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  1. How about two (His & Hers) black Sierras? I bought the 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT last year, then last week traded my wife's car in for a used 2018 Sierra 2500HD SLT to pull our camper. Now she drives the 1500 and I drive the 2500.
  2. Phil, First, thanks for the post. Unfortunately I got information overload from the original post, then I got wore out trying to find answers on 109 pages of follow-on posts. So, I'm sure you've answered this numerous times. I have a 2018 Sierra SLT 1500 with the 5.3 Flex and with what appears to be the DL3 mirror option. I want to do the DL3 to DQS conversion. I've found the mirrors on-line with GM 84228891 and 84228892. They're around $470 ea plus tax & shipping. 1. Do I need to purchase separate wiring harness or do these just plug and play? 2. Besides GM Parts Direct, are there other options for purchasing the power folding DQS type mirrors?
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