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  1. Help identify this part

    Thanks for the info! Looks like it will be coming back out this weekend. I will zip tie it in place like you suggested.
  2. I pulled the back seats out of my crew cab to install an amp and replace the factory Bose sub with an 8” kicker. After putting the backs seats back in I found this piece by the back wall where the seats mount. Anybody know where it goes? Hope I don’t have to pull the seats again. Thanks!
  3. Wireless charging

    Why are people complaining about technology that their truck never included in the first place? I mean it’s not really GMs fault your truck can’t instantly charge your phone while it’s in your pocket and do wireless android auto or CarPlay simultaneously. This is literally emerging technology and GM builds vehicles. They don’t make cell phones.
  4. CB Radio Install

    This radio has the speaker on the mic. But I am running an external speaker that is mounted up under the center console with the CB. It is very easy to hear even over music on the radio.
  5. I’ve had a radio installed in my truck since I bought it in 2015 but decided to upgrade my radio setup and figured I would share some pics of the install. I had originally had a Stryker SR-89MC converted to 11m but upgraded to a Uniden CMX760 with an RM KL-35 linear. 4ft firestik is tuned for a perfect 1.1 swr...dead keys 21w and swings to 30w. It is a clean install that isn’t bulky and you can remove the mic and unscrew the antenna and you’d almost never know a CB was installed if you ever needed to. Sorry the pics are sideways, I posted from my phone and don’t know how to rotate them to post properly.
  6. My truck has the factory RSE so I tested with a blu-ray disk but I don't see any reason why USB video would not work.
  7. I came across an awesome product and thought it was worth sharing. It is a video in motion unlock module I bought on eBay part # GM-VIM1. Can’t be beat for the price compared to others I’ve seen for 3x as much $$$. Plug and play, with only 2 connections. Installation took 15 minutes. You just unclip the fascia around the HMI screen, remove 4x 7mm bolts that hold the HMI on, unplug the grey connector and plug it into the module and then plug the module into where the grey connector was. Reassemble and it’s done. The part I like most is I can now enter addresses in navigation while driving, watching videos while driving is just a secondary benefit.
  8. Not a common problem. Something had to have hit it hard to crack it. I would try some JB weld over the crack at very least if you can get to it. Can you take a picture of it?
  9. SOLVED......I originally copied and pasted my ITunes library folder straight to the USB drive. The Mylink indexing software isn’t as good as iTunes for sorting it. So I downloaded a program called MusicBrainz Picard to sort and repair my root music folder on the USB drive. Ran roughly 1300 songs through the program and set it to save files by artist name, then album, then song. It took about 2 hours for my MacBook Pro to process all the songs. The program pulls from the internet and fills in any album artwork and other metadata and saves it along with sorted song. Put the USB back in the truck and it works great. The response is sooooo much quicker now. Night and day difference. Voice control easily finds and plays the song I ask for too!
  10. I have a 2015.5 truck with the I06 radio. I listen to most of my music on a 32gb USB thumbdrive drive plugged in the center console. The problem I'm having is something is wrong with the way it has indexed my music. It shows duplicates of all my songs, even though there is only one copy of the song on the usb stick. Sometimes when I go through and select a specific song on the screen it will play another totally different song. If I have it set to shuffle and click next it will cycle through like 4 songs before stops to actually play the song. I have tried removing the USB drive and changing the drive name and to try to trick it to re-index with no luck. Is there any way to update the MyLink software to correct the issues I'm having? Will buying a new navigation map update also update the other software? Has anyone updated the Gracenote database? My current software versions are: Software= 23228505 Gracenote= 23432184 Map=23496379. Thanks!

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