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  1. Did you get your Bilstein 6112 issue figured out?

  2. I have a 14 with the 5.3. Had something similar happen to mine, my low oil light came on about halfway between services. I was 1.5-2 quarts low. I added oil until full and it was another quart or so low by service time. Fortunately I have a friend who works in service and trusted me not to run an oil consumption test and they tore into my engine and discovered all 8 rings on all 8 cylinders were seized shut. Around the same time, GM had came out with updated pistons and rings for this problem. They put those in my truck, that was around 70k miles. I'm at 105k and have had no oil usage since. Also as luck would have it, I was still within my powertrain warranty which covered it all including a loaner for the week. As a sidenote I also started running a catch can and amsoil after that as I plan on running this truck to high mileage. Hope this helps!
  3. There's definitely some protection in there, I'm no electrician so i can't explain what kind lol. After running a blow up air mattress and a jig saw on mine I brought a coffee maker to the camp site. Was real sad when I had to pay for coffee at the general store, but didn't blow a fuse after trying the coffee pot 3 or 4 times ?
  4. Have had the same set up for about a week now, only I'm on stock height. Definitely something wrong, mine soaks up the bumps like you say but rides as good or better than stock normal driving. Wondering if something didn't get installed correctly? I know that's not much help, just helping verify that's not how they should act. Other guys can probably shed some light but I thought I read the rears can mistakenly be put on upside down? Per Bilsteins FAQ
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Not sure which specific ones I'm going with yet gonna see what the installer recommends. Did you happen to get these on yet? Thanks again.
  6. Anyone here had experience with KYB shocks on these trucks? Heard they were good, and reputable shock company. Search only brought up info on Billsteins. Thanks!
  7. Had the same thing happen on my 14, but to my knowledge no one did the power steering recall, it just happened randomly. Dealership found a bad ground on the power steering module (I think) and that was probably 4 months ago and I've had no issues since. Before the truck totally laid down on me a few times, the power steering would go out for a few seconds a handful of times, so it kinda added up in my case.
  8. I use this cargo bar(pretty sure that's it, got it at Walmart), the foot of it will fit under the swing case. Not sure how it would work keeping something real heavy in place, but worked great against my 5 gallon gas can. Thing seems pretty sturdy. https://www.amazon.com/Reese-Explore-1390600-Ratcheting-Cargo/dp/B01414B9HI/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=reese+bed+bar&qid=1579385708&sr=8-1 Literally my only gripes with the box are that it covers one of tie down rings in the bed, and blocks some light from one of the bed mounted cargo lights. Not deal breakers for me, unless I had two boxes and it was that way on both sides.
  9. I've had one for about a year now. Absolutely love it, especially with the lack of storage these trucks have really. I think mine has the metal latch and has never rattled that I can hear except if it's not fully latched (user error). One of those things I don't know how I lived without before haha, hoping the tonneau cover I just put on ends up being the same way.
  10. Thanks! Will look into this as well. Update to the update ?: Got new relays in (only $20) and once again one headlight went out and then later both. Back to the drawing board Monday. Thanks for the input tho guys no doubt the relays ballasts would’ve eventually became issues, the relays in there were cheapies
  11. No I did not buy from that site, would love to pick his brain though lol and no worries on the ballasts, I got them at a discount since I’ve had so much trouble and I can tell they are beefier for sure. It must be the polarity issues that customer service keepers harping about I’ll have to get more information. Just very frustrating, according to them it’s only an issue with them on gm trucks, if I’d have known I would’ve done something different!
  12. Update: Got the Hylux ballasts, put them in a couple days ago. Hadn't driven it at night until tonight, and it has the same issues. One headlight out, then both. At my wits end with them, anyone else have any ideas? Ballasts are not near anything hot in engine bay. I'm even open to other light set ups people have that they like, if I can't get them to work I'm getting refunded.
  13. Awesome thanks so much for the advice, definitely a bad feeling having them go out while going down the road! The site I bought from sells the hylux ballasts, going to try to get them to send me some free or at least discounted bc I spent extra to get the 50w morimoto ballasts with my kit. If not I’ll go through the site you mentioned.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. Going back to stock isn't really an option for me. Awesome, I'm assuming they will work with the morimoto bulbs? Customer service keeps telling me to test polarity throughout the wiring harness but I'm done spending time and money on it, already sent the whole system in once for them to test while I bought factory headlight caps to keep water out the lens while they were gone.
  15. I have a 2014 sierra with the Morimoto HID kit (50w ballasts 5500k bulbs). Worked flawlessly for nearly a year and now the driver side headlight goes out intermittently. It will go out and then usually I have to restart the truck (cycling headlights on/off won't work) to get it to come back on only for it to go out again randomly. Ballasts don't seem to be getting hot, customer support says to check the polarity while truck is in drive but issue still happens while in park. Ground is tight to battery and where it grounds on the truck, and it's a good ground with no paint. I also have the anti flicker part installed. Sorry if this has been discussed before search didn't come up with anything. Headlights are fantastic when working right
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