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  1. Very common problem, even on older generations. Mine have been "leaking" since I've owned my pickup. Currently 130k miles. I plan on cutting the hard lines by the crimp on both ends, flaring the hard lines and putting hose clamps on instead of another set of crimped lines that will eventually leak. If it's covered under warranty I'd have the dealer replace on their dime, but the fix I plan on doing is maybe $20 in parts.
  2. I'd personally never use one of these. My brother ruined his brand new motor in one of his logging machines because the valve came open. I'm sure 99.9% of the time they are fine, but my luck is be the .01% haha
  3. I worked with a guy that did this on a 07 Duramax. He bought the 2wd super cheap and found a totaled 4wd and swapped/welded every thing onto the 2wd. He had very little into it. So if you can do this cheaper than trading in yours it's a good option.
  4. I had the Corsa sport on my 14 L86 and loved it, but after doing Kooks headers with catless y pipe it was too loud for me. I swapped the muffler out for a Flowmaster pro series and it toned it down a bit. I've heard a few Borla around town, and personally the Corsa sport was way better. Corsa doesn't make a touring muffler for the 6.2. I emailed them after doing headers because I wanted swap the sport muffler for the touring, but they said they don't make it. Kinda dumb in my opinion!
  5. I found out that my box on the passenger side where the exhaust exits had been Bondoed and re painted. Had a small crack is how I found out.
  6. Yes, I ordered them from the retrofit source. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/2014-silverado-morimoto-elite.html?carDisplay=2014+Chevrolet+Silverado++w%2F+Projectors&preselect=47309&preselect_restrict=1
  7. If you are just doing the hid kit that included the bulbs and wiring harness it will fit no problem. You already have the projector headlights I assume being a LTZ. I did the low beam kit in my 14 High Country, and only had to drill a hope for the harness. No hacking of the cover or extend ones. I love the kit in my pickup, I did the LED fog lights as well. Huge improvement!
  8. So I've been doing more thinking and research, and I think I want to wait to do a 3/5. Living in Wyoming I don't want to do to much and have to pull it off and go higher. What I was thinking on doing is moving the mounting of the strut from the top of the control arm to the bottom. I've seen some kits that use this as an option with a 1/4" spacer. This will be easily reversible. For the rear I was thinking about removing the spacer in the leafs. Again easily reversible and if I do want to go lower, I'll need to do this anyways. If I like the look or think about going lower I can save up and get a kit with shocks and struts. I'm about due for new shocks and struts having 130k miles. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I had this issue with one of my 02 sensor plugs when I did my headers. I pushed the connection back together and used electrical tape from the wires on one end, over the plug to the wires on the other end.
  10. I just bought some gloss black 3m vinyl off Amazon and did it myself. I had enough left over to do my bowties on my front, rear, and steering wheel.
  11. I just measured mine and it's 12" on the sides and 10" in the middle. I went with 5%. I also did 50% on the rest of the windshield
  12. I like it when your windows are tinted dark. I've got 5% all around with a 5% brow and 50% the rest of the windshield.
  13. It's a little pricey, but it's worth it in my opinion. It's pretty straight forward to work with. Their website and instructions are very detailed and helpful. Definitely more bang for the buck vs a canned tune like superchips. If you have a good Dyno tuner in your area I would go that route, but I have no one close to me that's why I ended up with a custom tune from Black Bear.

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