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  1. Never needed receipts or proof of anything to sell one of my vehicles. The guy just looks at my vehicle......looks in my barn.......and says sold. A smart buyer will just know......?
  2. Good grief. After 9 pages Im worn out. I have to take a break and run out to Walmarts to buy a Mobil 1 oil filter for my next oil change........?
  3. I think that at one time or other, I have used them all.........Except for Amsoil. Cannot even picture going 25K miles on oil. Too much of an old school car guy. Makes me feel good to change it before 7K miles.........?
  4. I dont think that its the paint. I think that its in the prep. Why would multiple doors have a problem in the same spot.?? Oil ? Some other substance ? Somehow, something must have dripped on that primer before the white was shot. Was it not wiped off properly? My tricoat has none of this anywhere. Now the painted front bumper is a whole ' nother story. Rock chips everywhere. All I can do at this point is to have a wrap done on it. Where was the truck built? Mine was built in Mexico. Its 5 years old. Somewhere, someone at GM knows why that paint did not stick.
  5. Have always put it on the lug studs. Its not the friction, its the stretch in the stud that you are trying to acomplish with torque. If you have friction with a rusty stud, you are not getting a correct torque reading. I have never lost a wheel on a car or truck either. Lug nuts are not an interferance fit, there is slop between the threads. When you torque that nut, any antisieze is squeesed out to voids in the threads, hence you still have some metal to metal contact. Now, the friction comes from the tapered seat of the lug nut against the wheel. Ive never had one back off yet. Just my opinion and my way of doing things. ,, and too old to care about any other way. Choice is yours about how you do it.
  6. Pick a truck that fits your needs. Ive always had GM trucks and have...........always been fixing GM trucks. They all have their problems and youre not going to get away from that. Closest you can get to not working on them is to just Lease them......Not for me. I think that Dodge is building a pretty good truck these days.......except for rust. Overhead cam motors have been around a long time now, so maybe a Ford? If you dont have a favorite, just flip a coin......Good Luck....
  7. Ive been using anti sieze on my studs and the center diameter my whole life. Its always been my friend. I think that I can safely say that GM is.......well you know. I have never had to beat off a drum or rotor.??
  8. Didnt catch that it was a special paint. Hopefully its just the door thats going to peel. Good luck on your venture......
  9. Automotive Touchup . Com.........Rattle Can......About $20 for color....I think another $10 for Clear. Blend it in with 400 and shoot it. If any other spots develop, you will have the paint ready to go. Thank your lucky stars that you dont have the White Diamond Tricoat like me. .......?
  10. how many miles on the truck?..potholes take their toll on the front suspension. Rotate the tires front to back and see if it still does it. Could be that one or two tires are going bad. If you get 40K miles out of the original tires, your are doing good. Get it to an alighnment shop and go from there.
  11. Buy a tuner. Delete the Active Fuel Management....Raise the shift points by about 300 RPM.......and increase the shift firmness by 25% That should fix ya' right up....
  12. Someone stole mine. The door is just glued on. You can get a nice chrome cover for the one thats on there,....or rip it off and epoxy the new chrome one on in its place. I have a high country, so it now matches my door handles. My truck is a 2015.
  13. Bought a 77 Suburban, 4 wheel drive, loaded. Brand New. Kept it 21 years and sold it for 1K dollors. Bought a 98 Silverado 4 wheel drive, brand new and kept it 21 years. Sold it for 3500 dollors. My 2007 Duramax is at 116K miles, and mostly sets in the barn. Ill have it til I die or give it to my grandson. My 2015 High Country, will be the same....Or until I am too old to work on it and have to buy an Electric Car....?.....Forever car.....It can be done.....It helps if you grew up in a time way, way back, when working on a car was a passion....and not a hobby. You had to be able to paint, build motors, transmissons, rear ends, and repair anything that was thrown at you. And most of all.......You have to have your HEALTH... Its much easier to have a forever car if you smoke, drink, do drugs and be stupid with your life. You wont be around ....Forever....and if you are, you will be too sick to worry about trying to keep a Forever Car. Keep it garaged and painted underneath. Dont run to the car wash every time it gets salt on it.....Keep it dry....Dont soak it down at the car wash every week in the winter. Once every 3 weeks to a month is enough. This tip is contrary to all logic...Take it for what its worth to you. I have all kinds of other tips but you will have to figure them out yourself. Good luck on your " Forever " ..venture. ....
  14. My friend, I dont buy many new trucks....but when I have, the first thing that I do is crawl underneath. Jeans and a TEE shirt....crawl all over underneath. If you are too big to fit.....make the dealer put it up on a hoist. I would not have bought that truck. My 2015 ...built in Mexico.....had absolutly no rust anywhere. And yes....after about a month.....I started painting and spraying Amsoil Metal Protector inside everything. These trucks are built for people to lease...rent.....for 2 or 3 years. Run the shit out of it, and give it back. GM does not care. Guys like me who want to keep a truck for a long time....have to do our own rustproofing. Its sad....but its just life. Consider it a lesson learned.
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