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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Mine is a 4wd but had non-Rancho black shocks. My big complaint was large bumps & dips like speed bumps at slow speeds or big undulations at high speeds, the wheels would leave the ground on the rebound (or if they didn't that's what it felt like). I don't know if all the black shocks are valved the same as the OEM sites list dozens of different part numbers. The difference after changing to 5100s was day & night for the front end, not saying they are like a serious off road shock, they just work & ride like any decent vehicle should do, swallow bumps rather than crashing over them. The difference in the rears was not as noticeable for me but I'd rather have everything matched. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  2. I didn't get a letter for the vac pump but the dealer knew about the issue & changed it under the extended coverage, presumably anyway, I didn't get a bill [emoji16] I'm in a 2014 with 100k Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  3. Got my vac pump changed at dealer (Vernon, BC) on Friday, it took them about 4hrs from dropping off, I don't know if they tested it first. When making the booking they said they would have to test it before ordering parts but after talking with a service guy, explaining the symptoms & that a visit to the dealer means a half day off work as I am 45 minutes out of town he said they would have the parts in & do the work same day. I didn't get the paperwork as it was late & I had to get moving, will see what it says when they email me a copy. Unfortunately the ticking / rattling that has been present since new did not diminish, I didn't think it would as the noise seems more central & towards the rear of engine so might be injection as others have mentioned. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  4. That is mental, a vehicle that never had power brakes designed in is not the same as having failed power brakes. I had old cars with no power brakes, they stopped fine but power assisted brakes with a dead servo is another story. Same goes for power steering. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  5. I think he was asking for clarification of your comment above, just didn't do it in a particularly articulate manner. [emoji16] Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  6. Mine is booked in for end of this week. I have only noticed it recently but find I can replicate the hard pedal if I tap it a few times at idle. Lost some assistance while launching a boat, that was definitely enough of a wake up call for getting it sorted. Luckily the parking brake worked [emoji51] Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  7. FREE. I found a use for the crappy front shocks I removed for new 5100s. Didn't have a helper to bleed some brake fluid so an old front shock compressed between pedal & piece of plywood against the seat worked to push the pedal down for me. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  8. My 2014 doesn't have a LSD & the traction control is actually about the right mix of allowing a little slip without getting out of shape, that's probably just because it will spin the inside wheel very easily so might kick in earlier than a truck with a LSD in the back. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  9. So it's slipping / unlocked most of the time? I am not an expert in auto boxes by any means but wouldn't that wear the torque converter out quicker? Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  10. Have you absolutely, definitely got all the positives back on to the connection block, I had one tucked down out of sight when I installed new battery, had power to most stuff but got similar errors to your description. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  11. Just to follow on the mention of 'if you drive on gravel roads then tuff shit'. I had three different rally cars in the UK, all driven on gravel stages & salted roads & I never saw chunks coming out of brake pads, there has to be some design or material problem to cause the premature wear. I'm just watching the end of the Chile WRC [emoji469] which reminded me of this thread. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  12. People calling BS on each other seems a bit unnecessary, as mentioned above if you drive lots of level highway miles you are going to get several times the lifespan of someone who drives hilly, country roads with tight corners. I'm about to change the fronts for the second time, I'm at 60,000 miles. No abnormal wear, just worn out. Don't ever come to a complete stop with brakes hard on as that will bake pad material onto the rotors. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  13. Steering column rusted

    There was a thread a few months ago about the same issue, seems quite common. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  14. Stabilitrack??'s

    https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/215830-stabilitrak/&share_tid=215830&share_fid=33003&share_type=t Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  15. Death maybe, injuries would be a $$ calculation by those lawyers for warranty vs injury payout costs in my opinion. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT

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