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  1. That's awesome! I just ordered my 2.5 hmi on Ebay just now. Cant wait to get this installed.
  2. How do I contact Dokus? Does he have a website? Ebay seller? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. My truck was one of the ones built during the shortage of the new updated hmi modules. So is the radio module ok as is, and I just need the upgraded and reprogrammed 2.5 hmi module? What kind of money am i looking at for everything?
  4. A lot of info in this thread I'm trying to piece together. I have a 2016 silverado that didnt come with android auto/CarPlay installed. Does this mean I could just swap in a 2.5 HMI module to add the functionality? Or would I need programming to.
  5. Wheel Skin Review

    These are the best pics I have. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. I have the aries 3d liners. I like that theyre different then what everyone else has. They have a almost carbon fiber like textured look to them. Clean easy, and have a unique velcro like backing so they dont slip.
  7. Anyone know if a above the rails tri fold from a 2011 crew cab will fit on the newer trucks as well? I have one from my old truck that I need to sell and it would definitely help to expand the market.
  8. I was thinking if trying to make a filler plate/mount to hold my change holder. It's the rectangular style that gm has used forever. There was a mount in the armrest of my 2011 and I miss it.
  9. Underneath the radio, all the way at the bottom of the dash. I have the jump seat so no center console. I use a usb cable from inside the arm rest for phone charging already.
  10. That fold out cubby hole on the dash that looks like an ashtray. Anyone come up with anything useful or cool to use it for / mod?
  11. 2016/2017 1500 HID swap

    Will this work on the 2016 silverados too?
  12. Reusing Airaid MIT

    I found 3/8 to 5/8 couplers on amazon so I can use the npt nipples and hose I already had. Then I picked up 1 ft of 5/8 hose for the engine side. INSTEAD of disassembling the engine side connectors though, I'm just removing them and sliding the hose directly over top the steel nipple on the valve covers. That way the factory breather hoses are still in one piece incase I ever decide to go back to stock.
  13. I just enlarged the arch of the opening with a cutoff wheel and sanding drum on the dremel.
  14. I'm doing the same with my old MIT. HOW did you connect the breather hoses on the engine end? (I sent you a pm about it too)

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