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  1. So my truck had the infamous jingle while in 2wd. Was in and out of the shop countless times. Then was in and out for the 387634912 recalls. The dealership just called and told me I owed them $3 from a toll from when I had one of their vehicles. I laughed at them and reminded them that my truck was also damaged (hit by something while in their lot during the 6 weeks they had it) and the rear quarter needed to be repaired. I told them if they really wanted the $3 then to have the service manager call me.
  2. currently getting my third axle and second from diff put in. After I already got a settlement from GM.
  3. I did this today on my dual exhaust z71 and it sounds great. Thanks for the info and pics, really easy to do.
  4. Did you just swap out your muffler? That is what I am looking to do. Which muffler did you go with?
  5. Does anyone know the pipe sizing for the in and out of the muffler?
  6. Is the inlet and outlet 2.75? I was looking at flow master and didn’t see a muffler with that sizing.
  7. I am looking to just replace my muffler with a Flowmaster Super 44. Has anyone done this or have experience just swapping out the mufflers? Sorry I do not have much experience in this aspect of the trucks. Any links for compatible mufflers?
  8. From what I heard from my dealership there is a new bulletin, PIP5653D, which came out 10/09/2019. Hopefully there is additional information of it. I did file a claim through Lemon Law here in New York. New York Lemon Law attorneys dont cost anything, win or lose. We reached a cash settlement with GM in order for me not to pursue any further legal action specifically to this issue. GM will still honor my warranty to further fix this issue and any other issues that might come up.
  9. I had the repair done listed in the bulletin. After about 1000 miles the noise is back. Has there been any updates to the bulletin or any progress on repairs?
  10. I got mine done a few weeks ago and I haven't heard the jingle come back yet. Probably been close to 400-500 miles since the repair.
  11. The bulletin is PIP5653. My replacement parts are ordered. Was told theyd be here in two days, so probably on monday with the weekend.
  12. I had to call my dealership to tell them to order the parts.
  13. Win or lose I pay nothing out of pocket. If I win, GM is liable for my attorney fees.
  14. I started a claim with a Lemon Law attorney yesterday. I went through GM first and they were little to no help at all through this. Ill keep you posted throughout this journey now.
  15. I spoke with my dealership last week, they said there isn't a fix yet. I have my first oil change tomorrow so I will try to ask a little more about it.
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