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  1. Headlight upgrade

    bulb fitment was fine, no issues with heat so far. its been 6 months. trickiest part was getting the dust caps back on. lol i did not upgrade my high beams for a couple reasons, 1) the HID kit in the projectors does a great job with light output and basically makes my highs useless, and 2) the highs on the LTZs are reflector housings. LED does not require warmup, but im not convinced LED puts out as uniform/concentrated light (even through a projector, by way of design) as a HID bulb does.
  2. F150 calling?

    Would you buy a Diesel 3/4 ton without a turbo? No, you wouldn't (cant). somehow that's different, right?....Forced Induction is not "artificial displacement." I would argue it's "optimized displacement." im not a fan of Ford at all, and would likely never buy one with the 3.5L ecoboost, but its very difficult to deny the engine specs, and ability to tune a forced induction motor. Much cheaper horsepower...
  3. Headlight upgrade

    I did this kit in my 15 LTZ. light output is fantastic. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/hid-systems-15/hid-systems-vehicle-specific/2014-silverado-morimoto-elite.html very simple install.
  4. buying Toyo tires online?

    http://www.tiresdirect.net Toyo has a $100 instant rebate off a set of 4, btw. I just ordered a set of 4 Open Country AT2s in 275/55/20 and it came to 643.99 (free shipping + instant rebate)
  5. Playing videos

    maybe the parking brake needs to be applied? in my wife's QX56 the front display will play video only if it is in park, and the parking brake is on. the rear displays are on no matter what. just a thought.
  6. This is why we opted for a large SUV as my wife's vehicle. Logistically the truck is fine if we aren't carting the dogs around (100lb lab, 70lb golden retriever) If we need to bring the dogs along with us, we take the QX56.
  7. i just completed my RC level about a month ago. had a similar issue as well. a 5lb hammer did the trick. on the driver side i did put one bolt in top down and one in bottom up. No issues so far.
  8. Chevy vs tundra

    i owned a 2007 tundra DC 4x4 and a 2014 tundra DC 4x4 both lifted on 35s. between both trucks over 200k miles without ever seeing the shop. Including a lot of very harsh off road miles chasing my buddy in his raptor I loved those trucks, but after moving across the country (forced to sell the 14 before we moved as it was my 3rd vehicle) i decided to try a Chevy. The Chevy has been good to me so far, and is nicer on the inside, but the tundras throttle response, and butter smooth transmission i am really starting to miss. I DONT miss the gas mileage i got. i was averaging about 8mpg highway with a procomp stage 2 lift, and 35x12.5x20 Toyo Open Country RTs. good luck, drive both and see what you personally like better. vehicles are a very personal choice.
  9. i ran 35x12.5x20 Open Country RTs on my last truck and loved them. Aggressive look, very tame on the road, performed extremely well off road and in the mud, and were very quiet. When my factory tires are done im putting on RTs again.
  10. i've got this same issue and thought it may be some minor surface rust. i do have some iron-x on order. so ill try that first. lots of interesting theories on this. Glad im not the only one! haha
  11. Tundra and Denali

    To be fair, The tundra's frame is called "Triple-Tech" and is not entirely "open C frame" - the front 1/3 is boxed, the middle 1/3 is rolled C Channel, and the rear 1/3 is C. It's a similar in design to Fords Superduty lineup. Im not suggesting one design is any better than the other, but the Tundra was behaving as designed in that video. From an engineering perspective, while a fully boxed frame is more rigid than the Tundras, The Tundra's design provides more Torsional strength.
  12. Tundra and Denali

    Former tundra owner - new silverado owner. had nothing but a fantastic experience with my tundras. I beat the hell out of these trucks in the Sonoran desert on a regular basis and did not break anything. Never saw the shop etc. The only complaint was the awful gas mileage but with 6" lifts and 35s, and TRD supercharged 8mpg should have been expected. I decided on a Silverado for no other reason than to give GM a shot after moving from AZ to MI. 15 silverado LTZ - so far a pretty nice ride. no complaints. my 07 and 14 tundras.

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