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  1. I now have 137k miles on mine. Was toying around with trading mine in or selling out rite, but decided to keep it. No plans on getting rid of it now. I like it too much and hate the looks of the 19’s. Once it is paid off I plan on getting a CT’s-v or similar 4 door sports car. Wish I could just get a camaro or Vette, but having a wife and 1 year old it’s not in the cards haha
  2. 14-18 Chevy Borla 6.2L Side Exit Exhaust System

    Being that it’s the GM Borla system, would that make it the touring muffler? Would like to tone mine down some. I started with Corsa Sport cat back , then removed the Corsa muffler and Put the flow master pro series muffler in its place. Still too loud with headers and catless y pipe. If this is the touring I may be interested. If I remember right your located a couple hours from me in Wyoming. Let me know. Thanks!
  3. Who else has a gooseneck in their 1/2 ton? I have a 2014 Silverado High Country 6.2 with a b&w flip over gooseneck. Has been very handy and prefer it over bumper pull any day. I’ve towed a 4 horse trailer, a 16’ dump trailer, and a 20’ car trailer. I have the factory trailer brake controller as well as firestone helper air bags. Curious about who else has a gooseneck in their 1/2 ton.
  4. 2014 High Country..

    I have a 2014 High Country with 136,000 miles. I bought it a little over 2 years ago with a little over 100,000 miles for $26,000. Has been a fantastic pickup. The reason I bought it was because of the 6.2. Pretty much stock when I got it. I’ve done some preformance mods as well as appearance mods. As far as your mods, it seems pretty straight forward. Vinyl is cheap and easy to do yourself. And going from bucket seats to jump seat you should find many people on here that want to do the opposite, and would “trade” you in a heartbeat.
  5. Very similar to my setup. I have Kooks 1 7/8 headers, cat less y pipe, into pro series muffler. I had Corsa sport cat back, but removed the Corsa muffler and put the pro series in its place. Love the sound! Do you have any “raspy” noise around 2000-3000 rpm? That’s the only spot it sounds off.
  6. long tube headers?

    I bought Kooks 1 7/8” with cat less y pipe. I paid $1100 shipped for everything. I installed them myself and took about 4 hours and a 6 pack. The big 4 are Kooks, American Racing, Texas speed and Stainless works. All of these are stainless and good quality. There are cheaper routes like pacesetter etc.
  7. long tube headers?

    No. They usually sell the long tubes separate because you can choose if you want/need cats, and what kind of cats you want in the y pipe. I think short tube headers can use the stock y pipe, but I’m not positive
  8. Blackbear is what I have on mine and a lot of people on this site use them. Definitely woke it up
  9. Header install help

    I’m running stage 8 on mine. They came with my Kooks headers. Never had a issue with them coming loose or rattling.
  10. When I did mine around 120k miles, I used a swivel, couple extensions, and my cordless Dewalt 1/2” impact. Came right out. Then again I wasn’t too worried about breaking them because I was doing my Kooks Headers and y pipe at the same time haha. I use a impact whenever I can. The hammer on the impact usually breaks them free before they snap off.
  11. Long tube headers.

    Another vote for Kooks. I’ve had my 1 7/8” LT with catless Y on for about a year. Fit great and sound great. I’m running a Corsa catback but instead of the sport muffler I switched to the Flowmaster pro series. Super loud!
  12. I have the “stubby” brand off amazon. I listen to Pandora 90% of the time and Xm when there is a free trial going on like now. Very very rarely use am/fm. Cleans up the look a lot.
  13. 2014 6.2 custom off road Y-Pipe

    Bump price drop $200 Waterfowler is correct. Could be used on a 5.3 by changing the connection
  14. Working with Headers

    I am running Kooks 1 7/8 long tubes with catless y pipe. They came with stage 8 locking bolts for the headers and the connection at the y pipe to headers. It’s been a little over a year and no leaks with the provided header bolts from stage 8. I deleted my rear 02’s and just put plugs in the bungs.

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