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  1. I'd pay $1000 to get them right now
  2. $1000 is alot. Around here, full detail, inside and out, with paint correction and ceramic coat on a pickup truck is $450.
  3. Any ideas on how to mount a screwdriver antenna? I have a cap on my '19. I was hoping a Breedlove mount would work in stake pocket, but am open to any ideas.
  4. I don't want to use the OBD port. Is there another way to wire a camera?
  5. Love chains on all four wheels offroad.
  6. I really miss heated tow mirrors with the turn signal. Larger fuel tank for those of us that tow and adventure away from pavement. Offroad trucks that use more power like winches and lights should get the 300amp alternator and possibly dual batteries. Anyone remember the heated windshield washer fluid on the 2007s? Wish that would come back as well. What do you miss?
  7. I have '19 AT4 crew cab 6.2L. Towed my 32 ft camper (6000 lbs)to Indy on Memorial Day. I kept my speed down to 63mph. I averaged 11.7mpg. Pretty awesome for me.
  8. Devoted Chevy fan since '77. Had to switch to GMC AT4 because Trail Boss doesn't have the 6.2L. I'm very happy. And yes it is the Goat!!
  9. I have a set of black 17 inch steel wheels that I ran on my 2012 Silverado in the winter time. Anyone know if they will fit my 2019 AT4? AT4 currently has the 18 inch wheels.
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