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  1. Got all the winter crud off and a new cermaic top coat layer added to make her shine
  2. Anyone find a way to stop the buzzing coming from the center headliner where the sunglass holder is? When I'm going up hill or accelerating and it hits a certain vibration that makes all kinds of noise like a swarm of angry bees haha. If I press on it it will stop, but I haven't figured out how to keep it from happening and worry about trying to take that all apart thinking I might break plastic clips and make it worse.
  3. I wedged some velcro between the plastic trim and weather stripping right where it was making the most noise to keep pressure on it and that got rid of 95% of the noise for me. Wouldn't have to be velcro that's just what I had in the center console from one of my charging cables haha.
  4. Midnight Edition Mods

    Seems a little too good to be true considering they are 265 from the dealership. I looked around some first too, but didn't want to risk damage to my lugs or rims or even worse so I bit the bullet and used the 100 gm cash I got when I bought the truck to bring them down to 165 and just picked them up at the dealership. Those ones you found might be just fine, but when I just got a brand new 50k+ truck taking a risk to save 150 bucks seemed like a bad choice
  5. Midnight Edition Mods

    Part number 84332439
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    What a difference 24 hours makes. From an inch of mud to an inch of snow
  7. My 1500 next to my old mans 2500. Over 50 years of driving Chevy trucks between us. He's a lumberjack so he beats the crap out of his trucks and has never had any major problems in the hundreds of thousands of miles of offloading in his lifetime.
  8. Mudflaps are getting a workout this week
  9. I'm MSU class of 2002 and still live about 15 minutes from campus so I make it to most home tailgates.
  10. winter driving

    Agreed it drives much more balanced now, feels more like a large SUV almost. Does take a little more to accelerate, but for the added traction and overall drive feel it's worth it.
  11. I just put 420 lbs (6 bags of 70 lbs each) in the bed right over the rear axle and it makes a huge difference with the back gripping and not needing to worry about using 4wd as much.
  12. winter driving

    I just bought 420 lbs of tube sand to put in the bed over the rear axle and it was a huge difference for me. I do have snow rated tires which helps but just having more weight on the rear makes it slip so much less.
  13. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Snow makes the trees look nice at least
  14. First snow of the year starting here this morning in Michigan. Maybe get enough to test out the snow traction on my tires by the end of the day
  15. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    First snow of the year starting here in Michigan this morning.

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