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  1. What trim did you buy from Lowe’s? Does it have glue on the back side? If so did the backing stay on until you had everything in place?
  2. GM most likely just changed the LED’s in the third brake light and cargo light’s for a different pattern to say they did something. Probably all the same mounting holes. Just like the tail lights will be. All to give everything a family look to it.
  3. On my 2018 GMC the topper was great with the keyless entry controlling the window lock. When I ordered my 2021 topper everything was supposed to be the same plus a upgrade of having the window on a prop switch to control the light inside. Everything was going to be plug and play. Asked multiple times if there would be problems and was assured no. My truck is a SLT premium plus so the Denali falls in the same line with the advanced trailing package. When I went to get it installed the harness didn’t work. So no light, keyless, or prop switch. Plus they couldn’t do the third brake light without splicing into the wiring under the dash somewhere. Basically said call Leer and haven’t heard a thing in two weeks. If you want the camera to work your only option would be to go with the tonneau cover. You would be looking at a pretty good custom option to keep the camera with a topper. On the mirror side my outside mirror dims but not sure on if it’s correct because my front windows are tinted.
  4. All sliders have the potential to leak. The early trucks had different nuts that held the spoiler down. Not sure exactly when but the design was changed on the nuts. They now seal better and are one time use.
  5. How many people actually put premium in the 6.2 now? When prices rise those that do now I can see putting regular or mid to save and gamble with issues later since most will be traded off.
  6. The liners go door to door and under the seat.
  7. Did you ever get your cap and get the wiring straightened out? My last cap had the option of the factory key unlocking the glass. Did you get that option?
  8. I got my truck last week. Ordered also at the end of October. Crew cab 6.2, standard bed, SLT premium plus, and 4wd. Took a few weeks for the order to get accepted. Dealer had the allocation to get the 6.2. Getting built wasn’t that long but when it came time to ship that was a different story. Was scheduled before Christmas to arrive at the dealer. Then got pushed back to right after New Years. Signed the paper work since the dealer had a confirmation on delivery date. Then it came in twelve days later. I wanted the AT4 but my dealer said they were on restriction. Now my dealer said that GM is going to put the 8speed in more of the GMC trucks that match the Chevy trucks since the ten speed is getting hard to come by.
  9. My glass place ordered the glass from the local dealer. Unfortunately no part number is list on the receipt. I gave him my vin but was useless since my vin shows a slider. I told him to get a solid with factory privacy tint with defrost and he understood what I was going after. Shows a list price of $522.64 with a net price of $343.72. Which is what I was quoted when I called the dealer also. $18 charged for adhesive. Labor was $300. Tax of course is extra. With the install the spoiler and headliner stayed in place. The seat back has to be removed and the seat belts with the trim panels also need removed. For me it was worth paying extra because of the shop reputation then going with a company like Safelite. Which the guy may or not have experience. Good luck on your window.
  10. The better question is how many are leaking that people don’t know about.
  11. I’ll have to look later to see if the receipt had the part number. I believe it had the cost for the window. My glass guy just ordered the window from the dealer. Here’s another window option. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-back-glass-84242469?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9Z2xhc3MtYW5kLWhhcmR3YXJlLWJhY2smbD03Jm49QXNzZW1ibGllcyBQYWdlJmE9Z21jJm89c2llcnJhLTE1MDAmeT0yMDIwJnQ9c2x0JmU9Ni0ybC12OC1nYXM%3D
  12. In the end it cost $675 for the factory GM window. Could have gotten the aftermarket window but wasn’t much cheaper. Maybe $50 total difference and the good glass guy said just go GM factory looking with being so new. This guy has a good local following and can’t even tell it was changed. The chain glass place with a aftermarket window was just under $500. I wasn’t confident in the chain places. Went with you get what you pay for.
  13. After seeing a few jobs that may dealer sent out and the time it too took to repair. I’m glad that I went to a solid right away for the piece of mind. Since I ordered my truck. I had my local glass guy source the GM solid window before hand. My 2021 had less then 200miles on it when the window was pulled. The glass guy did a wonderful job and can’t even tell it was ever changed out. I’m getting a cap so the slider wasn’t that important but knowing of the leaks I wasn’t going to have the dealers glass company touch my truck. I even asked my dealer if the truck leaks could they put a solid in and was told GM wouldn’t approve even thou it’s cheaper then the slider.
  14. 5.3 has the same valve spring issue. Just strange they only do the one cylinder versus the whole motor like the 6.2. My dealer claims GM is making them take the 3.0 to get trucks on the lot.
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