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  1. My salesman was put off by GM putting the 8-speed transmission back in the SLT trucks. They sold a lot of trucks with current owners wanting the 10-speed. If you were new to GM people didn’t care about the transmission option. My 8-speed truck was good but when I ordered my truck it had to be a 10-speed.
  2. Sierra ones are the same. Plus they have a kit that includes the center console pieces.
  3. The 8-speed became standard on SLT models earlier in the 2021 calendar year instead of the 10-speed because of supply issues.
  4. The 5.3 with 10-speed has more standard equipment at that price. When you click on the next tab the boxes are already checked for you with the packages that are required. The 8-speed is the base SLT package.
  5. GM will not replace the slider with a solid window but you can do it on your own.
  6. It’s still only a $300 dollar price difference on the SLT model. On the GMC site where you compare models it makes you think the price is more but on the standard bed model they default to a diesel model and put a few different options to drive the price up. If you price out separate you will see the smaller price difference. GM could make it easier and compare similar models but they don’t.
  7. They come apart and relock better in warmer weather. The winter is a wipe down. Maybe next winter will be better after they have been broken in.
  8. Unless you find a killer trade in deal with the inventory levels being short keep what you have. Just put a solid window in and forget about the leak altogether. You seem happy with the truck otherwise.
  9. On the quality of the work do you know if it was a small mom and pop place or a chain place doing the work? I believe the odds increase if it’s a mom and pop place doing the work. Even if the slider does leak again just the fact of no scratches, marks, sealant anywhere shows quality work.
  10. Had a Leer plug and play harness on my 2018 Sierra and never had a problem. Now overall quality of the caps that’s a whole different subject.
  11. With the time of removing the cap and reinstalling it. Plus the wait time of getting into the dealer. Dealers glass guy is careless. It all added up to time is money. In addition to knowing the reputation of the guy I used help with the choice.
  12. The place I used thought it was extreme and suggested just resealing the slider early on. He does work with a local GMC dealer and got a solid factory window from them. In the end he said it’s your money and was confident in his work on a truck with under 300 miles. I think most shops are intimidated by removing the interior trim pieces and seat back.
  13. I did the swap all on my own. Never gave the window a chance to leak. With getting a cap I wasn’t dealing with moving that to deal with the window. The glass guy had a good reputation and not a scratch or sealant mark anywhere. I ordered my truck and you can’t delete the sliding window. It was close to $700 with a GM solid window. A few of the chain places can do it for under $500. I went with the local guy who does most of the car dealers so he had the experience.
  14. There have been plenty of guys here who have gone solid window with zero problems. I ordered my 2021 truck and had a local glass place order a solid GM window. I had my truck less then a week and had the window switched out. They don’t remove the spoiler. They did remove the upper portion of the back seat and seat belt trim pieces. If you look at the truck you would never know because the glass guy did a good job. The only sign would be the window switch for the slider in the overhead console still being there but does nothing. The rear defroster still works. Four months later and zero problems. It was probably overkill to do it early on but seeing what the dealers glass guy does to the trucks made me sick. This was worth the piece of mind and not having the down time of going thru the steps GM wants you to do just to get past the warranty period.
  15. The 2019 plus trucks are grouped together for wiring. Probably will change once again when the 2022 models come out. Leer makes a harness for the trucks that don’t have the advance trailing package. Otherwise you have to splice into your wires to make everything work on a truck with the advance trailing package. Leers parent company makes other caps so they all use the same harness.
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