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  1. Bought a 77 Suburban, 4 wheel drive, loaded. Brand New. Kept it 21 years and sold it for 1K dollors. Bought a 98 Silverado 4 wheel drive, brand new and kept it 21 years. Sold it for 3500 dollors. My 2007 Duramax is at 116K miles, and mostly sets in the barn. Ill have it til I die or give it to my grandson. My 2015 High Country, will be the same....Or until I am too old to work on it and have to buy an Electric Car.........Forever car.....It can be done.....It helps if you grew up in a time way, way back, when working on a car was a passion....and not a hobby. You had to be able to paint, build motors, transmissons, rear ends, and repair anything that was thrown at you. And most of all.......You have to have your HEALTH... Its much easier to have a forever car if you smoke, drink, do drugs and be stupid with your life. You wont be around ....Forever....and if you are, you will be too sick to worry about trying to keep a Forever Car. Keep it garaged and painted underneath. Dont run to the car wash every time it gets salt on it.....Keep it dry....Dont soak it down at the car wash every week in the winter. Once every 3 weeks to a month is enough. This tip is contrary to all logic...Take it for what its worth to you. I have all kinds of other tips but you will have to figure them out yourself. Good luck on your " Forever " ..venture. ....
  2. My friend, I dont buy many new trucks....but when I have, the first thing that I do is crawl underneath. Jeans and a TEE shirt....crawl all over underneath. If you are too big to fit.....make the dealer put it up on a hoist. I would not have bought that truck. My 2015 ...built in Mexico.....had absolutly no rust anywhere. And yes....after about a month.....I started painting and spraying Amsoil Metal Protector inside everything. These trucks are built for people to lease...rent.....for 2 or 3 years. Run the shit out of it, and give it back. GM does not care. Guys like me who want to keep a truck for a long time....have to do our own rustproofing. Its sad....but its just life. Consider it a lesson learned.
  3. Valvoline Max Life Synthetic Trans Fluid. About $20 from Walmarts per Gallon.
  4. Could be that the contour of the road in that stretch just makes your truck jump in that direction. Probably nothing wrong with your truck. Ive slid sidways many times in my truck.
  5. Just throwing this out there. Cracking Popping sound?? Check your wheel bearing on that side. Jack tire off ground and grab at the top and pull back and forth. See if there is any play. Stranger things have happened.
  6. I have a question. On a ZR-1 Corvette,,,what material is the rods made out of?? Full floating or press fit pins?? How about the ring package? As compared to a pickup truck. Just asking.
  7. Just a quick question. Do you still have a stainless steel fuel line if you are not E-85 compatable??
  8. Your talking 2 or 3 years....Im talking 20 . How much money and how many cars are you going to lease in 20 years? My cars are paid off in 2 to 3 years....The rest is just maintanance. When my trucks hit 5 years, its just liability and glass breakage. You think that you are saving money, and you are really spending money. Sorta like, you cant see the forest for the trees. By the way, Ive never had an extended warranty in my life. So far ,, no need for it. But you dont know my history, or what I have done in my life. You keep talking about 0% financing, well I never finance. I just drive em. These last 3 will be my last. Most people cant, or wont do what I have done with my vehicles. Thats OK. You just keep leasing, Ill just keep driving. Well see who comes out ahead.
  9. Too old to waste money leasing. Bought my 2015 cash, and never looked back. Plan on keeping it 20 years.....or until I die. Still driving my 1998 silverado, and my 2007 Duramax. Dont forget to factor in full coverage insurance on those new trucks. Sorta" bumps up your payment. Like someone said earlier,,,,,Car companys dont lease for your benefit...They are there to make money. Keep you commin' back,, Guaranteed annual income. Keep the money flowing. Young people today should buy a good used vehicle ,, preferably off someone they know.. Change the fluids on a regular basis. Learn how to work on your vehicle. brakes are so easy to maintain as are other things. You can Google how to fix things on just about any vehicle. Thats what Ive done all my life, and im so far ahead of the game moneywise.......well you get the idea.
  10. 2015 High Country. 26k and so far perfect. Another keeper. Never been back to the dealer for anything, not even recalls. My opinion is, "If It Aint Broke, Dont F### With It." Change your fluids when your suposed to, gas it and drive it. I would assume that these problem trucks on the forums are "Bought" trucks and not leased trucks. If I had a leased truck with problems, I would suck it up and at the end of the lease, turn it in. Case closed. Luck of the draw. If my bought truck had a lot of problems, I would trade er in so fast that it would make your head spin. Probablly not on another GM. Life is too short to go through vehicle hassles with stupid dealerships that dont know what they are doing. Out of the millions of trucks that are sold, these forum problems are minor, no mater what brand, Ford or Chrysler. Luck of the Draw!!! You pick your truck, and you take your chances. Thats life. Most of these new trucks are great trucks........Im still driving my 07 Duramax......just another keeper.
  11. I like my weather tecs but they dont clean up very well. Stain very easily.
  12. I've had good luck with Duracell batteries from "Batteries + Bulbs ". Mine is located in Ann Arbor Michigan. They will change your battery at the store.
  13. I call Southeast Michigan, "Gravel Train City"!! There are so many trucks slinging gravel on our roads, that it is ridiculas. When im on a 3 lane, I try to stay as far away as possible.. Two lane roads are the worst. I try to stay far back from everyone now, cars included. Its amazing how this has cut down on my chips. I wish that I had done this when the truck was new. Even though the paint sucks, you can somwhat aleviate the chip problem. I plan on keeping this truck forever, so I should probably get the tape coating on the front end. I think that im in the minority, as people who lease vehicles could care less about paint chips, or anything else on the vehicle. They just figure that they will get another one in a few years, so what. Why should the car companys worry about paint, These " Lease " people far outnumber me or anyone else on this forum. As long as GM is making record profits on cars and trucks, get used to Paint Chips. Just do whatever you can to stop them.
  14. I have a 2015 Silverado High Country and have learned so much from this site, that I thought that I had better sign up. This site has so many knowledgable people on it, and I hope that I can learn more, and possibly help out here and there. Been a car guy all my life.
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