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  1. I average 11.5-12.0 MPG in city with my AT4 6.2 10 speed. Which I find odd due to my 16 Denali 6.2 8 speed would get 15-16 city?? I don’t get it
  2. Selling factory AT4 upper control arms. I replaced mine with a Ready Lift UCA kit and have these laying around. Asking $150, Located in So cal or can ship for 25 bucks or so. I also have 2 inch spacers I’ll throw in for $20 bucks.
  3. I think 1 on the top I believe. Double sided 3M tape should do the trick either way.
  4. 115 for all, they are just collecting dust. I rather sell as a package deal.
  5. Chrome handles and mirror caps. Came off a 16 Sierra Denali. Great condition text for more details.$ 115 shipped. 7607028233
  6. Just picked up my truck for “service break assist” message. Like other said dealer cleared code and have no further info. Dealer gave me the bulliten and gave me GM CS number. I already called and filed a complaint. IMO no way any 57k (mine isn’t fully decked out LOL) AT4 should be having these issues at 217 miles. 1-866-522-9559 is the CS number. Of course my VIN didn’t come back to a recall or defect, I laughed and said she was right because there isn’t a fix for the problem. I will continue to follow up on this with you all.
  7. I almost bought a F250!!!! But being the GMC fan boy that I’ve always been I went AT4. I really hope it isn’t a sign of things to come with issues. I haven’t even gone through a full tank of gas and it’s in the shop for repairs.
  8. Was your message “check brake assist.” I just dropped my truck off at the dealer and hour an a half ago. According to service writer, he hasn’t seen that in the 2019s yet.
  9. I have 217 miles on my 3 day old 2019 AT4 and the check engine light is already on. ABS issues of some sort. This is my 4th brand new GMC and I’ve never had an engine light come on
  10. Set of 4 chrome handles and 2 mirror caps. Will fit 14-18 Sierra or Silverado. No damage just dusty parts that have been sitting in the garage. Asking $140 for em all shipped if needed. Located in SoCal
  11. Wanted to know if anyone's AC seat has made a noise while in use? My passenger seat made a loud fan/vibration noise when my buddy turned on the AC setting. It made the noise for approximately 30 seconds until we turned it off. I attempted to duplicate the noise and could not. Wired but anyone experience this before?
  12. Just installed my MX4 cover from truckalerations.com. Great company, great price. Cover looks good and we'll see what water get through if any. Not a big worry here I'm Ca other than car washes lol. Thanks for all your input guys and especially the great price on the site you mentioned!
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