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  1. It appears to be the poor man's Trail Boss. I out on some 5100s on the rear and that was definitely the cure. Those Ranchos didn't even try and extend out when I took them off. I'll go with the 5100s up front. May remove the spacer and use the strut for that portion. What strut does the regular TB use?
  2. I plan on going with the 5100 up front, was just unsure if I had to get the same one for leveling or if I was missing something. Truck is already level.
  3. Installed the rear 5100s and so much better of a ride. My next question is what struts do I get for the front? Do I get the leveling strut and just keep it at its lowest setting?
  4. I installed a pair of 5100's in the rear and removed my "chin strap". Haven't driven it yet though with the new shocks.
  5. So, is 24-309516 the correct 5100 shock? And what do they mean by appropriate bump stop extension?
  6. I seem to recall reading that the 2019s don't have any blocks on the rear end like the last generation did. So, am I to assume that these are 2" (which I measured) lift blocks? I just want to make sure so I can order the correct rear shocks. Thanks in advance.
  7. So, I am pulling the trigger on rear shocks first since that is where I need better ride quality. I don't know which set of shocks to go with, the 5100 or pro truck sport shocks. I have read about both and I am just torn. What sets one above the other? And where is the best place to buy from?
  8. So reading through this, I think the sub is pretty decent, but I would really like better mids, and especially clearer highs. Did you just drop the JLs in using the Bose power?
  9. Didn't know about this. But where do you go to see what the codes mean?
  10. I just purchased a 2019 RST Z71 and I am trying to get all of the options that are on my truck. The dealer I purchased it from didn't have it. That's why I need help please. Thank you
  11. Now that I sit and think about it, about 20 years ago, damn I'm getting old, I out a 2" lift on my then S-10. The rear gained it's additional height by way of a shorter, more curved leaf spring. Doing this made the ride so much rougher. That is what this is reminding me of.
  12. Thank you. Warranty is very much intact. Purchased extended warranty when I purchased truck last week.
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