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  1. Towing MPG

    19 RST z71 Crew Cab 5.3 8 speed 3.23 rear end Towed my Travel Trailer roughly 500 miles, majority highway. Camper weighs 6600lbs empty, loaded and gear in the bed of my truck probably close to 8000lbs total. averaged 8.5 mpg
  2. I tried going through GM for them for the buyback but they said no twice. I am hearing tomorrow or friday what they are offering me to compensate for my truck being down for so long. After that I might consider going through BBB. The squeaking is getting so annoying.
  3. Anyone have any updates with this fix? I haven't seen anything yet.
  4. New RST

    these are the ones I used... super easy install, only one bolt. https://timbren.com/blog/products-page/gmrck15s/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Timbren-GMRCK15S-Suspension-Enhancement-System/dp/B001TNFFGQ/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=timbren&qid=1561471499&s=gateway&sr=8-6
  5. New RST

    I upgraded the bump stops on the read end for my RST z71. It helps with sag and the back end being soft/bouncy when I am towing my camper.
  6. New RST

    So the non z71's dont have a 4L? I had just an RST without z71, it have 2H, Auto, 4H and a pic of a truck driving up a hill where my 4L button is. I never hit it or anything but just assumed it was 4L
  7. New RST

    I also debadged the dealer sticker from Bob Johnsons right away, lol
  8. New RST

    Can you explain what the two speed transfer case does as to what comes on a not z71?
  9. New RST

    I bought my truck from Bob Johnson's as well. '19 z71 RST as well but white.
  10. I bought some rims from a friend, rims are new last year. The dealership said they weren't able to re-learn them to the truck because they are an older sensor. They said the sensors are reading to their machines and everything but can't sync with the truck because the 2019's use a newer sensor? Anyone have any info or insight?
  11. Mine is a lease so offering an extended warrant won't mean anything.
  12. I have been speaking with a Sr Adviser at GM/Chevy for a few weeks now. We submitted my request for buyback last week and I will hear their initial response tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be 4 straight weeks that the dealership has had my truck. Was also informed last week that there is a "ding" on my quarter panel now. The adviser said that if my request gets denied the first time we can re-submit a request any time something new happens. So if it declined, I plan on re-submitted with the new info of my truck being damaged in their possession.
  13. Wow, 75 days and counting? I am going through a senior customer rep with Chevy for my axel issue. He just submitted my request for buyback a few days ago and I’ll have an answer next week. I doubt they will buy it back with the first request. Also heard from the dealership yesterday that there is a “ding” on my rear quarter panel now too, while in their possession.
  14. Tomorrow will be three weeks that my truck has been at the dealer for this. And this is the second time. Starting to get frustrated paying for a truck I can't use.

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