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    2017 GMC Denali 2500 HD
  1. Haven't noticed an issue such as that thus far on our 2017 GMC denali 2500HD which now has 14,500ish miles on 20 inch stock rims/tires....That mentioned at 11.8K miles we did call Good-Year tires directly to ask them for help warranting out the 2 front tires which they did help portion out at a prorated rate as the tires were wearing out unevenly...Mostly an feathering appearance to them...But while I'm unsure of this, I suspect some of the feathering might have been the dealer forgot to rotate the tires at the first free oil change of 2 services GM offers when buying the truck new though they mentioned they would/did....Happily Good Year worked with America's Tire for our replacement help.
  2. Remote starting problem

    ? On the dual battery setup system of the diesel trucks....Is one battery more dominate than the other for certain/separate circuitry component features ? Or are they combined to handle it all ? Like with this question for example; One for the remote start system, lights, all defrosts or AC if hot out, etc... and the other handles normal start-ups with the key, dash circuitry and whatever else might be on that circuit + whatever's been left on by the driver switch wise.
  3. Towing Mirror Harness Questions

    While I didn't fully search all this out I quickly happen to run across the following linked site that offers a chart and good description down to the right of the chart that might be able to help you better as it seems pretty detailed regarding the towing mirrors.....https://www.shopgmcparts.com/trailering/2018-sierra-3500-trailering-mirror-harness-driverside-door/gm/84290984-p-7536.html While on the same website and clicking on a 17 2500HD trailering kit offers some info it seems, https://www.shopgmcparts.com/2017-sierra-2500hd/trailering-c-82_878_906.html Not sure if you've searched that site but if you can't find the info needed maybe it'd be worth a call. Hope this helps some, good luck.
  4. 2015 HD Brake Pedal Binding

    Possibly you may have slightly bent one of the brake pedal actuating bracketry rotating arms during the traffic collision to where one of the brackets are now getting hung-up in the moving cycle at say certain odd foot pressing angles periodically. < If so then one thought may be the arm bracket that goes through the firewall to the brake booster assembly could be getting caught up someway like maybe on the walls edge for instance. Have you tried moving the powered adjustable pedal assembly to see if it helps change or solve the feel of the binding sensation? Also can you feel the binding sensation only while the engine is running or turned off as well?
  5. P0300 Random/multiple misfire

    Just went through code P0300 on an 2010 chrysler town and country van 4.0L with occasionally very intermittent P0306 popping up to start then eventually P0304 showed up roughly half a year later.....This took awhile to figure out as it did it mostly at idle but occasionally at higher RPM's too. I started off with new spark plugs which the old ones looked fine and one new coil for cylinder #6......Ran okay after that but you could still feel some roughness to the engine at idle mostly....Codes stopped for awhile then P0300 came back strong with intermittent P0304.... I now wish I did a cylinder compression test while the plugs where out but didn't think it was really needed suspecting injectors, sensors or coils, pcv valve, EGR valve which was replaced as it was questionable while rattling it and cheap enough while in there.......Cleaned throttle body, and all intake plenum related components....MAF sensor seemed okay so didn't mess with that too much plus with no codes for it was hoping for the best though it's on a big list of possibilities when thoroughly reading through this code online from different websites as the list kind of varies. Ran a bunch of fuel cleaners through it for fuel treatment and injectors, etc. as the van did at one point get a bad load of fuel from a high capacity chevron station. The exhaust smelt funny/odd too throughout the ordeal. Started to suspect injectors being dirty, low fuel flow, etc. and almost pulled them for inspection, cleaning or replacement if needed but held off because the van is still technically under chrysler lifetime warranty so cost wise wasn't worth it... yet. Also sort of suspected a possible voltage diode type problem say within the alternator as the headlights seem to slightly flicker during the issue of the code popping up after clearing. For the heck of it I temporarily tried a new alternator as it was easy enough to get too to no avail and all battery posts where clean and tight etc.. Though it took the dealer close to a month to find the issue; 'Cylinder # 4 and 6 where low on compression down to 105 psi while the rest where just over 175 if I recall them saying correctly.....Under warranty the van ended up with a new engine and it runs great now with no more rough idle, etc.. Moral of my story is you may as well perform the compression test and hope it's not it before going after the sensors, injectors etc. for code P0300. Let us know, good luck.
  6. Chrome caps on new tow mirrors

    These videos should help get you started...^ Skip ahead to the 3:14 mark to see him pop of the lower cap. ... ... ... To see how the top cap comes off skip to 3:26ish mark.
  7. Midnight Edition - questions

    Hi there, for a starting point one option to consider (if you haven't yet) is the following link below may help with some of your questions by way of going into the Chevy Build Your Truck ( Build Your Midnight ) section and one by one add/click the features you would like to have (and even the features you wouldn't like) to help see what other features you'd / they'd have to remove to have those other options you like. http://www.chevrolet.com/byo-vc/client/en/US/chevrolet/silverado/2018/silverado-2500hd/exterior For two example I clicked on power sunroof and the pop-up window said the following:....( (Changing Power sunroof will also change the following: Remove Snow Plow Prep Package 220-amp alternator Provision for cab roof-mounted lamp beacon Price Change: $1,130) (Changing Chrome, Outside, power-adjustable, power-folding vertical trailering mirrors with Amber running lamps will also change the following: Remove Body-color mirror caps Price Change: $295) Note that trailering mirrors are considered the big mirrors vs the smaller mirrors typically seen on the 1500's. If the links above don't go to the Midnight addition then this link http://www.chevrolet.com/truck-life/silverado/special-editions#midnight should get you there too but you'll have to click on Build Your Midnight.
  8. DEF tank

