt. So I figured do a full front and rear brake "performance" setup, grease the hell out of the cradles and sliders, and see if that helps, repair this issue from happening again. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tip to get the Raybestos rotors . Would I have to get new brake pads as well? The current ones seem like new... I guess I'll start with swapping the front rotors then go from there.
  4. Have a 2016 Silverado, with only 10k miles . Seems like my rotors are warped already. Is this common? Only drive to and from work mostly and moderate stop and go, No towing or any heavy loads. So, do i get my stock rotors resurfaced or say screw it and get the Powerstop brake kit upgrade, with new Pads and Slotted rotors?
  5. Question, about the My Chevrolet App. I used to have the option to open the app and under "vehicle status" see how much gas I had, Tire air pressure etc. Now I have "Upgrade Now" ( see pic) ??? So, This app can only be used if you have a active On Star account like guidance , and does not work with the basic package? Kinda sucks...It was cool to see the "Vehicle Status" , tire pressures and gas levels / oil level and % and such. I still get monthly emails with all this stuff, so its strange the app does not display these anymore?
  6. Wheel Skin Review

    Does anyone have updated pics of the Gloss black ones on the stock18" Silver rims? I would like to see how they cover the inside of the rim..
  7. Another option is to replace all the stock rims with something like this? Either $305 for Two OEM replacements or $825 for all four shipped and have a custom look??? Think these will fit my stock tires 265/65r18 , and TPMS sensors? (Since I only have 7,500 miles on the tires)...
  8. Well it happened...some jack ass swerved into my lane and I was forced to hug the curb and now I have some curb rash on two of my rims for my 2016 Silverado. I cant stand it, sucks driving a full size truck in NJ because no one cares, or pays any attention. Now with the snow forget about it!!! Anyway, enough venting. They are the 20937769, or 5646 OEM 18" rims. I found them on rockauto.com for $141.00 each (with shipping its $305, for the two.) Under the select color Im curious to know what "Medium Silver (Regular inventory )" means...any idea?
  9. Interesting.. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. Wonder if we can do something to our phones to make the blue tooth connect better? (or) Wonder if Chevy has any updates for this, because in my 2018 Camaro SS I have NO issues at all...Pandora launches perfect and takes like one second to connect.
  10. Hey guys, I have a 2016 Silverado with the My- link infotainment setup. I had a full year of 4g LTE in the truck, and the Pandora app in the truck seemed to work ok, its still had problems like "connected device not found"...But now without the 4gLTE and just using my Verzion network it never works. I have to Open the app on my phone now and try three or four times on my trucks my link system to get it to connect. Is it a phone WIFI issue or the truck? Guys who only have cell service and not the trucks WIFI is this normal? I have full Verizon 4gLTE service on my phone when trying to connect. I hit the Pandora app on my link to launch the app, it says Pandora issue "connected device not found" .Then if i go back to the audio / radio, launch the app on my phone, and then re-launch the Pandora app on mylink it "sometimes" connects. But that takes two-three time to do...super annoying! I also have the Pandora plus app, and the app works perfectly in my 2018 Camaro...? I use to be able to just hit the app on my-Link and it would auto connect and stream with no issues, i did not even have to take the phone out of my pocket...
  11. I really like that idea so I can sill have the stock 12volt outlet free if need be. Can you send me a link for that 10' 12v socket? Also out of the box did you have to set up your A119S or is it a plug and play setup. I just got mine from Amazon today.
  12. Question: By moving the 50A fuse to the port above, does that effect any other equipment in the truck?
  13. Wanted to know if the 12volt plug under the dash powers off after a while..? The dash cam I ordered off Amazon ( A119S Version 2) plugs into the 12v "cigarette lighter" plug under the dash for power. Was going to run the power wire under the dash up the passenger side panel and behind the rear view mirror, hopefully the camera comes with a long enough power wire.
  14. I'm looking to install some type of additional blinker light to my side mirrors. Was thinking of just doing one LED bullet style design on the far outside trim of each mirror. Wanted to know if the wiring to add these mirror "blinkers" is already in the door ( being that most manufactures use the same harness on same truck model). Or will i have to run each LED light to a fuse through the door trim? Was thinking of using something like this... https://www.amazon.com/Clearance-Marker-Bullet-Grommet-Function/dp/B018EO9FKO/ref=sr_1_14?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1492182370&sr=1-14&keywords=yellow+bullet+led But open to suggestions!
  15. True, This particular dealer told me that they need to meet the "qualifications" (less then 25% Oil life or over 6,000 miles) to perform the "free" oil change service,. through GM/ Chevy. I assume the dealer will not be able to get reimburse for the service through GM if they perform it outside those parameters. Once again sucks for us the truck owners as we now have to wait for these services, or do them our self's ( Pay out of pocket if not qualified)? I would LOVE to hear from GM them self's about this genius idea...

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