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  1. I second that, I have General ATs of some description, they have the snowflake marking for a winter tyre but don't work at all in snow or ice & don't look like a winter tyre (no siping on tread blocks) & have a 60,000 mile wear warranty. No way those things go together to make a good winter tyre. Dedicated winter tyres for me as soon as the pavement turns white. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  2. This is where it gets confusing, that shows it is equivalent to both Dexron VI & HP, are those different specs for viscosity or is HP just an updated spec? Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  3. Ok thanks. I have recently been getting some badly delayed shifts when getting on the gas & just wanting to put in there the best oil I can. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  4. Is the updated Mobil 1 fluid brought out for the 8 speeds considered an upgrade over regular Dexron 6 for the six speeds? Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  5. Yeah, I didn't like the sound of it either. I want to change the filter so maybe I will look for a new pan with drain plug so I can do another couple of drain & fills in short succession. I had one full change (flush through as you described) at a different oil change place at about 50,000 kms, I'm now at 110,000 kms. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  6. I stopped into an oil change shop yesterday, asked if they do a pan drop & change filter. He said it depends if the exhaust is in the way as they can't move it or jack up anything. He gave me the number if a local mechanic, I asked about how you change more fluid than just what will come our with the drain, his response... Start it & idle in park & you'll get most of the rest of the rest of the fluid pumped out to the pan. What does anyone think of that, seems a bit iffy to me. Any problems with air locks in torque converter etc? Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  7. It is facing the floor about where your ankles would be. It has four wires I think so a toggle switch would need a wiring diagram to see which wires need switching, or a four pole switch. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  8. Being a WT it probably came with LT rated tyres, my 2014 did they are a heavier & stiffer than regular P rated and rubber. I didn't get the same roughness you are describing on small ruts though. Mine was horrific over speed bumps, Bilstein 5100s cured that. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  9. Mine were changed four years ago under warranty, just started squeaking / creaking again so I guess I was lucky. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  10. I copied the link & pasted into browser, that worked. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  11. This would be great if it didn't have to disable the ABS at the same time, Happy to drive without the Stabilitrak in the winter, ABS not to so much Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  12. Not enough droop in the suspension, if you have the sway bar disconnected already the next thing is to get a bottle jack with a piece of wood or some other leveraging device push the bottom of the shock up slightly as you get into place. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  13. I think that's what the person was meaning about 'lugs', the tread blocks rather than the wheel studs. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  14. The fact they weren't both removed is probably a good thing, only reason for that would be for some rock crawling type antics. Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
  15. Are there any aftermarket rads available or is it GM only? Sent using Tapatalk - 2014 5.3 WT
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