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  1. Well, to be clear...the P320 is the only Sig I'd put in the same category with the Glock...striker fired, polymer frame. I like to say the P320 is like a Glock and a Sig had sex and this was the result. Sig took its best features and combined them with the best features of Glock. Comparing both guns in the stock form: Sig trigger is way better. I think the Sig grip is better...although the finger grooves on the Glock don't bother me, the absence of them on the Sig makes it feel nicer. I also like the mag release on the Sig a little better. The serations on the Sig slide are nicely do
  2. My normal everyday carryGen4 G19 w/ Meprolight FT Bullseye Sight & Zev Tech Fulcrum Trigger. Then we have my bedside home defense pistol...Sig P320 (Full size) w/ Apex Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger & Streamlight TLR-3...Amazing gun. I love my Glock, but once I have the compact kit for the P320, I'll have to think long and hard about which gun I want to carry...its that good. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnYR6o890tufwE-Ap7KLdw
  3. For me it was several reasons...when I started carrying I was living in AZ which had a significant criminal element, but I also looked at the area I grew up in which is rural PA and when I was a kid, people didn't even lock thier doors...now, even up there in the country, people have seen home invasions and burglaries... For me it's, as was stated before, like wearing a seat belt, or having insurance...its not that I'm afraid that something is going to happen, but in the event something does happen, you have an added level of protection. In this day, you never know where a criminal will
  4. Thanks. The first pic is completely stock. The second is the 2" level and bigger tires.
  5. So it was past time to do something to my girl. She needed new tires anyway...so why not go bigger? RC 2" leveling kit Firestone Destination A/T 285/70/R17 (up front the stock 255/70R17) No rubbing or clearance issues and she looks so much better.
  6. I carry my G19 all the time...winter...summer...all bundled up or shorts and t-shirt. I had a little more worries about printing in a t-shirt when I carried at 4 'o clock position (also in a Crossbreed Supertuck, which is awesome BTW), but now I carry appendix and the only way I would have to worry about printing is if I was wearing a skin tight shirt. In normal clothes, its not an issue.
  7. Gen4 Glock 19 here... I do currently reside in NJ, so I can neither confirm nor deny, that I may or may not carry my weapon on me.
  8. What's up guys...to be truthful, I'm currently residing in New Jersey, but I hate this state and refuse to claim it...lol I'm 39, been in the military for 21+ years, husband, father, and I'm a big firearms/outdoors enthusiast. My current ride is a 2014 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 4WD (5.3). She has remained pretty much stock since I got it due to other priorities, but I finally did add a 2 in leveling kit to her and went up to 285/70R17 from the stock 255/70R17s. Much nicer look. Look forward to talking trucks and shit with y'all.
  9. Nice to hear the Nougat update has fixed the issue for some. I have to wait until early 2017 for my V10 to update and hope it fixes this issue for me...so frustrating having to unpair/pair everytime I want to listen to music.
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