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  1. I bought mine from Walt, super knowledgeable guy and his install video makes it super easy!
  2. I have a set out of my wife’s 2015 Yukon we just traded off. I can check tonight if the are the same as my 2014 Silverado.
  3. Airaid intake is sold, everything else is still available!
  4. No it doesn’t. I left the pigtail on the pickup because I had to use an extension due to the location of the sensor. Amazon sells it for like $10
  5. It does not retain the factory xm, but you can download the xm app from the play store. I always just use pandora backup camera is same quality as stock Not that I’ve found, not sure it’s possible. You can still see it ,but is definitely darker at an angle. Gets better the more straight on you get It does not retain factory Sirius xm. i never noticed the time change until you pointed it out. It must auto adjust. I have not had to change it. you can change between the blue and red colors for gmc or Chevy
  6. Going to be trading my pickup in so I stripped off all the aftermarket stuff. Everything came off a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 6.2L High Country crew cab short box Kooks 1 7/8" long tube headers with a Kooks cat-less y-pipe, Cometic header gaskets, Stage 8 locking header bolts, Stage 8 locking y-pipe bolts, and will include 7 new plug wires $1100 + shipping Corsa exhaust with a Flowmaster super series muffler (removed the sport muffler and installed the Flowmaster, did not cut or weld any part of the Corsa system) $900 + shipping Airaid MIT intake tube and K&N filter SOLD Armadillo (gatorback) rear mud flaps and Husky molded front mud flaps $125 shipped Flex fuel sensor and fittings to make it plug and play $50 shipped I am located in Gillette, Wy 82718 for local/close sales.
  7. I've had this installed for a little over a month now, and decided to do a review on it. Im very happy with the performance of this aftermarket unit. I think I cover most of the features on the unit in the video, but if you guys have any questions let me know. This is a good choice if your looking to go aftermarket IMO.
  8. I bought one from Walt at ADC mobile. I’ve been running it for about 3 weeks, and love it. The post got deleted because it was “advertising” and I guess that is not allowed? https://www.adcmobile.com/product/gen-iii-t-style-radio-for-gm-trucks/
  9. On my 14 Chevy you access it from the hole in the fender. It’s a feel what your doing rather than see what your doing. Try a google/YouTube search? That’s what I did to figure out how.
  10. Rear gatorbacks . They cover the 33x12.5 tire all the way.
  11. I have gatorback rears and the husky form molded in front. I’ll take a picture here in a little bit.
  12. Almost 3 years ago I bought my 2014 High Country 6.2. I paid around 26k and it had about 110k miles if I remember correctly. It has been an extremely reliable pickup. i have 137k on it now. When I bought it I did all the fluids ( both diffs, trans filter &fluid, transfer case) I did replace the radiator and thermostat due to the factory issue as seen on this forum for the 14’s. No real issues and runs and drive great! 22 is an ok price. I know when I was thinking about selling mine ( about 6k in aftermarket stuff) I was going to asking 29k private sale. I don’t mind wrenching on my own stuff, so I don’t mind buying higher mileage vehicles at a good price. If I have to work on them I saved enough in the up front purchase to work on them. Some people love the peace of mind with warranty, but I do mods that void it anyway, so I buy used.
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