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  1. Bump & Updated pricing: Headers, y pipe, plugs, and hardware— $900+shipping Exhaust $800 + shipping Mudflaps $100 shipped Pricing obo
  2. Yes needs a tune to enable the e85 tables, and find the sensor
  3. Bump. Headers, exhaust, flex fuel sensor,& mud flaps still available.
  4. I bought mine from Walt, super knowledgeable guy and his install video makes it super easy!
  5. I have a set out of my wife’s 2015 Yukon we just traded off. I can check tonight if the are the same as my 2014 Silverado.
  6. Airaid intake is sold, everything else is still available!
  7. No it doesn’t. I left the pigtail on the pickup because I had to use an extension due to the location of the sensor. Amazon sells it for like $10
  8. It does not retain the factory xm, but you can download the xm app from the play store. I always just use pandora backup camera is same quality as stock Not that I’ve found, not sure it’s possible. You can still see it ,but is definitely darker at an angle. Gets better the more straight on you get It does not retain factory Sirius xm. i never noticed the time change until you pointed it out. It must auto adjust. I have not had to change it. you can change between the blue and red colors for gmc or Chevy
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