    Seeing the guy mentioned Upland CA and knowing there's a few big upgrade type shops for trucks, etc. in that area...... Via another forum I'm on I sought out one of the members as he is tied into one of those shops and it turns out he may of been most likely the one that installed them on the truck you had saw that day. He say's they received a decent size shipment of power steps when the manufacturer started shipping that fit the 17-18 2500’s and he still has some in stock.:) The shops name for those interested would be HTW Motorsports in Upland, CA located at 356 E Foothill Blvd, Upland CA 91786. ‪(909) 946-3338 https://www.htwauto.com/ One of the guys name to try to talk to would be Chris [email protected]
  9. While I do believe most of the newer trucks offer some sort of lock and unlock settings that you should be able to adjust for how you'd like the locks to work/activate in a general matter of design, Your description sounds about reverse of general design so most probable case is there is a program setting within one of the lock features of something I'll unofficially name 'Vehicle door lock control command modules' or maybecalled BCM (Body Control Module)... Please know this is just a guess/thought on my part but I'd have to believe a GM dealer would have to do a reprogram to one of the modules which is done through the main PCM system as a starting point. Does the issue seem intermittent or continuous? Below is some really good info of what the BCM controls as one of the lists is long.
  10. Possibly the other same topic may open for you as an direct link....; http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/209824-2017-sierra-denali-rear-window-exploded/
  11. Is this part of my truck?

    What year is your truck? The following link should be your fuel cap with a few pretty good images of a new cap.... Maybe the gasket you found fits over the center part of the cap as it looks like something should fit over the center white part of the cap? https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-NEW-Fuel-Tank-Gas-Cap-2015-Silverado-Sierra-2500-HD-3500-HD-DIESEL-/191766138415 Here's a good source of GM parts breakdowns using a 2015 Chevy 2500 HD fuel system to browse as an example, https://www.lookupgmparts.com/v-2015-chevrolet-silverado-2500-hd--high-country--6-6l-v8-diesel/fuel-system--fuel-system-components https://www.lookupgmparts.com/v-2015-chevrolet-silverado-2500-hd--high-country--6-6l-v8-diesel Maybe find your model just to see, https://www.lookupgmparts.com/
  12. Do you happen to know or could you find out what code was popping up while the check engine light came on? Do you or a neighbor own an automotive scan tool to check stored or pending codes? https://www.harborfreight.com/can-obd-ii-deluxe-scan-tool-62119.html ... https://www.harborfreight.com/can-obd-ii-deluxe-scan-tool-62119.html Also if you're still subscribed with OnStar in any way shape or form; Calling OnStar while in your truck should be able to tell you what code is (or was) popping up and a general indication of why. One other resort may be checking all your past emails titled something like 'Your past Diagnostics Report from your GMC Sierra HD Crew Cab Diesel' as they may tell you there as well. An example of mine. Diagnostics Report from your 2017 GMC Sierra HD Crew Cab Diesel as of 01/02/2018 A recall or other issue has been identified for your vehicle. See the Recalls and Programs section for any action you should take. Tire Pressure: -- • We are unable to read one or more of your tire pressure values. Check your tires for proper inflation. • Recommended tire pressure - Front: 60 psi, Rear: 75 psi Vehicle Maintenance No oil change due at this time. Remaining Oil Life: 22% Mileage: 5,880
  13. Coolant leak

    The first following link is a must read for photo visual's of where to look for coolant leaks on the l5p engines, http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=7510 http://www.duramaxforum.com/forum/l5p-tsb-service-bulletins-recalls-updates/893042-l5p-bulletins-recalls-updated-calibrations-3.html#post11062898
  14. Aw CA, I sure wish someone could write a book for all the things we're allowed to do but I know that would be nearly impossible because by the time you were done writing/verifying it all, something you were once allowed to do would be no longer permitted in-turn outdating the book before it's release. And yep you guessed it, the said book would only be a couple pages long as opposed to the book of things you can't do would go well into the thousands of pages....< Joking around of course.....Well sort of. ..... Here's the book of CA codes for possible future references.....https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes.xhtml The below info looks to be part of this discussion as for when the top lights are needed. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displayText.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&division=12.&title=&part=&chapter=2.&article=6. Maybe at the very least you could talk your dealer into just adding the GM RPO code TRW : PROVISIONS LAMP, ROOF MOUNTED to the build list and just "see" what happens when you receive the truck??...Maybe it will get over looked during the build process. . I do believe you'll have registration issues with the DMV if you buy a truck either outside of CA or if the truck doesn't have the YF5 : CERTIFICATION, EMISSION, For "CALIFORNIA" Sticker on it..... Plus if you do talk them into it, It may cost you extra money too...https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/?1dmy&urile=wcm:path:/dmv_content_en/dmv/pubs/brochures/fast_facts/ffvr29 If interested, Here is a list of GM's production option codes, http://www.marshu.com/images-website/car/gm-firebird-camaro-rpo-car-door-manufacturer-codes/gm-firebird-camaro-GM-RPO-car-codes.pdf Are you going to add the GM stock GOOSENECK / FIFTH-WHEEL PREP PACKAGE? Looks like a good strong setup while actually building the truck vs bolt-on later, http://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/sierra-fifth-wheel-prep-package.html Good luck.

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