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  1. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11650 https://www.brakeandfrontend.com/gm-tech-tip-uneven-brake-wear/ Just google it...this is just a couple.
  2. Oh, the brakes are getting fixed, and Chevy better fix them under warranty. Someone said they've never heard of these issues with these trucks. Apparently someone can't google. There's quite a few pages out there discussing this exact issue. Here's a couple. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11650 https://www.brakeandfrontend.com/gm-tech-tip-uneven-brake-wear/
  3. Had the TSB done on the tranny, didn't fix it. They still can't explain the vibrations and they say there is nothing else they can do for the clunky trans. I tried Ford before I bought this one. They won't deal on their trucks and they're over priced, IMHO. Have two cooworkers with F-150's. One has had a few probs, the other is a nightmare. Constantly having issues with the 4-wheel system, keeps blowing what he calls the "IWE's" Another friend buys F-150's for work (he's an electrician and owns the business). He hasn't had many issues, but a few. Had a 2014 Grand Cherokee and
  4. Well, after today's fiasco, I am done with GM. My 2018 LTZ Z71 with 6.2L that I bought new 2.5 years ago, now with 28,600 miles on it just failed inspection. Reason: Inside front brake rotors and pads shot. It seems the the brakes were only applying pressure to a thin band area around the middle of the rotor. This has caused the pad to wear a groove about an inch wide in the middle of the rotor while the rusty, obviously untouched remaining areas has chewed away the outer edges of the pads. Inspector failed it for that. It;s on both front rotors and pads. The rears passed, but they too
  5. Recently discovered this PIA TPMS thing on my 2018 (and trying the release/add air method didn't work). My 2014 Grand Cherokee relearned it all by itself, so why can't GM do it? I mean, really? Sorry, but I'm not paying for a freakin tool to reset my stupid TPMS every time I rotate tires. Just one more tidbit to add to the list of things that are starting to annoy me about this truck.
  6. Looking at the various lifts in the 4"-4.5" range, they all seem to require either cutting out the crossmember completely, or some form of cutting it. Doesn't that weaken the heck out of the frame?
  7. Hey guys, old thread I know, but I'm looking hard at the CST 4.5" lift for my 2018 Silverado. Since some of you have it, does the kit require any cutting or permanent removal or alteration of any frame or crossmember parts of the truck? I've also looked at the Cognito, but I don't like that it kicks your wheels out a couple inches on each side.
  8. Oh, no. 7+ inches is way too much, not planning to go that high. 4 to 4.5" max.
  9. Since the knuckle based kits kick the front wheels out and also require more negative offset on the wheels, is there anywhere I can find that will indicate how much offset can be used with a particular kit? I would like to keep the wheels/tires tucked in as close to flush as possible, even flush if that can be done without any rubbing issues. I really don't want the tires sticking out 2" if possible.
  10. You're right. I spent most of today reading and learning about the various lifts for IFS and all the good and bad points. I've changed my tune, when I'm ready to do my lift it will be a CST or Cognito kit. A combination bracket and knuckle lift seems to currently be the best way to lift and keep all the angles good. Anything else is a compromise somewhere. I'm planning a 4" lift on 33's and 18" wheels (I want more meat between the wheel and the road surface). Also planning on the Torxe X3 series bumpers front and rear, a set of wheel-to-wheel side bars with hoop steps and a set of t
  11. Looks great, but ooof, that kit is $2,000 (not including coilovers).
  12. I will never do business with Zone again. Used some of their components for the front of my 2004 Ram 2500 diesel and they were total crap. The shocks that came in the kit leaked like hell and Zone wouldn't do anything about it (and these were supposed to be their "good" shocks that I paid extra for). Anyway, I think 4.5 might be too much, been doing some reading and looking around, right now I'm considering the Rough Country 3.5" knuckle kit. I know, some people swear by the full drop/UA kits, some swear by the knuckle kits. I think since I won't be offroading and combined with
  13. Said I wasn't going to do it, but I've run into a couple slightly lifted trucks lately (an all black 2019 Ram with what looked to be about 4 to 4.5" lift and 35's) and a 2018 Silverado (all black with 33's, not sure on lift, assuming 3" or maybe 4"). So, ok, I want to lift my 2018 Silverado a little and run 33's. I do prefer 35's and a little more lift in terms of looks, but I did that on my old 2004 Ram 2500 diesel (6" and 35's), and while it looked, rode, and drove great, it was just too tall, restricted where I could go (parking garages, drive ups, etc) and made unloading the bed a bi
  14. Not sure if this is a "trouble shooting" issue, or if this is normal or common, but I was rotating my tires on my 2018 at 15,000 miles and noticed on the front brakes, the inside pads on both sides are not rubbing their full width on the rotor. I would guess that maybe only half the pad width is contacting the rotors (there's a good 3/4" band on each side of the pad width that isn't contacting so there is a "skinny" contact circle in the middle of the rotor. The driver side rear rotor is doing same thing, except it is on the outside facing side of the rotor. The passenger side rear brak
  15. EDL

    Nice try...

    Just got email notification that some d-bag in Austin, TX tried 10 times to log into my account here. Nice try, dude. Your IP has been blocked by the forum.
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