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  1. Blackbear is what I have on mine and a lot of people on this site use them. Definitely woke it up
  2. Header install help

    I’m running stage 8 on mine. They came with my Kooks headers. Never had a issue with them coming loose or rattling.
  3. When I did mine around 120k miles, I used a swivel, couple extensions, and my cordless Dewalt 1/2” impact. Came right out. Then again I wasn’t too worried about breaking them because I was doing my Kooks Headers and y pipe at the same time haha. I use a impact whenever I can. The hammer on the impact usually breaks them free before they snap off.
  4. Long tube headers.

    Another vote for Kooks. I’ve had my 1 7/8” LT with catless Y on for about a year. Fit great and sound great. I’m running a Corsa catback but instead of the sport muffler I switched to the Flowmaster pro series. Super loud!
  5. I have the “stubby” brand off amazon. I listen to Pandora 90% of the time and Xm when there is a free trial going on like now. Very very rarely use am/fm. Cleans up the look a lot.
  6. 2014 6.2 custom off road Y-Pipe

    Bump price drop $200 Waterfowler is correct. Could be used on a 5.3 by changing the connection
  7. Working with Headers

    I am running Kooks 1 7/8 long tubes with catless y pipe. They came with stage 8 locking bolts for the headers and the connection at the y pipe to headers. It’s been a little over a year and no leaks with the provided header bolts from stage 8. I deleted my rear 02’s and just put plugs in the bungs.
  8. Where I live in Wyoming the highest octane is 91. The Sinclair stations have 91with no ethanol. That’s all I’ve ever run so I don’t know if there is much difference between 91 with the 10% on mpg or not. Having the 6.2 I want to run pure gas
  9. The optional flex fuel sensor, I’m guessing your pickup doesn’t have that option like mine doesn’t (6.2). It just hangs out under there. I zip tied mine up so it doesn’t fall down.
  10. That is the connection for the flex fuel option. Mine was hanging down one day and had to ask the same question haha.
  11. When to change ball joints

    Haha sounds VERY familiar. I’m assuming your talking about the same plains tire in Gillette. I took my pickup in there after I got new wheels and tires. They said the same, your ball joints are shot. Having 125kish miles it wouldn’t surprise me. They quoted me around $1200 I think to do all 4. I’ve done ball joints myself, and know what to check for. I declined their offer to start changing. I drove directly to my shop and checked them myself. Zero play on either side. First and last time I go there also. Like others have said you should know when they start to go by how it drives and tire wear. YouTube has taught me a lot about how to do/check stuff.
  12. Oil catch can:

    Personal preference, I have 135,000 miles on my 2014 6.2. With no problems. Some argue it’s not a problem until it is. I was looking at a 2014 GMC with 200,000 miles on it the other day, ran and drove great, And no catch can.
  13. Labor Day Mod Plans

    I would hold onto your stock plug wires in your garage just in case. I had a set of Taylor’s on my 14 Silverado for about 5-6k Miles, and when I did my header install while removing the wire from the plug the “cap” stayed on the plug and wire came off. That happened to 3 of the 8 plug wires. Stupid me tossed the stock wires when I did the Taylors, and not a single auto parts store in my town had any plug wires for it. Maybe it was a bad set of wires from Taylor, but ticked me off for sure! Ive taken plenty of wires off and had never had that happen before. Just a heads up
  14. I agree, just don’t park next to me in a parking lot that has 30 empty parking spaces around me haha. I have 135,000 Miles on my 2014 High Country and it looks great without a bunch of door dings.
  15. I always park way out back in parking lots. I always get an earful from the wife about parking so far away from the door. So I drop her off at the door 90% of the time. I also find my self staring at my pickup on the way back haha. It really ticks me off when I’m parked in no mans land and some dented up $500 Jalopy decides to park right next to me!

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