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  1. I know 'pretty much' where this was... the original news report had it on side road just west of Simcoe, Ontario (about an hour from myself). My brother-in-law is OPP for that area and I'm sure I'll be able to get a few comments from him on this one over the holidays....
  2. Found it in this thread: You'll need to read through the first few pages to get the idea of what to do. Deets for the cargo lights are in there.
  3. Oh and picked up a Range device as well... the V4 noise was noticeable and 'some-what' irritating after the exhaust mods, but not huge. Found a used Range for basically half of new and gave it a whirl.... actually fairly impressed with how well shifting has improved with V4 being disabled.
  4. Fog lights on with parking lights - DONE Cargo lights on with reverse lights (so that unlocking from the remote turns on the cargo lights in the bed) - DONE Soft fold tonneau (pulled from a trade at the dealer) - DONE Stone deflector (added at dealership, part of the deal) - DONE Weathertechs front and back (referral deal with dealership, only paid for the rear) - DONE Full tint - back added additional 35% to factory to make near-limo tint, front driver and passenger just a straight 35% - DONE MBRP polished stainless exhaust tip - DONE Custom cat-back exhaust - Borla XR-1 muffler to replace stock and resonator deleted - DONE ProComp 2.5" level kit in front, 3" ReadyLift block kit in rear - DONE Pioneer 10" TS-W261S4 350W subwoofer w/Rockford T400-2 400W 2-channel amp (used an AudioControl LC2i to get line level audio out of stock stereo) - DONE Custom 12V power port in the box near the tailgate - wired into the 12V supply line from the trailer 7-pin connection at the bumper - DONE To Do: USB charge only ports for rear seat (install into back of armrest/console) Black bowties Multi camera interface to add cameras that can display on factory screen, with sideview cameras and front camera. aFe Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System w/Pro DRY S Filter and..... some new tires (stock Goodyears are 'poop') - likely BFG KO2 275/60/20 (increasing size to 33" to take advantage of lift)
  5. I was hoping for the same as well (I had originally left the resonator in), but unfortunately it didn't work out that way - the tone I got from the Borla XS Pro was great, but I wanted just a touch more volume. Pulling the resonator did that for me, but the V4 drone was bad before as well.
  6. This is exactly what I did (plus I got the resonator removed and replaced with a straight pipe). Sounds decent and it was a fraction of the cost (including labour) to do this versus a full cat-back replacement. I did get a range disabler as well, as the V4 drone was getting irritating - thankfully, I managed to find a guy local to me that had a used Range device for sale, so that helped justify it... up here in the great white north, it'd cost $300 (CDN) plus shipping and cross-border duty fees to get a new Range.
  7. Pretty sure it depends on the trim level (or at least in later years...) '18 LTZ Z71 and I have the aluminum as well - it was standard offering for all LTZ Z71's that I had seen when I was shopping.
  8. Just a personal experience on window visors - I had them on mine, but took them off.... I was thinking they would help allow the windows to be open (a bit) in the rain, but they didn't do squat for that. Also, I found them somewhat obscuring my view when making left hand turns, as it made the visibility around the A pillar seems like I needed to move my head to the left frequently to see "around" the visor.... For reference, I had the WeatherTech 'in-channel' ones - they looked nice installed from the outside, but just didn't have the practical function I was hoping for.
  9. - Looking to enter for ONE (1) 14-ON Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 5’ 8” Box - The LOMAX cover would be perfect for my truck as I'm looking for that 'flat' look, with a quality product that doesn't leak rain into the box. - Features I look for is that it's quality made, cost efficient, and is able to keep the weather out. To have a cover and not have it perform properly when driving at highway speeds could be critical for the load that you're trying to protect and keep safe. - I do have a cover now, but it's only the OEM soft-folding cover and I find it leaks under rainy conditions, and I'm not happy that the back end will lift slightly at highway speeds. The hard cover style, with complete weather-proof ability is what I've been hoping to find, but just haven't found the 'right' one yet. - My truck is my "everything" - it's my daily driver, it's the camping tow vehicle, it's my weekend project material hauler - anything and everything that I need to do, I'm using my truck. I need it to be reliable and all the accessories along with it.
  10. I did think about it and didn't see many posts "out there" about them being listed - so my reaction wasn't "no body wants these, oh well", it was "hmmm, I haven't looked at all of the sources I have available, so I'll try a post here and see what other people have seen". I think I got my answer now... I would definitely go ahead with my plan, if I had found out this has been done before and it was more common to do. At this point, I might put a post on kijiji.ca (Canada's version of craigslist basically), but I won't be in a rush ... if I end up with any results, I'll post back here then.
  11. I do alright for myself, and yes, I've been 'exposed' to the "time is money" phrase before.... I just don't subscribe to it when I'm not at the office. Definitely everyone has the ability to have their own opinion on their personal time, which is why I wasn't too 'excited' about the first initial negative opinion responses...
  12. So that's where my own experience differs, and mostly due to region... In my part of the country, winter driving results in constant exposure to salt for 5 to 6 months of the year and traditionally steel rims would rust and get pretty rough treatment (but never to the point of risking rusting through). The thought of having a perfectly good aluminum rim there, with a brand new tire, for a situation that realistically happens once or twice in the lifetime of a vehicle (of course YMMV) - it would likely cost me (in CDN) $30 for a used tire, and $60 for a steel rim. If the aluminum rim with a brand new tire was worth, heck even $200 to someone, that's $100 in my pocket and the value of my brand new LTZ wouldn't be 'diminished' at all (no one ever checks what kind of spare you have on a used vehicle) and I would be fine with the steel as long as I know it's going to hold air and pass a safety check. Weight of the wheel wouldn't be a concern of mine. Again, this post was meant to find out if there was actually a market for the aluminum rims that are used for the spare (as they're styled different from any other ones GM offers as main wheels). If there's no market, then no big deal - question answered - no need for the rest of you to question my motives......
  13. Thanks for everyone's input! I'm taking from the responses that it's not a commonplace thing to try to do, so don't worry - I won't be 'wasting' my own time by doing this..... gees... a guy can't ask a simple question on this place without someone gettin' all upity just cause it's something they didn't think of, or that they don't think is worth doing... guess I'm going to have to put a disclaimer on any post I put up going forward to state, "just looking for an answer - not judgements".
  14. Hey guys, not sure if this has been covered before (searched but didn't find much on my specific question), but has anyone north of the border had any luck selling the aluminum spare from a higher end model? I just got an 2018 LTZ Z71 and it, by default comes with an aluminum spare (though I can't really understand why.....maybe someone here knows that too??). I was thinking that if I pulled it off, replaced with a standard steel rim and a used tire (that will pass safety and holds air properly), I could likely make some money on the deal.... the only thing I've noticed is that the aluminum is of a design that isn't anything you see on GM brochures for stock rims and I didn't know how "sellable" this rim might be (specifically in Canada, as I can't justify taking it across the border for the little I would make on it). Thoughts?
  15. I have this all the time.... I had taken it in to my dealer and there was a software update for the trans, which they applied - it seems to help a 'bit' at first (definitely not a complete fix), but after a bit of time (oh say a few weeks), I couldn't really tell any update had been done. My "fix" would seem likely a bit extreme by most here, but I've just traded for a 2018 LTZ Z71 (that has the 8-speed by default) and with a test drive, I found a HUGE improvement in the trans response on that 8-speed. I know the 8-speeds of 2014 through 2016 or so had plenty of problems, but the 2018 LTZ Z71 I drove was surprisingly perfect.
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