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  1. Just got a 40 series put on yesterday, 3.5" tips. Love the sound. Not obnoxiously loud cruising through the neighborhood but loud when you get on the throttle. Love the low rumble. V4 drone is there but way overblown.. will tune that AFM out soon.
  2. This is what I am doing, except going with a 40 series.
  3. I have used the BG 44k in the past and it seemed to work well. You just pour it into a full tank of gas and run the entire tank. https://www.bgprod.com/catalog/gasoline-fuel-system/bg-44k-fuel-system-cleaner/
  4. He explains it around the 0:45 sec mark of the video. Basically it's the gains in efficiency showing up with better throttle response, better acceleration. Since the top end HP doesnt change much just from the tube, this will be the difference you feel. It is the highlighted area in this picture.
  5. it isnt 20hp to the wheels it is from the curve gain
  6. American Trucks did a video showing the gains from an AirRaid MIT only on a 14 Silverado. Seemed to make a small difference. I am probably going to throw one on and keep my paper filter.
  7. Wish there wasn't so much background noise and wish they revved it up a little more. The only one that sounds notably different to me is the Borla Atak. Cool video.
  8. 275 70R18 KO2s on my 2015 Z71. 2" level in the front, no rub.
  9. Im looking at a super 40 or super 44 for this reason. Really dont want the popping sound.
  10. Hey all, I am looking to do the exhaust on my 2015 z71 and am wondering what the difference is in the performance and sound between true dual system and a single in dual out muffler? Im mainly looking to improve the sound, so trying to see if there is a discernible difference. Appreciate your thoughts and comments!
  11. For those that have had these maintenance items done before, what is the approximate cost for changing diff fluid, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid etc? Im coming up on 45k and want to plan ahead $$ wise. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks man! I love the green you really dont see many around, i had a green 06 Sierra that I had to part with when the economy tanked in 2010ish and when I found this one back in January it seemed meant to be!
  13. 2" level up front. Zero rub. Here is a pic with the 265/65 on them right after i picked it up from the shop. Im not certain but i think you'd get some rub without a level.
  14. Just dumped my SRA for KO2 yesterday after a blowout on the way to work and couldnt be happier. They look awesome and the road noise isnt even noticable unless you dont have the radio/AC running. I filled up yesterday as well and am getting 1.5 MPG less than normal but im wondering if this is partially to the fact that i went up to 275/70 from 265/65. Either way, worth it imo!
  15. My 2015 Double Cab LT Z71. 20% tint in the rear windows, 35% front tint. 2" leveling kit in the front with 275/70/R18 KO2s. Also got a Line-X bedliner. Absolutely love it.
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