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  1. If this was replying to me, no. My sat antenna started leaking maybe 6 months after I bought the truck. (You will see water down by the parking brake) Replaced with a new seal under warranty. I have had no issues again there or ever with the roof lights 2 years later. You do what you feel you need to.
  2. I had the leaking antenna. Easy warranty fix. No need to "check" your seals, if they are bad you'll know it. This is one of those "if it ain't broke don't fix it" or touch it.
  3. E85 Power Increase

    From someone who has never used E85, no issues flip flopping between E85 and regular? Also should you try to empty tank as much as possible before switching or it doesn't matter?
  4. Best level

    Your right, depends on trim level and cab. But all 2016 and newer 2500/3500 Denali have it standard on both engines.
  5. Best level

    All 2016 and newer have the digital steering assist to my knowledge. If you have a '17 you have it. Its not an option.
  6. Best level

    I'm guessing you have a 2017 truck. The 2016 and newer do not have a steering stabilizer and also no mounts to put one. What did you get? and I haven't been sure how one would affect the digital steering assist.
  7. Best level

    Before and after. (Can't figure out how to fix these from rotating.)
  8. Best level

    I have all the measurements from before and after, front to back, side to side. It took 2.75" to level with the back. Yes, visually it looked higher in the front. ( But a tape measure is a little more accurate than looking at it.) That was more than I wanted and had them lower it to where it is now at about 2.5" or a little less. I don't think anyone is intentionally raising the front higher, it just looks like that when it is actually level. The ride was terrible when it was up 2.75" and there were marks were the UCA were hitting. After dropping it the ride was still worse than stock and after the UCA boot blew I decided on replacing the UCA. There was a significant improvement in ride and steering after that. I didn't level because I wanted a level. I did it because when I changed wheels the different offset (+15) made the tires rub slightly. Opinions are all over the place on this, so as someone else said, start with the least expensive and add as needed to get what your looking for. (But be prepared to spend more than your thinking is my suggestion.)
  9. Best level

    I ended up getting the ReadyLift keys and UCA at different times. They are priced much better bought together as a kit. (Extreme duty UCA)
  10. Best level

    I had the dealer change out my keys for ReadyLift keys. Kit includes shock spacers. My truck is raised approx 2.5 inches. Within a week one of the UCA ball joints boots had blown and all the grease was coming out. I decided to replace the UCA with ReadyLift UCA. After they were installed I noticed a significant improvement in the stability of the front end. Steering more stable much better ride than before. I know some will disagree on the UCA but this has just been my experience. If you don't change them I would be prepared to depending on what you find after you level.
  11. New cap

    Cooper ST Maxx. 275/65/20. They are for sale if your interested.
  12. New cap

    Been great. I really like it the best out of the covers I have had. Minor leaks, but nothing worse than any other cover I have had. Comes off quickly but definitely a 2 person job.
  13. I have a 2016 2500. I just had a level kit put on at the dealership. Based on their measurements front is 40” and rear is 43.5”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. If they don’t rub your going to be very close. I just put on the G2’s in 275/65/20 with aftermarket wheels at +15mm offset. I was very close to the front fender and would just rub the liner at the back with full turn. Your a little wider but with the stock wheels. Like the other post said if they do rub you probably won’t need much more to clear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Level/Wheel/Tire... Help!!

    Just had a ReadyLift level kit installed. I have a 2016 2500 with Nitto Terra Grappler G2 275/65/20 on 20x9 Grid GD1 +15mm offset. Did you change the upper control arms? Mine only have about 1/4" before hitting the stops. There are signs that they are hitting. The measurements the installer gave from before and after show almost 2.5" raised to level. Steering also seems a little loose.

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