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  1. I think debadging the Silverado off the doors and removing the Z71 sticker on the box would clean it up a little. Your pickup looks good though! I've always love blacked out pickups.
  2. I would definitely suggest test driving a Chevy/GMC with the 6.2. I've had a 02 LB7 GMC and a 05 LLY Chevy (LLY was junk) I know the LBZ was a awesome motor! I was in the same boat you are in that I no longer needed a 3/4 ton diesel. I had 2014 Chevy with the 5.3 and currently have a 2014 Chevy with the 6.2 and love it. I test drove a Ford with the Eco boost and wasn't impressed, and never been a fan of the gas Dodges.
  3. WTB drivers tail light

    I have one. I went with aftermarket because I cracked my passenger side. Driver's side is still in good condition. Let me know if interested.
  4. Laughable dealership experience

    I agree, sticker on this is 62k. I could look for a lower package and get way cheaper, but I like the loaded out creature comforts that puts it over the top. I went from a 14 LTZ to a 08 2500 LT and hated it because I was use to the comfort and "luxury" of the newer high end package. Then I found the High Country with the 6.2 and fell in love haha. I have a buddy that says a pickup is a tool, and doesn't need all those fancy things, and if you want to go fast buy a sports car. Everyone has there own perspective on what they want. If I didn't live in Wyoming where I need 4x4, I would have a CTS-V or Chevy SS.
  5. Laughable dealership experience

    130k miles. I knew I wasn't going to get book out of it with that high miles, but 13500 was stupid low in my opinion. Yep, I know that's how they get people. Coming in low and wanting to negotiate for hours/ days just to get to a price that's making people feel good because they came up from 13500 to 17000, but I'm not one of those people anymore haha. I've been that guy before and will never be that guy again. I know where you are coming from, but I want all the bells and whistles plus going fast haha I thought about getting a older pickup to do this too, but I would rather have 1 that does it all. Next steps for my 14 will be heads,cam, converter, and a Whipple.
  6. So I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado High Country with the 6.2. I absolutely love my pickup and have allot of money into making it the way I want. So for sharts and giggles I occasionally check the local dealerships around me when I'm bored. I saw they had 25% off 2018 High Country and LTZ, and got my head spinning about upgrading to a brand new High Country. I get off work early and head down to the dealer to just "look" at the one I found online. I would obviously take 90% of the mods I've done to mine ( wheels, tires, headers, exhaust, headers, MIT, tuner, tail lights, etc) to make it sound and look stock. I know they won't give you money for mods and prefer to have them more on the stock side. Lot lizard is all over me as soon as I pull in and one thing leads to another and I drive the 18. Just a few more creature comforts in the 18 vs my 14, and it's black and mine is pearl white. I said I'm just looking because I don't need to upgrade but if the numbers look good I'll be willing to get into a new one. So after rebates they are at $46,114 and I NADA mine and see it books for $25,000 rough trade and $28,225 clean trade. I know this is a "guide" but usually I see between rough and average trade. My 14 is in great condition inside and out with a few small things that are going to happen with a 4 year old pickup. They come to me with $13,500 trade allowance. I was literally laughing when I saw that. So I was getting up to walk out and the salesman was giving me a look like he didn't know why. I told him the book values of mine, so he got the boss man to come talk to me. I knew my truck was from Canada but had no idea the that if you go to trade it, the dealer will value it like it was a clapped out ranch work truck. I was polite and said thanks for your time and left. Like I said I love my 14 and knowing it's not worth crap trading I'm going to keep driving it and moding it to my liking.
  7. Selling my Y-Pipe i had made that came off my 2014 silverado 6.2. This was mated to my Kooks headers and will bolt onto the factory cat back. I had this made because I received my headers before my kooks y pipe showed up and couldn't wait to install them. this has no bungs for O2 sensors and you will need some bolts to couple them to the headers. asking $300 and if there is shipping i could work with the buyer on that. Located in NE Wyoming
  8. 130,000 miles on my 14 6.2 and never had a catch can. Never done any treatments, only thing I've done is wiped the throttle body when I installed my Airaid MIT. One day I'll get enough money saved up to do TSP heads and cam swap and do a thread with pictures of what everything looks like. Any cash donations towards this I wouldn't mind haha 😀💸
  9. Yep that's for the set. I did their HID low beam kit at the same time, and I got their black Friday deal at 20% off everything. They have deals every once in a while if you keep an eye out for them.
  10. Another vote for these. Put them in my 2014 and love them!
  11. Thought about doing a b&w goose neck instead? I've got one in my 1500 and use it for a horse trailer and small dump trailer. The adapter for the 5th wheel camper is pretty cheap and you won't have any big rails sticking up just flip the ball over and your back to having the whole bed free
  12. 2014 GMC Sierra Oil cooler line leak

    Very common problem, even on older generations. Mine have been "leaking" since I've owned my pickup. Currently 130k miles. I plan on cutting the hard lines by the crimp on both ends, flaring the hard lines and putting hose clamps on instead of another set of crimped lines that will eventually leak. If it's covered under warranty I'd have the dealer replace on their dime, but the fix I plan on doing is maybe $20 in parts.

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