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  1. Crew or Double Cab?

    crew cab = made in mexico double cab = made in america if this makes a difference to you:)
  2. I just noticed this after owning the truck for about 9 months but the speed info tab gives you the speed limit on the road your on and changes accordingly how cool is that?
  3. isn't the ridgeline a Japanese El Camino?
  4. Grill Overlays? Anyone got them?

    mine is fro SCA i like it... holly necro btw...
  5. Black paint swirls

    use only foam applicators to apply/remove wax.
  6. Changed my oil today

  7. Thank god i had enough room:) I still spilled oil all over the dam place haha
  8. All I know is it’s a fabtech 6” lift. Love mine apex
  9. This happened on my 2011 f150 dealer replaced it no questions asked, service manager said its common...
  10. thanks for the update...
  11. Daughter made a princess bed.
  12. Good quality stuff already bought it a while ago.

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