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  1. i replaced the NSS first and nothing happened. I just dont understand why the truck shows the wrong gear, if i put the lever into reverse, the indicator wont show reverse but the reverse lights will come on.
  2. Lag in rpm drop

    my automatic does the same thing if revved high enough, but it only hangs at like 2k for maybe two or three seconds.
  3. Ways To Increase Gas Milage In 04 2500HD

    Didn't mean to comment.
  4. manipulating shift points/ lowering rpm's

    you're fine, my 2002 6.0 runs about 2600 at 70, and almost 3000 at 80, but then again, it has the 4l80
  5. 2002 2500hd 180,000 miles, was a fleet truck before i bought it. It pulled a 40ft gooseneck travel trailer until the day i bought it at 120,000. still had the original front hubs in it until December when i changed them for piece of mind seeing as i drive from Colorado to Houston for college. Only things I've done is new ball joints, new idler pit man arms, tires (two sets, 265/75/16 bfg KO2's were terrible, only got 20k out of them before they were bald, and now toyo AT II's, awesome tire.) I also just replaced the coils, plugs, and wires off of a 2007 classic that i bought to salvage parts off of to 4x4 swap it. The plugs and wires were still original and now runs much better with all the new parts. This truck has never left me stranded and has had many hot suppers. i get 8-10 MPG in the city, and 10-11 on the highway. I havent gotten to drive it since i changed over the plugs, wires, and coils which i assume will net me some better mpgs. I changed the oil from my normal Valvoline synthetic 10W-40 to a mobil one synthetic and developed a rear main leak, but other than that, all original parts on the motor and trans.
  6. Hello all, my 2002 2500hd with the 6.0l and 4l80e stopped showing the correct gear. My first thought was to replace the NSS and after melting hot glue to change it, it is still broke. The truck will show park if you just get in and start it. When i pull the lever down it goes to reverse and stops unless i take the selector down to 1st gear, then the indicator rapidly moves down to first, and if you just click the truck into drive, sometimes the indicator will move down after a little bit of driving. The reverse lights will come on while in reverse whether or not the indicator shows reverse. The truck drives like normal, and doesn't shift any different. Also, the doors stopped auto locking and unlocking. Any help is appreciated!

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