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  1. I switched from the stock 3.42’s to 4.10s in my 2018 5.3 on 33’s. Noticeable difference especially when towing. I wouldn’t go less then 4.56 with the 37’s
  2. Just had my 2018 1500 re geared to 4.10’s. Had hypertech already installed, thought it was able to change gear ratio but the max energy 2.0 doesn’t. Talked to hypertech tech support said I need the inline speedometer calibrator. ( that way I can still use max energy) Bought one today and programmed it on my computer with correct tire size and new gear ratio. Installed into truck but speedometer is still 10 or more mph off??? Recommendations?? Thanks
  3. For sure, don’t see too many with the bronze wheels. No just travel trailer for now.
  4. Thanks. Fox 2.5 coils and cognito uca. Tires are 295/70/17 Toyo MT on method wheels.
  5. Good looking Chevy! What side steps are those?
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Going to run the rest of this Shell gas and fill up else where, and reinstall the hypertech. Also going to try 89 or 91 see if it makes any difference with this truck.
  7. So this is second time ses light has came on. Says it’s p0325 code (have hypertech programmer) 2018 Silverado 5.3 with only 5,000 miles on the truck now. First happened about 2 months ago on the high way just after I put it to the floor for a few seconds. Think that was on my first tank of shell 87. Anyways, cleared the code and been running chevron 87 until yesterday I filled back up at the same shell, and on my way home from work same thing. Got on the gas and light came on. I would of taken truck into dealer but I have the hypertech installed. Only way to uninstall it you have to clear the code. Done some research saying it’s better to run 89? Is it a combination of hypertech and maybe the gas at my local shell station? For months now that shell has only carried 87 and it’s also cheaper than any other shell around. What’s your thoughts? Thanks
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