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  1. Where does one purchase the black emblems?
  2. Gmc top side badge

    I would like that emblem better if it black chrome or subdued.
  3. Sent an email supporting Titan manufacturing a tank.
  4. So how do you know if the tranny fluid is correct?
  5. Any word on tow mirrors yet?
  6. Could you install the kit but keep the NHT shocks?
  7. Anyone know why you can't install the kit with max trailering package?
  8. Well, the 6.2 is a deal breaker for me. I need the bigger motor. So whatever trim level that comes in, is the one I will have to buy.
  9. -Heated Windshield Washer Fluid -Front Selectable Locker -Ability to put snow chains on front tires -OEM Supercharger for the 6.2L -3.73 or 4.10s -Underhood Light -Keep Key Ignition -Keep Column Shifter With all that being said, I will take a Trail Boss 4dr. with RST drivertrain and the High Country interior. Metallic Gray please.
  10. Wow you guys are getting crazy mileage. My '12 only gets 11 around town.
  11. Which one is that? And how much did that cost?
  12. Highly recommend Jerry Baker's book on lawns. Home remedies that really work. Has a yearly plan on what you need to do when.
  13. Wanted a jack and tools for the spare

    I have gotten many jacks and tools from my local ambulance service. They buy Chevrolet Silverado chassis ambulances. They are delivered with factory jacks and tools. They remove them to make room for equipment. The place I stopped at had four sets lying in the storage room. Free for the taking. Maybe consider making a tax-deductible contribution as a thank you.
  14. Yes. I transfered mine from my 07 to my 12. Same color interior and matched perfect. Most people I show the interior to, dont realize that its aftermarket. They think its factory.
  15. Traded off the VMax!

    Loved my Vmax but the 6.2/6spd is worlds above it. MPG is lower but the SPG (Smiles Per Gallon) is so much higher.

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