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  1. I think it's $33k, no? Going from a two year old truck to a nine year old truck with over 4 times the mileage while $5500 upside down on it? add that to the $27500 = $33,000. Is that correct? Plus tax on the difference, doc, reg, etc.. I don't know man, I know it's a diesel and all, but it sounds like not a smart move.
  2. I finally had the TSB #17-na-269 (backup camera brightness) update performed last week. It's much better now. If you have a 2017 and haven't done this yet, I highly recommend it. Big difference.
  3. Yes, My Z71 midnight came equipped with the Duratracs. The tire price is not listed individually on the sticker. It's listed under the $1850 midnight option on the sticker along with the rest of the stuff that's included in the midnight package.
  4. Ya, the special edition badges are cool, but not for everybody's taste. My 2017 Silverado has a 'Z71' emblem on the door rather than the standard 'SILVERADO' badging. I do like the 'Z71' badging on my truck as you don't see it on many trucks. To each his own. The good news is that GM parts offers all the badges so you can get pretty much what you're looking for.

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