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  1. I've got a 14 Sierra SLT 5.3, had it since 16, put roughly 100k miles on it. It was certified pre owned I bought it with 38k on it. For what it's worth, here's the issues I've had. -Oil consumption @ 70k miles(all 8 rings seized on pistons), covered under warranty and fixed with updated GM pistons/rings. Completely fixed the problem, has not used a drop since (I realize you will probably not have a warranty tho) -Rear axle seals -High pressure fuel pump -AC Condenser replaced. They all get a hole in them somewhere near a weld. GM knows this and a good dealer should be able to get them to cover some of (or all, I honestly don't remember) the cost, even out of warranty. -Mine never had a problem, but I had the GM updated transmission thermostat valve installed preemptively to prevent transmission failure. Makes the transmission run cooler, valve was $70 or so. That's all I can think of offhand. That being said, I love the truck and would buy it again. Truck has aged well, especially the interior. GM has addressed this for 22, but my SLT plus interior is definitely nicer than my buddy's 19 SLT. Mine is mostly highway miles but does see mud occasionally and has towed on some long trips. I'd say not the hardest life but definitely not the easiest either. I Blackbear tuned mine once it was out of warranty and I probably wouldn't like the truck as much as I do if not for that, made it run night and day better. I also probably wouldn't buy another one had the oil consumption not been covered under warranty. I know not all of them do that though. I have two great GM dealerships I work with that treat me awesome and really know their stuff. Hope this info helps.
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I'd say its either this time of year, or the fact that i do short commutes throughout the day so maybe the fluid never has a chance to get warm? Who knows, will keep an eye on it
  3. Do you guys that are running lower transmission temps now notice any difference in fuel mileage? Yeah I know its a truck not a prius and all that jive, and I know it'd take a lot of fuel savings to pay for a new $5k transmission install, but my truck did pretty good before and now it's went to hell in a hand basket. I will continue to monitor, I know it's a terrible time of year for good mpgs but according to dic it's tanked doing the same trips on the same fuel. Had the updated thermostat valve (part number 86774933) installed last week and dropped the pan changed fluid and trans filter. That's the only change in the truck. Trans runs 145-150 degrees now. 14 sierra 5.3 6 speed btw.
  4. Was in a pinch to find Amsoil Signature ATF, the website said it was temporarily backordered but I needed it quick. Messaged Black02Silverado and received a quick response, and that he had it in stock. Price on it was more than fair with the GM-trucks discount and I received the product in two days. Would recommend him to anyone. This is the second site vendor I have dealt with and both have been awesome to deal with and saved me money Our forum is lucky to have them!
  5. I had factory ranchos and was always happy with the ride. Hit 100k and needed new tires so figured I'd get new shocks too since I'd heard that was about their lifetime and I could see the rears were rusted badly. I've had 6112s (set on stock height) and 5100 rears for over a year now and am still super happy with them. Them and the Blackbear tune are the best money I've ever spent on mods. Roads around here are awful, and the 6112s eat up potholes and bumps like it's nothing. I didn't measure before/after but I know for sure the front shocks lifted the front end of the truck after install, and it settled down a lot but fairly certain it's still higher than stock but a negligible difference. I'd recommend them to anyone. Can't speak for their longevity obviously.
  6. In search of an OEM complete rear step bumper for sierra/silverado 1500 with cut outs for parking sensors. Looking for Silver Ice Metallic but will entertain anything other than chrome. Thanks!
  7. Did you get your Bilstein 6112 issue figured out?

    1. HighSierraAT


      Sorry I just saw this, I was not the one with the issue with them.  I put 6112s (stock setting) and 5100s rear and love it, have had them probably about 6 months.  Believe it was BattleBorn off-road where I got them, at that time had a discount for members of this forum.

    2. Grover67


      Thanks for the feedback. I decided to go with them, got them through Summit Racing a few weeks back. Haven't installed them yet as I started another project of getting my old Camaro back out of storage and up for sale. Hopefully in the next few weeks.


      Thanks again

  8. I have a 14 with the 5.3. Had something similar happen to mine, my low oil light came on about halfway between services. I was 1.5-2 quarts low. I added oil until full and it was another quart or so low by service time. Fortunately I have a friend who works in service and trusted me not to run an oil consumption test and they tore into my engine and discovered all 8 rings on all 8 cylinders were seized shut. Around the same time, GM had came out with updated pistons and rings for this problem. They put those in my truck, that was around 70k miles. I'm at 105k and have had no oil usage since. Also as luck would have it, I was still within my powertrain warranty which covered it all including a loaner for the week. As a sidenote I also started running a catch can and amsoil after that as I plan on running this truck to high mileage. Hope this helps!
  9. There's definitely some protection in there, I'm no electrician so i can't explain what kind lol. After running a blow up air mattress and a jig saw on mine I brought a coffee maker to the camp site. Was real sad when I had to pay for coffee at the general store, but didn't blow a fuse after trying the coffee pot 3 or 4 times ?
  10. Have had the same set up for about a week now, only I'm on stock height. Definitely something wrong, mine soaks up the bumps like you say but rides as good or better than stock normal driving. Wondering if something didn't get installed correctly? I know that's not much help, just helping verify that's not how they should act. Other guys can probably shed some light but I thought I read the rears can mistakenly be put on upside down? Per Bilsteins FAQ
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. Not sure which specific ones I'm going with yet gonna see what the installer recommends. Did you happen to get these on yet? Thanks again.
  12. Anyone here had experience with KYB shocks on these trucks? Heard they were good, and reputable shock company. Search only brought up info on Billsteins. Thanks!
  13. Had the same thing happen on my 14, but to my knowledge no one did the power steering recall, it just happened randomly. Dealership found a bad ground on the power steering module (I think) and that was probably 4 months ago and I've had no issues since. Before the truck totally laid down on me a few times, the power steering would go out for a few seconds a handful of times, so it kinda added up in my case.
  14. I use this cargo bar(pretty sure that's it, got it at Walmart), the foot of it will fit under the swing case. Not sure how it would work keeping something real heavy in place, but worked great against my 5 gallon gas can. Thing seems pretty sturdy. https://www.amazon.com/Reese-Explore-1390600-Ratcheting-Cargo/dp/B01414B9HI/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=reese+bed+bar&qid=1579385708&sr=8-1 Literally my only gripes with the box are that it covers one of tie down rings in the bed, and blocks some light from one of the bed mounted cargo lights. Not deal breakers for me, unless I had two boxes and it was that way on both sides.
  15. I've had one for about a year now. Absolutely love it, especially with the lack of storage these trucks have really. I think mine has the metal latch and has never rattled that I can hear except if it's not fully latched (user error). One of those things I don't know how I lived without before haha, hoping the tonneau cover I just put on ends up being the same way.
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